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Book Proposal Template




Include any subhead or taglines that your book’s title may contain.


My book, [BOOK TITLE] will be a [GENRE] work which will center around the topic of [BOOK TOPIC].

Give a fairly brief summary of your book here, using a few paragraphs. It is often recommended to think of this as the summary which would appear on your book’s back cover. You can use this section to colorfully describe why your book will be an exciting addition to the current literary market. If your book is fiction, include a brief, but exciting plot summary.


This book will fall into the genre(s) of [GENRES].


Using this section, explain who will be your main audience, the typical readership at which this book will be aimed. Discuss the strength and influence of that particular market. Offer other types of readers who are likely to be attracted to your book.


In this section, you can brag about your experience and authorial credentials. Specifically, discuss what qualifies you to write this particular book. Perhaps you’re an expert in the field the book focuses on. If you’ve had an impacting life experience which contributes to the book’s theme, include that. Don’t forget relevant education information, awards, and past published works.


There may be books similar to yours already in existence in the literary marketplace. In this section, demonstrate your knowledge of these competitive titles. List the books on the market which may be similar to yours in topic, genre, scope, or plot. Then, describe how your book will contrast these works. Provide examples of how your book will add to the canon of books on a particular topic, or how your book will offer a fresh angle and new perspective. Show how the plotline of the book will differ from ordinary, expected plotlines, and how your work will be fascinating and compelling and stand out from the crowd.


This section slightly piggy backs on the previous one, by showing how your particular book will fill a gap in existing knowledge or in the literary canon. But in the Purpose and Need section, you can provide details of how your book is in keeping with current interest in society or how it meets a specific need. Perhaps your book is a nonfiction “how-to” type of guide which currently has no competitors on the market. This section can further elaborate on how there is a need for this type of book and how your work will fulfill that need.


Promotion for the book will begin immediately, as I will utilize my social media presence to build anticipation for the book’s release.

Here you will demonstrate your plan for marketing and promoting your book, before and after publishing. You might use bullet points to address specific marketing tactics. Marketing tactics covered may include email campaigns, book signings, book discussion groups, public speaking events, endorsements, internet marketing, and especially social media outlets, as these are highly used for promotion by authors.


This is important to show that the book has been fleshed out and has a strong structure already in place, even if it is tentative. Give approximate page numbers for each chapter, and provide a summary of each chapter to be included.


This may be the most important element of the book proposal, as it will show the potential publisher or financier that your book will be interesting, readable, and written with the highest quality. Include one or two sample chapters that are representative of the book as a whole, demonstrating the tone you wish to pursue throughout the entire book.

Title Page                                                       [NUMBER] pages

Quotes Page                                                   [NUMBER] pages

Table of Contents                                        [NUMBER] pages

Introduction: [TITLE]                               [NUMBER] pages


Chapter 1: [TITLE]                                     [NUMBER] pages


Chapter 2: [TITLE]                                    [NUMBER] pages


Chapter 3: [TITLE]                                    [NUMBER] pages


(Continue for remaining chapters.)

Acknowledgments                      [NUMBER] pages

About the Author                       [NUMBER] pages


You may not know all of this when creating the book proposal, but give as accurate of assumptions as possible. Include such specs as:

  • Format: Hardcover with dust jacket

  • Approximate Word Count: [NUMBER]

  • Approx. Page Count: [NUMBER]

  • Deadline: [TIME FRAME] following contract start
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