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House Rental Lease Agreement Template

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Perfect for a homeowner looking to sublet or a real estate agent, this house rental lease agreement template will help you close more quickly.

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House Rental Lease Agreement Template

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Thank you for your interest in renting the house located at [RentalProperty.StreetAddress], [RentalProperty.City], [RentalProperty.State], [RentalProperty.PostalCode], (“House” or “Property”) from (Start.Date) to (End.Date). Please review and sign below to confirm your agreement with the terms and conditions in this House Rental Lease Agreement.

Signature by both Parties, identified in this House Rental Lease Agreement as Owner and Renter, will bind them to a legally enforceable contract. Both Parties are advised to consult with a lawyer before signing if they feel it appropriate to do so.

Property: A _________ having _________ rooms and _________ baths is referred to as the property (the "Property" or “House”) and is situated at [RentalProperty.StreetAddress], [RentalProperty.City], [RentalProperty.State], [RentalProperty.PostalCode]. Operator is the Property's Owner. The Owner has completely equipped and outfitted the House for basic habitation. The Owner also provides the following key features at the Property:

Enlist The Feature

What Makes It Special

Where Is It Located

The Property has a basic stock of personal care and maintenance supplies on the Premises.

All meals, as well as any additional supplies, must be purchased by the Renter.

Rental Event

The conditions of this Agreement will apply to every member of the rental party. The Premises may only be occupied by the people mentioned on this Contract. "Rental Party" includes the Renter as well as the additional people:

Renter Name

Additional Companions

There will be ____ adults in the rental party as a whole. There are going to be ____ minors in the rental group as a whole.

Renters and Guests

A person using the house who is not spending the night is referred to as a Guest. Renters and Guests included, a maximum of _________ individuals are allowed on the Property at any given time. Any Guests staying overnight will incur extra fees. Whenever a listed Renter is not on the property, no Guest will be permitted to utilize the shared amenities, along with any pools or play areas.

Maximum Inhabitants

The property may only accommodate a maximum of _________ people at a time, unless the Owner gives prior written approval. For any additional person (Guest) who resides inside the Property over and beyond the Rental Party, there will be a fee of _________ per person each night. For extra Renters or Guests who are staying at the property without first informing the Owner, the Renter will be charged immediately.

This lease agreement is made between [Client.FirstName][Client.LastName] (“Owner”) and [Sender.FirstName][Sender.LastName] (“Renter”). Owner and Renter are each referred to herein as Party or collectively referred to as Parties in the following contract. The contract as detailed below is an agreement to lease the house located at [RentalProperty.StreetAddress], [RentalProperty.City], [RentalProperty.State], [RentalProperty.PostalCode] and owned by [Client.FirstName][Client.LastName]. The person leasing the house through this contract is [Sender.FirstName][Sender.LastName].

Terms and conditions

1. Agreement to rent

OWNER (“Owner”) agrees to rent the house located at [RentalProperty.StreetAddress], [RentalProperty.City], [RentalProperty.State], [RentalProperty.PostalCode], to RENTER (“Renter”) for the term of this House Rental Lease Agreement.

2. Term of lease.

The rental term will start on (Start.Date) and end on (End.Date).

3. Rent

Renter agrees to pay ($Total.Rent.Amount) in exchange for use of the House under the conditions of this House Rental Lease Agreement, payable as follows: (Payment.Schedule).

Payments will be made by (Payment.Methods) to Owner on or before the due date(s) set forth above. Late payments will result in a late fee of ($Amount), and returned checks will incur a returned check fee of ($Amount).

4. Security deposit

Renter will pay Owner a security deposit of (Security.Deposit) on the day this House Rental Lease Agreement is signed. The deposit will be returned upon surrender of the House in a clean and undamaged condition, subject to ordinary wear and tear. Any use of the security deposit to reimburse Owner for unusual cleaning costs or repairs will be itemized by Owner upon return of the security deposit.

5. Occupants

The maximum number of occupants of the House is (Number). Any unauthorized Renters beyond that number will result in an additional charge of ($Additional.Charge) per Renter per day.

6. Assumption of liability and risk

Renter agrees to hold harmless Owner from any injury, liability, damage or cost Renter, or Guests of Renter, may incur due to occupancy of the House or its surrounding areas, and Renter assumes all risks associated therewith.

7. Rules and Regulations.

Renter will abide by the Rules and Regulations for the House, a list of which is attached hereto as Exhibit A.

8. Keys

Keys to the House are owned by the Owner, not the Renter. No copies may be made, and keys will be returned to the Owner upon termination of this Rental Agreement and before the security deposit is released.

9. Additional provisions

Additional provisions to this Agreement are the following:

1. Departure date change and additional rent charges, unless the Owner specifies otherwise

The rental rate specified must be paid by the Renter for the time in between scheduled departure and the true day the Renter and all other persons of the leasing party leave the residence if they stay on the Property after the scheduled departure. The maximum stay at the Property is _________ nights.

2. The following limitations by the Owner will be adhered to by the Renter:

The Renter and their Guests may be requested to leave the Property, and the Renter may lose any rent payments, if any member of the Rental Party violates any of the Guidelines.

3. Mechanical malfunctions

Owner makes an effort to keep the Property in good working condition. Despite the fact that all of the Owner’s mechanical equipment is in excellent working order, the Owner makes no guarantees against mechanical damage of the additional power, stopped water lines, supply of water, warming and air conditioning systems, audio visual equipment, internet connectivity, or cable television service. The Renter promises to notify the Owner immediately once any malfunctioning equipment or other mechanical problems occur. Owner shall use all reasonable resources to arrange for prompt and effective repairs. Renter agrees to provide any contractor or another person with permission from Owner access to the Property for inspection and maintenance purposes. Due to the unforeseen nature of such occurrences, the Owner is not liable for any difficulty that may arise, and no reimbursements or rent decreases will be given.

4. Force majeure

In the event of a hurricane or other extreme weather events, and a state or municipal authority issues an emergency evacuation order, the Renter will be eligible for a proportional reimbursement for each overnight they have been unable to stay at the Property. Owner is not responsible or deemed in breach of this Agreement if any of their responsibilities are not performed or are delayed as a result of an event outside of their control, including but not limited to force majeure / acts of God.

10. Entire Agreement

This House Rental Lease Agreement, including all attachments (if any), is the entire Agreement between the Owner and the Renter. Any changes must be in writing and signed by both Parties.

11. Breaking the Contract

The Owner may remove Renter, their associates and/or Guests from the Property, and Renter will forgo all lease and security deposit funded, if Renter or any representative of the Renter infringes upon any of the conditions of this Agreement, comprising but not constrained to max accommodation of number of Renters and Guests, and rental rules and regulations.

12. Law of the State

The laws of the State of [RentalProperty.State] shall govern the interpretation, construction, and enforcement of this Contract as well as any dealings contemplated hereby. This Contract's disputes, should any arise, must be settled through negotiation with or without a third party whenever possible.


The Renter understands that the Rental Party and the Renter's Guests utilize the Property entirely at their own risk. When using or occupying the Rental Property at [RentalProperty.StreetAddress], [RentalProperty.City], [RentalProperty.State], [RentalProperty.PostalCode], the Renter will defend and indemnify the Owner against any expenses, damage of property, deeds, or debts of any kind resulting from or connected to any damage or destruction to private possessions, accident or death, or the failure of any individual of the leasing party or the Renter's Guests to adhere to the rules and limitations.

Acceptance Form

This House Rental Lease Agreement is hereby executed by both Parties with the date and signatures below:







House Rental Lease Agreement Template

Used 6,095 times

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