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Talent Contract Template

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The Parties

This contract is between [Talent.FirstName][Talent.LastName] ("Talent") and [Agent.FirstName][Agent.LastName] from [Agent.Company] ("Agent").

The Agency

[Agent.Company]​ is a talent agency representing (insert types of talent).

Agency location(s)


(If there are additional locations, insert them here).

The Agent

[Agent.FirstName][Agent.LastName] is an agent represented by (enter board or association name).

Term of Contract

[Agent.FirstName][Agent.LastName] of [Agent.Company] hereby agrees to represent [Talent.FirstName][Talent.LastName] as of (insert date). This contract is valid for (insert amount of time) and will end on (insert end date if there is one).

Either Party may terminate this contract providing that written notice is given to the other Party (enter number) days in advance.

Scope of Contract

Agent's responsibilities

The Agent shall negotiate contracts on behalf of the Talent for (insert type of work, e.g., acting, modeling, dancing) work in (inset medium, e.g., film, theatre productions, commercials etc).

The Agent does not guarantee to find work contracts for the Talent.

The Agent will promote the Talent through the Agency's network and business contacts to help find employment opportunities for the Talent.

The Agent will act as a mentor, guide the Talent and provide any help to boost the Talent's career.

The Agent will act as the managing party between the Talent and any employer.

The Agent shall take care of all paperwork, payment, performance details, and all other administrative tasks. (Here, you can insert any tasks not mentioned).

The Agent will seek the Talent's approval before moving forward with any contract.

The Agent will ensure that the Talent will always be treated with respect on any shoot/production or at any event.

The Agent will always try to negotiate the best pay rates for the Talent.

[Agent.FirstName][Agent.LastName] will always comply with the laws of (specify which laws, e.g., state, the union, etc.).

(insert any other responsibilities)

Talent's responsibilities

The Talent agrees to represent [Agent.Company] in a professional manner.

The Talent has the right to refuse any contracts offered by the Agent.

The Talent agrees that the Agent has the right to use the Talent's (list everything you may use, e.g., name, photo, likeness, videos, voiceovers, etc.) in any promotional campaigns about any projects or the Agency.

The Talent shall contact the Agent any time they need clarification on any client requirements; the Agent shall liaise and clarify.

The Talent shall not consume drugs or excessive alcohol while on a project negotiated by [Agent.FirstName][Agent.LastName].

The Talent is (free/not free) to work on other projects during the term of this contract.

The Talent is (free/not free) to sign with other talent agencies.

The Talent agrees to respect all laws set by the Agency and the Client.

The Talent agrees that if they will be late to a shoot, production or event, they will inform the Agent as soon as possible.

(insert any other responsibilities)

Scope of Project

Title: (insert title)

Type of project:(List type, e.g., a shoot, film, show, event, etc.)

Produced by:


Start date:

(insert start date)

End date:

(insert start date)

Work description:

(Describe the job)

Work hours and days:

(State what time(s) the talent will have to be on location, and which days of the week).

(Insert any other information about the project)

Independent Contractor

The Talent agrees that they are an independent contractor and not an employee of [Agent.FirstName][Agent.LastName]​ and will not receive any benefits, health insurance, sick days, vacation pay or retirement benefits.

The Talent agrees that the Agency will not be responsible for withholding taxes regarding the Talent's compensation.

The Talent will be responsible for obtaining their own medical, liability, and personal damage insurance.


The Talent will be compensated as follows:

The Agent agrees to pay the Talent a total amount of $(amount).

The Agent agrees to pay the Talent on a (weekly/bi-weekly basis) / (or specify the payment terms, e.g., once production wraps, etc.).

The Agency shall receive the payment and agrees to pay the Talent no later than (number) days after receipt.

The Talent agrees to pay the Agent as follows:

For all union work under (insert union name, e.g., SAG, AFTRA, ACTRA, etc.), the Talent agrees to pay the Agent a commission of (insert number)% of the gross compensation.

For all non-union work, the Talent agrees to pay the Agent a commission of (insert number)% of the gross compensation.

All non-union work shall incur a service charge of $(amount). The Talent acknowledges that this is an additional charge on top of the commission.

The Talent agrees to pay the Agent any commissions and service fees no later than (number) days after receiving their payment.


If the booked production/event is canceled, the Agent will be responsible for notifying the Talent as soon as possible.

It is the Talent's responsibility to ensure that they can always be reached immediately by (list primary contact type, e.g., phone, text, email, etc.).

If the production/event has not started yet and is canceled by the client, the Talent will not receive any payment.

If the Client cancels mid-production or mid-event, the Talent will be compensated (explain how).

If the Talent must cancel mid-production or mid-event (state the payment terms and the consequences).

If the Talent cannot make it to a production or event due to an emergency or being sick, they must (insert what they must do, e.g., call the agent, present a doctor's note, etc.). Failure to do so will result in (insert consequences).


As aforementioned, either Party may terminate this contract providing that written notice is given to the other Party (insert number) days in advance.

In the case of the following, the Agency has the right to terminate the contract. In these cases, a written notice of termination will be given to the Talent (number) days before it ends.

The Agency can terminate the contract for the following reasons:

  • On-set misconduct on the Talent's part

  • Failure to show up without notifying the Agent more than (number) times

  • Failure to pay the Agent any amount owed within (number) days

  • The Talent is convicted of a criminal offense

  • A Client deems the Talent as unprofessional

  • (insert any other reasons)


Both Parties agree to indemnify and hold each other harmless as well as their clients, from and against any and all claims, damages, or expenses (including attorneys' fees) arising out of or in connection with the Talent's actions or performance under this contract.

Limitation and Liability

The Agency shall not be liable for any damages or injuries that may occur to the Talent during the term of this contract.

Both Parties hereby disclaim any and all warranties or guarantees regarding the project.

Governing Laws

This contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of (insert state). Any disputes arising out of or in connection with this agreement shall be resolved in the courts located in (city, state, or country).

Force Majeure

Neither Party shall be responsible or liable for any delay, malfunctions, or failure to complete any work due to forces beyond their control, including strikes, accidents, acts of war or terrorism, nuclear, natural, civil or military disturbances, or acts of God.

IN WITNESS THEREOF – This contract is hereby executed by the parties as follows:






Talent Contract

Used 4,914 times

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