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AI Contract Template

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Ensure a secure and clear AI partnership with our AI Contract template, tailored for easy customization and legal compliance in AI service agreements.

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AI Contract Template

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This AI Services Agreement, henceforth referred to as the "Agreement," is effectively established as of (Insert Date). The parties involved are [Client.FirstName][Client.LastName], legally recognized under the (Client's Legal Status), herein referred to as the "Client," and [Provider.FirstName][Provider.LastName] (AI Service Provider Full Name), identified by its (Provider's Legal Status), herein referred to as the "Provider." This Agreement outlines the terms under which the Provider will deliver specialized artificial intelligence services to the Client.

WHEREAS, the Client has expressed a requirement for professional artificial intelligence services to enhance their business operations. WHEREAS, the Provider has agreed to supply these services in accordance with the stipulations and conditions outlined in this Agreement. In recognition of these mutual commitments, both parties agree to adhere to and uphold the terms specified herein.

Scope of Services

The Provider will offer a comprehensive range of artificial intelligence services tailored to the specific needs of the Client. These services are designed to integrate seamlessly with the Client's existing systems and business model, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and profitability. The Provider's role encompasses developing, implementing, and maintaining these AI-driven solutions, ensuring they align with the Client's strategic objectives.

Description of Services

The Provider is committed to delivering a variety of AI services, including:

AI-Driven Recommendation Engine

Development and integration of a tailored AI recommendation engine for the Client's e-commerce platform.

Predictive Maintenance System

Design and implement an AI predictive maintenance system for the Client's manufacturing operations.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Utilization of AI tools for comprehensive data analysis, including regular reporting to the Client.

Training and Support

Provision of training and ongoing support for AI systems.

Project Management

Assignment of a dedicated project manager by the Provider.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Ensuring all AI solutions meet quality standards.

Compliance and Security

Adherence to industry standards and protection of data.

Customization and Scalability

Tailoring and scaling solutions to the Client's requirements.

(Include Any Other AI Service You Provide)

Fees and Payment Terms

The Agreement specifies the total fees for the services provided, set at $(Total Amount). The payment schedule is prepared to be flexible, requiring (Percentage Amount)% upfront and the remaining (Percentage Amount)% to be paid in stages upon completion of specific project phases. Any additional costs arising from unforeseen work or expenses will be subject to prior approval by the Client, ensuring transparency and mutual agreement on any extra expenditures.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) rights are a critical aspect of this Agreement. All IP created or developed in the execution of these services, whether solely by the Provider or jointly with the Client, will be the exclusive property of the Client. The Provider will assist in all necessary actions to ensure these rights are correctly vested in the Client. The Agreement also acknowledges the Provider's rights to any pre-existing IP. It further addresses the use of third-party IP and the confidentiality of all IPs involved.


Both parties recognize the importance of maintaining confidentiality. There is a mutual agreement to protect each other's confidential information and prevent unauthorized use or disclosure. This confidentiality clause will remain effective for a specified period following the termination of this Agreement, safeguarding sensitive information even after the project's conclusion.

Term and Termination

The Agreement is set for a specified duration, starting from the date of signing. It includes provisions for termination by either party, subject to a 30-day written notice. The Agreement outlines specific conditions under which early termination may occur, such as breach of contract or insolvency, providing a clear framework for the dissolution of the Agreement if necessary.

Warranties and Representations

Both parties warrant their authority to enter into this Agreement and commit to complying with all relevant laws and regulations throughout its term. The Provider guarantees that all services will be performed professionally, ensuring high-quality deliverables.

(Insert Warranty/Guarantee Clause Here)

(Insert Disclaimer Clause Here)


Each party agrees to indemnify the other against any losses or damages arising from breaches of this Agreement or acts of negligence. This indemnification clause is a fundamental aspect of the Agreement, providing a layer of security and trust between the parties.

Limitation of Liability

Liability for each party under this Agreement is limited to the total fees paid. This clause expressly excludes liability for indirect or consequential damages, defining the scope of financial responsibility for both parties.

Compliance with Laws

Both parties adhere to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations in their performance under this Agreement. This compliance is crucial for maintaining legal and ethical standards in all activities conducted under this Agreement.

Dispute Resolution

In the event of any disputes arising from this Agreement, both parties agree to resolve such issues through binding arbitration, per the rules of the American Arbitration Association. This clause provides a structured and effective method for dispute resolution outside of court proceedings.

Governing Law

The Agreement is governed and interpreted by the laws of the State of (State), providing a legal framework and jurisdiction for any legal matters arising from this Agreement.

Entire Agreement

This document and its attachments constitute the entire agreement between the Client and the Provider. It supersedes all prior discussions, agreements, and understandings, providing a comprehensive and exclusive record of the agreed-upon terms.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have signed this agreement as of the Effective Date.







AI Contract Template

Used 4,872 times

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