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Translation Contract Template

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Prepared by:

[Sender.FirstName], [Sender.LastName][Sender.Title][Sender.Company]

Translation Contract Template

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Prepared for:

[Client.FirstName], [Client.LastName]


The Parties

This translation contract is between [Sender.FirstName][Sender.LastName] from [Sender.Company], "the translator" and [Client.FirstName][Client.LastName] from [Client.Company], "the client." 

Start Date and Duration

This contract will begin on (date).

This contract will be valid for: (choose one)

A fixed term – This contract shall end on (date). After this date, both parties will no longer have any liabilities or obligations to one another.

An ongoing term – This contract shall remain in effect until either one of the parties terminates the contract, providing that (number of days/weeks) notice is given to the other party. After this date, both parties will no longer have any liabilities or obligations.

Translation Services

1. Type of translation work required:

Check all that apply:

Marketing content translation

Literary translation

Medical translation

Technical translation

Business translation

Legal translation

Financial translation

Film translation

Other (specify)

2. The translator will be responsible for translating the following: (list specific work or documents to be translated. For example, website, corporate brochure, and social media posts). 

3. All work will be translated into the following language(s): (English to Spanish) (English to French)

Independent Contractor Agreement

1. The parties agree that the translator is hired as an independent contractor, and this contract does not create a partnership, joint venture, or employment relationship between the translator and [Client.Company].

2. The translator agrees to work without supervision or direction from the client. Unless specified by the client, the translator will develop their own method of work needed to produce the required work on time and within the client's standards. 

3. The translator or the translator's company can attest that the translator has the education, skills, training, and licenses necessary to complete the translation work required. 

4. The translator shall be responsible for paying all taxes under existing law. This includes local income taxes, federal, state, social security, and unemployment. The translator agrees to pay all taxes to the appropriate government agencies and indemnify [Client.Company] against any claims, liabilities, costs, or expenses that may arise.

5. The translator is not covered by any insurance or benefits that [Client.Company] provides to its regular employees.

Performance Duties and Expectations

1. The translator is free to work for other companies during the term of this contract.

2. The translator shall not subcontract or outsource any work to any other individual or company without written permission from the client. 

3. The translator agrees to inform the client if they cannot finish a task on time. If notice is given (state the cutoff time, for example, less than 24 hours before a task is due), (state the consequences)

4. The translator agrees to respond to all emails related to any work within (specify an amount of time, for example, 24 hours). 

5. The translator agrees to finish all work (specify when each work will be turned in).

Copyright & Licenses

For most translation work:

​1. The translator holds full ownership and copyright of all translator materials and will keep [Client.Company] indemnified against third-party claims to this translation.

Translator materials include any materials owned by or licensed to the translator, as well as any material they work on, including:

  • Printed or digital text translations

  • Translation research

  • Live translation or interpretation in spoken language

  • (add additional material)

  • (add additional material)

2. The client agrees that they will not do anything to infringe upon the translator's rights in terms of material ownership.

3. The translator gives the client permission to apply an unrestricted, nonexclusive, perpetual, fully paid-up worldwide license to (use or sublicense) any of the translator's material for (describe what they will be used for). 

For book translation:

4. The translator grants [Client.Company](author) a license to publish (name of the book) in (language) and to exploit the rights in the translation work. 

5. If needed, [Client.Company](author) will consult with the translator to decide on the title/subtitle under which the book will be published in (language)

Non-Solicitation, Non-Compete, and Non-Disclosure

1. During the term of this contract (and for (amount of time) after the contract ends), the translator agrees to not work for any of [Client.Company]'s competitors or clients.  

2. During the term of this contract (and for (amount of time) after the contract ends), the translator agrees not to solicit any of [Client.Company]'s competitors or clients. The following forms of solicitation are prohibited: contacting the parties by phone, email, or social media, distributing promotional material, contact information, and business cards. 

3. During the term of this contract, the translator shall have access to confidential information about [Client.FirstName][Client.LastName] and their employees and clients. The translator agrees to not divulge or communicate any confidential information to any third party without written permission from [Client.Company]

Failure to comply with the above will result in legal action. If any legal action must be taken, the translator agrees to reimburse [Client.Company] for all court and attorney costs.


1. This contract shall automatically terminate on (date).

2. This contract will be considered terminated in the event of any of the following:

  • The translator is suddenly unable to work due to a medical condition (physical or mental);

  • The death of either party;

  • [Client.Company] closes down due to bankruptcy or insolvency laws;

  • Either party chooses to terminate the contract providing that written notice is given (number of days) days in advance. 

3. Upon termination, the client agrees to pay the translator for all completed work until the termination date. Any work that is in progress at the time of termination shall be completed and paid after termination unless otherwise agreed in writing by both parties. 

4. Upon termination, the translator shall return to the client all material belonging to them and permanently delete all company information and programs from all their devices. 


Any changes or modifications to any part of this contract will only be in effect once approved in written form by both parties.

Force Majeure

Neither party shall be responsible or liable for any delay, malfunctions, or failure to complete any work due to forces beyond their control, including strikes, accidents, acts of war or terrorism, nuclear, natural, civil or military disturbances, or acts of God.

Governing Laws

This contract shall be governed by the State of (state) laws. 

Payment & Pricing

1. The client agrees to pay the translator a rate of $(amount) per (word/project)

2. A (deposit/pre-payment) is (not required/of $(amount) is required) to be paid before any work commences.

3. The translator agrees to send the client an invoice (specify when).

4 The client agrees to pay the translator no later than (number of days) days after receiving the invoice. Any late payments will result in (list the consequences).

5. The client agrees to pay by (method).

6. Late fees are as follows: If payment is late by more than (number of days) days, an extra fee of $(amount) will be charged.

7. The translator agrees to revise any work (one) time after it is submitted initially. Further revisions will incur a fee of $(amount). 

By signing this contract, both parties agree to all aforementioned terms and acknowledge that any violation of any terms may lead to disciplinary action.

IN WITNESS THEREOF – This contract is hereby executed by the parties as follows:







Translation Contract Template

Used 5,058 times

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