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Late Rent Notice Template

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Use this Late Rent Notice Template to create a letter warning a renter that they are behind on their rent payments.

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Late Rent Notice Template

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Prepared by:

Service provider: [Sender.FirstName][Sender.LastName]

Phone: [Sender.Phone]

Email: [Sender.Email]

Address: [Sender.StreetAddress][Sender.City], [Sender.State][Sender.PostalCode]

Prepared for:

Client: [Tenant.FirstName][Tenant.LastName]

Phone: [Tenant.Phone]

Email: [Tenant.Email]

Address: [Tenant.StreetAddress][Tenant.City], [Tenant.State][Tenant.PostalCode]


Late Rent Notice Body

Dear [Tenant.FirstName]​,

This letter is to inform you, [Tenant.FirstName][Tenant.LastName], (herein referred to as "tenant") that rental dues in the amount of $(insert amount) due to [Sender.Company] (herein referred to as "landlord") to rent the property at [Tenant.StreetAddress][Tenant.City][Tenant.PostalCode][Tenant.State] (herein referred to as "property") is past due.

Under the lease agreement signed on [Document.CreatedDate] by the tenant and landlord, late fees in the amount of $(insert amount) will apply to any rental dues not paid by the tenant by the (number) of each month. To avoid any further late fees, the landlord recommends paying the below fees as soon as possible.





Item 1

Description of first item




Item 2

Description of second item




Item 3

Description of third item




Total due upon receipt of this letter: $180.00

Provide payment immediately in the form of an e-check, check, or money order to the order of [Sender.Company]. Failure to pay rent and associated late fees will result in additional late fees in the amount of $(insert amount)for each day past the initial notification period under the lease agreement.

Payments can be made online at (Website). Payments can be made in person at the following address Monday through Friday from (00:00) a.m. to (00:00) p.m. [Sender.StreetAddress][Sender.City][Sender.PostalCode][Sender.State].

If the tenant or any additional tenants on the lease choose to vacate the property, a 30-day notice is required. Failure to provide a 30-day notice will result in an additional fee of $(insert amount) under the lease agreement.

Any failure to pay rent on the property that exceeds the next (Number) days will trigger the eviction process. In the event of continued nonpayment, this letter will serve as the first notice of the eviction process.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I am available via phone or email to discuss this.

Thank you,






Late Rent Notice Template

Used 4,877 times

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