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Studio Rental Agreement Template

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If you own or manage a studio space and want to rent it out, you should utilize a Studio Rental Agreement Template that safeguards both you and the studio while also making potential tenants aware of the conditions they must accept in order to rent the space.

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Studio Rental Agreement Template

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[Sender.Company] Studio Rental Agreement


This contract represents an ongoing legally binding arrangement between [Sender.Company], and “Renter” as named below. The following agreements apply to every instance in the future in which Renter uses [Sender.Company]'s space for any purpose. If Renter fails to uphold any of the following agreements, Renter’s studio privileges may be revoked.


Street Address




Proposed use for studio space










(Enter text)


[Sender.Company]'s studio space is intended for (describe the functional purpose of the space, i.e., martial arts, fitness, classes, workshops, etc.). The studio will be rented in blocks of time as follows: one-hour minimum, ½ hour increments (adjust as necessary, i.e., fifteen-minute segments, two-hour minimum, etc.). Space may be booked via email, phone, or online booking software.


Renters will pay before or at the time of each rental period and are encouraged to pay ahead of time as much as possible. Cash, check, debit, and credit are acceptable means of payment. All of these payment methods will be accepted in the lobby at the time of each rehearsal or class, and payment via credit can be made in advance over the phone.

Renters MUST pay for all studio space before or at the time it is used. All rent checks must be written to[Sender.Company]. A late fee of $XX per month will be charged for any past due accounts and $XX for any returned check.

Class, workshop, or rehearsal rentals

Rate:$XX per hour

Scheduling: Scheduling of regular weekly usage requires confirmation of the desired schedule at least one month in advance if at all possible.

Cancellation: Rented space may be canceled via phone or email with two weeks notice. If a cancellation is arranged after rent has already been paid, the balance will be applied towards future rentals of [Sender.Company]'s studio by [Renter.Company](no refunds).

Class renters may still cancel with less than two weeks notice but will be required to pay the full rental rate for the canceled studio time. If able to, teachers are encouraged to find substitute teachers and keep the class operating consistently.

Conditions of rental


A stereo system will be available for use in rehearsals, classes, workshops, and performances.


Props need to be constructed in such a way that they can cause no damage to the dance floor. All props must have felt padding on any part that rests on the floor or rolling wheels.


No smoking anywhere inside the building. No incense or open flames of any sort.


Renters may NEVER leave any equipment, props, costumes, or personal belongings anywhere in the studio.


Renters commit not to make copies or share the studio key with any other person and return the key provided upon completion of the rental period.


Each renter assumes responsibility for the security of the space during each rental period. Renters are required to keep the doors locked during their rental period and return the space to a secure state upon leaving by ensuring everyone has left the premises and locking all doors.


For any urgent issue that might compromise the safety of the studio or the building, please call the [Sender.Company]'s Emergency Contact [Sender.FirstName][Sender.LastName] at [Sender.Phone]. For accidents, health crises, criminal activities, or fire, call 911.


Each renter assumes full responsibility for any damage caused to any part of the studio sustained during the renter’s scheduled studio time. Each renter agrees to pay in full for repairing or replacing any item or structure damaged by the renters or by performers, collaborators, or guests invited to the studio.

Full payment for damage will be made within ONE MONTH of the damage. Renters also assume responsibility for any damage that results from the renter's employees, contractors, clients, and any and all of the renter's visitors during their rental period.


Each renter assumes liability for injury to any persons they invite to the space, including but not limited to: injury to students in the renter’s class, injury to performers or collaborators in rehearsal, injury to guests or audience members at a showing.

Renters also assume responsibility for any injury that results from the renter's employees, contractors, clients, and any and all of the renter's visitors during their rental period.


Each renter assumes responsibility for returning the studio to the state they found it upon arrival before they leave. All lights, heater(s), air conditioner(s), and electrical equipment must be turned off. Trash and litter must be removed from the premises. Please sweep if necessary, and leave the studio in clean condition for the next renter.


All renters must park (specify where renters should park) and should notify their visitors to park (describe where the renter's visitors should park).


Renters will sign this contract before using [Sender.Company]'s studio space. The signed contract can be emailed to the office contact at [Sender.Email] or left in the lobby deposit box at the studio.

Future policy changes

[Sender.Company] reserves the right to modify the above rental policies at any time to reflect the concerns and needs of the studio. Renters will be informed of changes to rental policies. By signing this request for rental facilities, the applicant agrees to comply with all of the terms of this agreement. [Sender.Company] agrees to let the applicant know as soon as possible if their request has been granted and will then agree to make the space available to the requesting group at the time stated.

All of the above are hereby agreed upon, and it is agreed that renters shall release, indemnify, keep and save harmless [Sender.Company], its officers, employees, agents, or members from any and all liability or responsibility for any and all damages or injury of any kind or nature whatever to all persons, whether agents or employees of the Renter or persons attending the events for which the premises have been leased, and to all property damage proximately caused by, resulting from, incident to, occurring in connection with, arising out of, the use by the Renter of the premises.

The provisions of this section shall include any and all losses, damages, injuries, decrees, settlements, awards, judgments, fines, claims, penalties, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney‘s fees. By signing this Rental Contract, the applicant acknowledges having read and understood the terms of this contract and acknowledges that this Rental Contract is binding both on the parties and the organizations they represent.







Studio Rental Agreement Template

Used 5,196 times

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