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Video Proposal

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Cover Letter

Dear [Client.FirstName][Client.LastName],

It gives me great pleasure to present our video production services proposal.

As a leading firm with over (Years) of experience in video productions from inception to completion, we have built a brand name and a reputation in the market. Through the creation of various videos, we hope to influence your organization significantly. We provide a variety of high-quality videos. You can rely on our service and high-quality editing when you work with us.

Our organization has dreamers, calculated risk-takers, marketers, and other individuals who can assist your brand in sustaining and growing. We aim to create immersive experiences to help you achieve your goals. We’re excited to use our skills to push your company to new heights of success.

If you have any questions about our services, the price, or the payment terms, don't hesitate to contact us.

Contact us at:





About Us

[Sender.Company] is one of the leading prominent video production companies, working seamlessly across diverse channels and industries. Our unwavering commitment is to craft videos that captivate, remain relevant, and have an impact.

Earned the trust of some of the world's most esteemed brands, including (Insert the Clients you worked wit).

Our mission

We aim to craft immersive experiences that empower brands to achieve their objectives. Also, to become the finest and most esteemed media company globally. We eagerly anticipate utilizing our skills to drive your organization toward unprecedented success.

Our Vision

Our ability to grasp and translate your narrative visually sets us apart, establishing that vital connection with your target audience. We believe that exceptional storytelling through video is the key to forging lasting bonds with your viewers, and we excel at bringing your unique narrative to life.

Our Team

Our team comprises highly skilled individuals who excel in their respective roles as marketers, designers, camera operators, sound engineers, and lighting techs. Here's a glimpse into the creative minds driving the success of our business:

  • (CEO/Founder): (Mr./Mrs./Ms.) (Name) is the company's visionary leader who laid the foundation and continues to steer our course toward excellence.

  • (Director): (Mr./Mrs./Ms.) (Name) is the maestro behind the lens, orchestrating each project with precision, creativity, and a keen eye for detail.

  • (Any other Team Member): (Indicate specific roles if any) An ensemble of talented individuals, including accomplished marketers, innovative designers, skilled camera operators, adept sound engineers, and seasoned lighting technicians, all contributing their unique expertise to our collaborative triumphs.

Video Services and Pricing

At [Sender.Company], we offer exceptional video recording and production services as your dependable partner for diverse video needs.

Beyond capturing your joyous occasions like engagements, weddings, and save-the-date shoots, we provide an extensive array of services. Our offerings encompass product promotion videos, short films, and advertising and marketing shoots.

Below, discover the appropriate services that align with your needs, create your package, and let the storytelling through film begin!




Service 1

(Short description of the scope of the package)


Service 2

(Short description of the scope of the package)


Service 3

(Short description of the scope of the package)


Why Work With Us

We are the best choice for your video project. This is due to:

  1. We understand and appreciate the time. We will complete and deliver your tasks on schedule.

  2. We have several years of expertise working on video projects, so we know the fundamentals of modern video creation.

  3. Our team of professionals, writers, directors, producers, and cinematographers adeptly manages projects spanning a broad spectrum of sizes and genres.

  4. We seamlessly transition from single-camera studio interviews to complex multi-camera, multi-crew commercial productions, often spanning various global locations.

Our Process

Here are the steps we take to complete a project:



Number of weeks

1. Kick-Off Meeting

(short description of each step)

(number of weeks)

2. Organize Your Shoot

3. Pre-Production

4. Production

5. Editing and Post-Production

6. Revisions and Presentations

7. Launch and Promote Your Video

Client Testimonials

What our clientele have to say about us is as follows:

(Client Testimonial 1)

(Client Testimonial 2)

Videography Services Contract

This Videography Contract (the "Contract") states the terms and conditions that govern the contractual agreement between [Client.Company] having its principal of business at (Client.Location), and [Sender.Company] (the "Videographer") who agrees to be bound by this Contract.

1. Videography Services

The Videographer shall record the Event on video according to the specifics attached as Exhibit A (the "Duties"). The Company agrees to deliver the video proposal services as discussed and agreed upon with the Customer. The Company further agrees to carry out these services using the available skills, resources, and expertise. And to handle each task professionally, ensuring it is completed promptly and to the utmost quality standards.

2. Ownership

Both Parties acknowledge and agree that the Company will hold all intellectual property rights in the recording of the Event, including, but not limited to, copyright and trademark rights. The Videographer agrees not to claim any such ownership in the intellectual property inherent in the recording of the Event at any time after such recording.

3. Pricing and Payment

The total cost to be paid to the Videographer by the Company for performing all Duties described shall be $(Amount). Full payment shall be due and payable on or before (Date).

The Customer is responsible for making payments once the Company has delivered the requested services. The specific amount varies depending on the services selected by the Customer. They offer various payment methods, including cash, bank transfers, online payments, and other options following Company standards.

4. Publicity

The Company agrees and acknowledges that the Videographer may reasonably use portions of the recording of the Event in the Videographer's portfolio. Further, the Videographer may display the Company's name and logo on its website as a party with whom the Videographer has worked.

5. Term and Termination

Any party may withdraw their proposal by giving the other party written notice. In addition, the Contract may only be modified if both Parties agree to it in writing.

Any party who violates the terms of this agreement must make amends within (Number of Days) days of receiving notification of the violation. This project will be terminated without prior notice if the breach is not amended.

The parties shall not be held liable for any performance failure or delay caused by uncontrollable forces, including strikes, accidents, natural disasters, etc. The Contract may be terminated with written notice and without compensation.

6. Applicable Law

This Contract and the interpretation of its terms shall be governed by and construed following the laws of (State) and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal and state courts located in (Location).








List and describe the scope of services you and the client have agreed to be provided in this section.

Video Proposal Template

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