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Actor Contract Template

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[Actor.FirstName], [Actor.LastName]



Prepared by:


The Parties

This contract is between [Actor.FirstName][Actor.LastName] "the actor" and [Producer.Company]or [Producer.FirstName][Producer.LastName] "the producer."

Start Date and Duration

This contract will begin on (date).

This contract will be valid for: (choose one)

A one-time production – This contract shall only be in effect for the following production:

  • Name of production: (enter name)

  • Date and time: (enter date and time)

  • Place and address:(enter place and address)

A long-term production or series – This contract shall end on (date). After this date, both parties will no longer have any liabilities or obligations to one another.


This contract shall be in effect on an ongoing basis so long as (title) remains in production. The last filming date/performance of the season will take place on (date), after which the producer will review all contract dates for the following season.


1. The producer invites the actor to play the role of (name of character or role) in the production of (title), a (say what type of project it is, i.e., short film, independent film, feature film, theatre production, commercial), herein referred to as "the production."

2. The actor will be part of the cast of (production name) for the (year) season.

The Actor will appear in (number of) productions in (chose one):

the role of (character name)

the roles of (character name) and (character name)

roles yet to be determined by the producer

understudy for the role of (character name)

the role of (character name) in some productions and as (role name/an extra/ chorus role) in some productions

3. This contract guarantees that the actor will act in (number of) productions with [Producer.Company]


This contract does not guarantee that the actor shall perform in any minimum/maximum number of productions. (Add any more detail).

Union Status

(Choose one)

This project is a unionized project that follows the (Screen Actor's Guild / ACTRA) collective bargaining agreement.

This project is a non-union project that does not follow any collective bargaining agreements under the (Screen Actor's Guild, ACTRA) or any union.

Payment and Schedules

1. The actor accepts that they will be paid $(amount) per (hour/day/month). The producer agrees to pay this amount no later than (day/date/amount of time).


The actor accepts that no monetary compensation will be provided; however, the producer agrees to pay for the following: (list anything that will be paid for, like accommodation, meals, etc).

  • Accommodation will be paid for at the rate of $(amount) per (day/month).

  • Meals will be paid for at the rate of $(amount) per (day/month).

2. The producer will provide the actor with a copy of the final production by (method), no later than (date).

3. The actor accepts that rehearsals will be (unpaid)/(paid for at the rate of $(amount) per (hour/day).

4. A normal work day shall consist of (number) hours. Any additional hours required due to (reason) shall be (unpaid)/(paid for at the rate of $(amount) per (hour/day).

5. (Use this for live performances) On days where there will be more than one performance, the actor shall be granted (number of hours) hours to rest in between performances.

Expenses & Reimbursements

The producer agrees to reimburse the actor in the case of the following expenses on the actor's part:

  • (Item): Will be reimbursed at the rate of $(amount).

  • (Item): Will be reimbursed at the rate of $(amount).

Expenses (need to be/do not need to be) approved by the producer prior to purchase.


The actor will invoice the producer every (specify when, i.e., day of the week/end of the month). The producer agrees to pay the actor the amount invoiced no later than (number of days) days after receiving the invoice.


The actor shall be credited as (insert name as it will appear) in the following places: (list where credits will appear, i.e., at the beginning/end of the film, in the printed program, on the website, on YouTube).

Copyright & Ownership

  1. The producer owns all aspects of the production. This includes (list all things – materials, designs, scripts) and anything that the actor uses or works on during rehearsal, filming and/or the final production.

  2. The actor gives the producer all rights, including intellectual property rights.

  3. The producer has the right to use, reuse, display and sell any of the material that he owns.

  4. The actor will not have any rights to the production unless given written permission by the producer. The producer gives the actor the right to use photos and videos from the final production in a portfolio or on a website. The actor may not sell any part of the work.


During the term of this contract, and for (insert length of time if applicable) after this contract ends, the actor (may/may not) work on others (list the types of work, i.e., commercials, series, plays).


The producer will provide the actor with (type of insurance), which includes (insert details about coverage).


The actor is strongly recommended to purchase (type of insurance).

The producer will reimburse the actor for insurance up to $(amount).

Exhibition of Project

It is prohibited for the actor to exhibit or display any aspects of the production, including (list any aspects, i.e., photos, videos, costumes). The actor may use videos for his portfolio or reel (list any conditions, i.e., only after the film is released).


In the case that the actor arrives more than (number of minutes) minutes late to (rehearsal/filming/event) (state the consequences)

In the case that the actor does not show up for (rehearsal/filming/event) without giving the producer at least (amount of time) advance notice, (state the consequences).

(Insert any other remedial clauses)


If for any reason the producer wishes to terminate this contract, a notice of (number of days) notice must be given to the actor.

If the producer terminates the contract, the producer agrees to pay $(amount) for transportation in order for the actor to return home.

If the actor wishes to terminate this contract for any reason, a notice of (number of days) notice must be given to the producer. In addition (state any other consequences, if applicable).

IN WITNESS THEREOF, this contract is hereby executed by the parties as follows:






Actor Contract

Used 5,103 times

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