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Drywall Contract Template

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Use this drywall contract template to create a secure agreement with the Client explaining the services, compensation, and terms of the job.

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Drywall Contract Template

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The Parties

This Drywall Contract (“Agreement”) is made on [Document.CreatedDate] by and between [Contractor.FirstName][Contractor.LastName] of [Contractor.Company] (“Contractor”) and [Client.FirstName][Client.LastName] at [Client.StreetAddress][Client.City][Client.State][Client.PostalCode] (“Client”). The Agreement will collectively refer to the Contractor and Client as Parties and individually as Party.

The Agreement governs the terms of the services rendered by the Contractor for the Client at (Property.Address), with the Client paying the Contractor for these Services per the terms of the Agreement.


Contractor agrees to provide the following services for your drywalls:

Crack repairs

Wear and tear repairs

Animal damage

Children damage

Moisture Damage

Anchor Holes

New drywall installation


Details of the scope of work:

(Enter Value)

Hereafter known as “Services.” When completing these Services, the Contractor agrees to comply with federal, state, and local standards, policies, and regulations.


The Client agrees to pay the Contractor the following for the Services rendered:

Per Hour: $(Amount)/hour

Per Job: $(Amount) to complete all the services

Other: (Other.Description)

The Client must pay the Contractor upon:

Receipt of Invoice

Completion of Services

Other: (Other.Description)

The Client must pay using (Payment.Method) or (Payment.Method). Should the Client not make payment (Number) days after the due date, then a late fee of $(Amount) or monthly interest of (Percentage)% on the outstanding balance will apply.

Inspection of Services

The Client has the right to notify the Contractor in writing of any incomplete or defective Services within (Number) days of the Contractor completing the Services, after which it expires. Once the Client notifies the Contractor of the issue, the Contractor must correct the defect or issue within:

A specified period of (Number) days once they get the receipt of the notice

A reasonable period after receiving the receipt of notice

Liability Insurance

Contractor will bear all responsibility for actions they, their employees, personnel, or affiliates perform during the Services and under the terms of the Agreement. Contractor will obtain comprehensive liability insurance for property damage, bodily harm, or personal injury, including but not limited to cross-liability and contractual liability.

Additional Work

Should the Client require any additional drywall work not specified under Services, then the Contractor will provide such work once both Parties have drawn up a written agreement, which will contain a description of the additional work, compensation for it, and any other negotiations between Parties. Contractor will only start with the additional work once the agreement is finalized and signed by both Parties.

Hazardous Materials

Should the Contractor encounter hazardous materials while working, they have the right to stop their services immediately until the Parties have negotiated a fee for removing the hazardous materials from the Property. Hazardous materials refer to any material that poses a real risk or hazard to humans or the environment, whether because of its quantity, physical and chemical characteristics, or concentration.

Hazardous materials, in this instance, can include but are not limited to corrosive material, compressed gases, asbestos, mercury, toxic material, medical waste, radiological, chemical, or biological materials.


This Agreement will terminate:

When the Services are complete, with no further requirements

On the (Date), upon which all Services must be complete, bar any force majeure event

Other: (Other.Description)

During the Agreement, Parties:

Can terminate this Agreement with (Number) days written notice

Cannot terminate this Agreement unless there is reasonable cause, such as a default event


Independent Contractor

Contractor remains an independent contractor for the purposes of this Agreement. That means they maintain their own independent business, can take on other clients during this Agreement, and will use their equipment and tools to complete the Services. It also means neither Party can enter into agreements on behalf of the other Party, as this is not a partnership.

Damage to Equipment

The Client will be held responsible for loss or damage to the equipment or tools of the Contractor due to the misuse, negligence, or theft by the Client, any of their guests, or a force majeure event.


Contractor is not liable for any losses or damages, whether direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental, that occur and are related to this Agreement and the provided Services. The Client must assume all legal fees of third-party claims, provided that the negligence or fault of the Contractor, their employees, or personnel were not responsible for the claim.


The laws of the state of (State) govern this Agreement, and the Parties will resolve any disputes in (State) according to its federal, state, and local laws. This Agreement constitutes the complete contract between the Parties, with no prior written or verbal negotiations, understandings, or agreements considered valid. By signing this Agreement, both Parties agree and acknowledge their understanding of the terms of this Agreement and have duly executed this Agreement on the date written below.







Drywall Contract Template

Used 4,872 times

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