Lease to Purchase Agreement Pennsylvania

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Lease to Purchase Agreement Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania lease-to-purchase agreement is a contract deal between a landlord and a tenant. The tenant can rent a property and buy it later. The buyer has the entire lease period to decide whether to buy the home or not. A purchase contract is usually drafted based on the negotiated terms if a tenant chooses to buy.

These types of arrangements can be beneficial to landlords. It gives them a regular income and improves the property’s sale prospects. If the tenant decides not to buy the property later, the landlord retains the saved down payment money.

This lease-to-purchase agreement Pennsylvania template includes a provision requiring tenants to pay an option fee. It reserves the buyer’s buying rights and ensures the owner accepts no other offers. As per Pennsylvania state law, this contract must be in writing.


  • Material Defect Disclosure
  • Capacity for Landlord to Distrain for Rent
  • Consumer Notice for Tenants
  • Lead-Based Paint

A signed and dated copy of this disclosure statement should be delivered to the buyer before signing a contract.