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This Teacher Agreement, also referred to as "contract," is effective from (Date of the Beginning of the Contract) between the following parties:

[Teacher.FirstName][Teacher.LastName], hereby mentioned as the “teacher,” a citizen of [Teacher.Country][Teacher.State], residing at [Teacher.StreetAddress][Teacher.City], [Teacher.State][Teacher.PostalCode], and

[Employer.Company], hereby mentioned as the “school,” an educational institution located at [Employer.StreetAddress][Employer.City][Employer.State][Employer.PostalCode]​.

The teacher and the school are together addressed as “parties” and independently as a “party.” The school wishes to employ [Teacher.FirstName][Teacher.LastName] to teach (Name of the Subject or Skill) to the students of ________ standard (Mention the Grade Level of Students).

The school perceives that the teacher has the necessary qualifications and expertise to perform their duties and responsibilities. [Teacher.FirstName][Teacher.LastName] accepts the offer of employment put across by the school covering the following terms and conditions:

1. Commencement of Employment

The teacher agrees to join the school starting from (Date of Joining), also addressed as the contract commencement date, as a (Specify Whether Full Time or Part Time) employee and may continue to work for a minimum of (Number of Months or Years).

2. Duties and Responsibilities of a Teacher

The teacher agrees to focus on creating an educational environment conducive to learning. Besides staying on top of the curriculum, the teacher shall perform the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Ensuring student safety and welfare

  • Managing behavior in the classroom, on school grounds, and during field trips

  • Maintaining the records of students’ presence in the school daily

  • Ensuring equitable treatment of all students

  • Promoting self-esteem, independence, and self-discipline in students

  • Developing lesson plans that meet top-notch education standards

  • Evaluating student progress and reporting the same to parents during PTMs

  • Covering the syllabus with students to ensure understanding

  • Giving home assignments regularly and ensuring their timely completion

  • Preparing materials, such as classroom notes and lesson plans

  • Reporting any issue or complaints to the administrative authorities

3. Routine Work Schedule

The teacher agrees to work from Monday to Saturday, except the second Saturday of every month, for _____ hours daily, from ____ am to ____ pm during summers and _____ am to _____ pm during winters. The teacher also agrees to remain available for after-school hours for meetings and student support in exceptional cases.

4. Salary and Additional Benefits

In exchange for the services provided, the teacher is entitled to receive a monthly salary of (Exact Monthly Salary Amount) from the school. After rendering services for _____ years, a year-on-year increment of ____% shall apply to the salary upon performance appraisal of the teacher.

In addition to the salary, the teacher is entitled to receive annual medical benefits of up to (Amount of Medical Expenses Reimbursement) and paid leaves of up to ______ days per year.

5. Holidays and Provisions for Leave

The teacher is entitled to receive _______ calendar holidays annually, excluding Sundays and Second Saturday of every month. The teacher agrees that they will not take any leave or holidays during their contract without approval from the school.

They must give the school authorities a justifiable reason for seeking leaves. If the teacher wishes to take sick leaves, they must submit a medical certificate signed by a doctor.

6. Materials Provided by the Institution/School

The school shall provide the required textbooks and additional resources to the teacher, which can be issued from the school library free of cost. However, if there is any damage to the textbooks and other resources due to the teacher's negligence, they will have to pay a fine of _____ for every damaged material to the librarian.

7. Performance Appraisal

The teacher’s performance will be evaluated once in (Number of Months or Years) regarding their student's progress and feedback from their fellow teachers and students.

8. Code of Conduct and Ensuring Discipline

The teacher's foremost responsibility will be maintaining decorum and discipline in the classroom. They can also take disciplinary action except for physical punishment against students if they feel it is necessary. The teacher must also protect the students from bullying and other forms of abuse during their classroom period.

9. Confidentiality and Proprietary Rights

The teacher may be exposed to the school's confidential information during their employment. Hence, the teacher agrees to maintain the confidentiality of confidential information, materials, and students’ credentials.

The proprietary right of such information and materials shall remain with the school only. Therefore, any tangible material shared by the school with the teacher has to be returned within _____ days from the date of employment period expiration.

10. Termination of Agreement

If the teacher wishes to resign voluntarily, they shall not be entitled to receive any benefits or salary for that particular month. On the contrary, if the school terminates the employment without any cause, the school will pay them their last salary up to a specified date. Here are the conditions which can lead to the termination of the agreement:

  • If the teacher fails to fulfill their duties and obligations as mentioned in this contract.

  • If the school fails to pay the monthly remuneration without any reasonable cause.

  • If the teacher is found guilty of any mistreatment regarding students or conducts any deceit in their services.

  • If the teacher is absent without receiving approval from the school authorities.

11. Miscellaneous

  • This agreement will be governed by the laws of the _________________ [Employer.State].

  • Both parties are not allowed to assign this agreement or any rights/obligations to any third party without seeking written consent beforehand from the other party.

  • No party can waive any provision, obligations, or rights of this agreement unless established in writing with consent by both parties.

  • If any of the parties wants to add or amend any term or clause to this agreement, written consent has to be presented and signed by both parties.

  • None of the parties will be responsible for failure to perform any obligation mentioned in the agreement due to reasons beyond human control, such as a pandemic, fire, natural calamities, strikes, and public authority orders.

12. Notice Period

If the teacher quits the job on their own will, they will have to give the school authorities a notice period of ____ days. Similarly, if the school expels the teacher without any justifiable solid reason, they will have to provide a notice period of _____ days alongside the accrued salary to the teacher.

Both parties agree to the aforesaid terms and conditions with their full awareness and demonstrate the same by signing the credentials below:





Teacher Contract

Used 4,920 times

4.3 Rating (25 reviews)

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