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General Warranty Deed Template

Prepared for:


Created by:


This deed was prepared by: [Preparer.FirstName][Preparer.LastName], residing at [Preparer.StreetAddress][Preparer.City][Preparer.State][Preparer.PostalCode]

Once fully executed and notarized, please return to: [Recipient.FirstName][Recipient.LastName], residing at [Recipient.StreetAddress][Recipient.City][Recipient.State][Recipient.PostalCode]

Know all men by these presents that this deed is made on and executed on (Signing.Month) (Signing.Day), in the year of (Signing.Year), by and between [Grantor.FirstName][Grantor.LastName] (the “Grantor(s)”) and [Grantee.FirstName][Grantee.LastName] (the “Grantee(s)”), whose mailing address is [Grantee.Email].

WHEREAS, for and in consideration of the sum of (Property.SellingPriceWritten) (Property.SellingPriceNumerals), paid to [Grantor.FirstName][Grantor.LastName] (the Grantor(s)), who hereby acknowledges and confirms receipt of said funds and hereby grants, conveys, and warrants to [Grantee.FirstName][Grantee.LastName] (the “Grantee”) and his/her/their heirs the real property located at [Property.StreetAddress][Property.City] in the City of [Property.City], in the County of [Property.Country]​, and in the state of [Property.State], which holds the following legal description:

Tax Parcel ID: (Property.TaxParcelNumber)

Covenant of seisin

WHEREAS, [Grantor.FirstName][Grantor.LastName] (the “Grantor”), by signing this document, hereby confirms that he/she/they own the real property located at [Property.StreetAddress] and described above, and that he/she/they wish to convey said property to [Grantor.FirstName][Grantor.LastName] (the “Grantee”).

Covenant against encumbrances

WHEREAS, [Grantor.FirstName][Grantor.LastName] (the “Grantor”), by signing this warranty deed, hereby guarantees that no encumbrances, liens, easements, rights of way, or other legal burdens exist on [Property.StreetAddress] in [Property.City], [Property.State], except as described above, and that the real property described above is to be conveyed by this executed document to [Grantee.FirstName][Grantee.LastName] (the “Grantee”) without any limitation or restriction.

Covenant of the right to convey

WHEREAS, [Grantor.FirstName][Grantor.LastName] (the “Grantor”), by signing this warranty deed, does hereby attest that he/she/they own the real property located at [Property.StreetAddress] in [Property.City], [Property.State], which is described above, and that they have the unencumbered right to sell said property to [Grantee.FirstName][Grantee.LastName] (the “Grantee”).

Covenant for quiet enjoyment

WHEREAS, [Grantor.FirstName][Grantor.LastName] (the “Grantor”), by executing this legal document, does hereby affirm that, once conveyed to [Grantee.FirstName][Grantee.LastName] (the “Grantee”), the Grantee shall not be disturbed in their possession of [Property.StreetAddress] in [Property.City], [Property.State], which is described above.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, this deed is duly executed by the Grantor(s) and Grantee(s) on (Deed.SigningDate):



The execution of this deed has been witnessed by the below individuals, who attest to its authenticity:



State of (Deed.SigningState)
County of (Deed.Signing County)
I, [Notary.FirstName][Notary.LastName], a notary public in and for the state of (Deed.SigningState), do hereby attest that this legal document was signed (or attested) voluntarily before me on (Deed.SigningDate) by [Grantor.FirstName][Grantor.LastName] and [Grantee.FirstName][Grantee.LastName], who are either personally known to me or proved to me by photo identification card on this (Deed.SigningDate) day of (Deed.SigningMonth), (Deed.SigningYear).
My commission expires: (Notary.CommissionExpiration)​

General Warranty Deed Template

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