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Fixed Price Contract

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Fixed Price Contract Template

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This agreement is made by and between [Client.FirstName][Client.LastName] (client), with legal address at [Client.StreetAddress][Client.City][Client.PostalCode][Client.Country] and [Contractor.FirstName][Contractor.LastName] (contractor), with legal address at [Contractor.StreetAddress][Contractor.City][Contractor.PostalCode][Contractor.Country]. Both of whom will be referred to in this contract as 'Party' or 'Parties'. On the [Document.CreatedDate] (date).


The client is hiring the contractor to provide the following services (describe the service, e.g., design a landing page). The contractor is legally bonded only to perform those tasks, and if the client requires any other services, these will have to be included in a new agreement. The client does not have any right whatsoever to ask for any other labor that has not been previously established in this contract.


The agreement will come into effect on the ___________(date) and for a duration of (e.g., three months or until the project is complete). It will be finished or renewed at the end of the project. Both parties agree to fulfill the terms and conditions of the contract until the project is completed.


The client agrees to pay a fee of $____________ for the complete work, and of this, $________ will be paid upfront before the work begins. This price (includes/does not include) the expenses of the project.


At the end of the project, the contractor will invoice the client, and the client agrees to pay the amount in no more than 10 business days. If the client fails to do so, a fee of %______ will be added per _______(e.g., day, week, month). Each payment will be made through _______________(e.g, direct deposit).


The client agrees to give the contractor all correspondent credit for the project but keeps all ownership. The contractor may use this project for portfolio purposes but agrees to reject all ownership and cannot use the project or any of its derivatives for commercial purposes unless specified otherwise by the client. (Add any specifics if necessary).


The contractor agrees to keep in confidentiality any information the client shares during this contract and after its termination. Taking full responsibility and employing all the necessary measures for the custody of all provided information. This includes verbal, written, graphic, or any other information that could be reproduced and is owed by the client. Any breach by the contractor will result in legal action by the client. The client also agrees to keep confidential all contractor's private data, such as addresses and banking information.


If any of the parties fails to fulfill the terms of this agreement, the contract will be immediately terminated, and both sides will have the right to take legal action. Both parties agree to constantly communicate during the project as part of the contract continuity. According to state, local, and federal laws, an unfulfillment of the contract can result in (insert accordingly).


This contract is subject to the (add any local, state, or federal laws if applicable, e.g., basic conditions of employment Act, 1977). Both parties accept all responsibility when agreeing to the terms and conditions by signing below.





Fixed Price Contract

Used 5,017 times

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