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Executive Summary

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. As a licensed painting contractor, we have years of experience performing quality for for commercial and residential clients. Our team of experienced painters specialize in providing high-quality work in a timely manner, at an affordable cost, and with minimal disruption to your property. In this proposal, you’ll find details regarding the scope of work for the project along with associated costs.

Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out via the following means:
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Why Us?

There are a number of painting contractors in the [Sender.City] area. When you choose a contractor for your painting project, care should be taken to find a contractor that has a proven track record for quality work, is properly insured, and offers competitive pricing.

We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality work in the area. To see examples of past projects, visit our website at
We carry full professional liability insurance with a /*Insurance.Cap*/ cap, and strive to quote all projects as competitively as possible.

Scope of Work

The pricing in this painting proposal includes all time and materials to complete the work described below. All prep work, painting, cleanup, and disposal requirements are documented in this scope of work and reflected in the pricing section of this painting proposal.
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Priming & Finishing Materials

Based on your needs, we plan to use the following primers and paints to complete the project:

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This project’s pricing is estimated based on the scope of work in this proposal. Should the project’s scope or schedule change, the final price for the project may vary.

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If you’d like to move forward with the project as it’s described and priced in this painting proposal, simply sign and return this document to us. We’ll get in touch once you do to discuss next steps.




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