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Lodger Agreement Template

This Lodger Agreement (this “Agreement” or this “Lodger Agreement”), effective as of [DATE], (“Effective Date”) is made by and between [LANDLORD NAME], with a residential address located at [ADDRESS]  (“Landlord”) and [LODGER NAME], with a residential address located at [ADDRESS] (“Lodger”) and concerns the premises located at [ADDRESS] (the “Premises”), which contains the inventory of items listed in the inventory report created and signed by the Landlord and the Lodger as of [DATE] (the “Contents”).

  1. The lodger will be allowed to co-occupy the Premises with the Landlord and the Landlord’s family and to use certain shared rooms in the Premises. Those rooms are as follows:

  1. The lodger will pay a deposit in the amount of [AMOUNT] upon signing this Agreement along with first week’s rent in the amount of [AMOUNT], which will be paid weekly thereafter in advance at the beginning of each week.

  1. Either party may terminate this Lodger Agreement for any reason upon one week’s notice to the other, provided that Lodger’s obligations related to the term of occupancy (i.e. until the termination date) will survive any termination.

  1. The Lodger agrees to observe and uphold all obligations set forth herein and in the “Terms of Landlord” document attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference.

PandaTip: The Landlord is going to be living with the Lodger, and may not know the Lodger too well. It is certainly reasonable to place some demands on the Lodger. Routine showering comes to mind ;). Well, you may not want to stoop to that level. However, it may be reasonable to require the Lodger to help maintain the Premises (perhaps as consideration for reduced rent?), or to do certain chores. In any case, whatever the Landlord may want to call out, he/she can include it in the attachment below.

  1. The Landlord agrees to provide the following accommodations under this Lodger Agreement:

PandaTip: Is the Landlord willing/expected to provide food, to prepare breakfast or lunch, to do laundry or keep the premises clean? Is there anything else that is expected of the Landlord? In order to not show prejudice, you might add showering to this list too. 😉

  1. Any notices hereunder shall be sent to the address of each party first set forth above.

  2. This Lodger Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

In witness whereof, the parties have caused this Agreement to be executed and effective by their signatures placed below.


_________________________________    ______________

[NAME]                                                           DATE


_________________________________    ______________

[NAME]                                                          DATE

Attachment 1


Lodger Agreement dated [DATE]


All capitalized terms not defined herein below shall have the meanings given in the Lodger Agreement.

In addition to those terms set forth in the Lodger Agreement between [LANDLORD NAME] and [LODGER NAME] dated [DATE], the Lodger agrees to uphold the following wishes of the Landlord. All capitalized terms not defined herein below shall have the meanings given in the Lodger Agreement.

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