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Pet Adoption Agreement Template

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Our Pet Adoption Agreement Template outlines the specific health requirements and care guidelines for a pet, ensuring that its new owners are fully informed and equipped to provide for its needs.

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Pet Adoption Agreement Template

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Note:[Owner.FirstName][Owner.LastName] has the right to accept or deny any agreement, also known as “Agreement,” prior to approval if the applicant is deemed unfit to home a pet.

Note: All current pets in a household must be spayed/neutered and up-to-date on vaccines before any adoption will be considered for approval.

This Agreement is executed by and between the following.

Name of Adopter:[Adopter.FirstName][Adopter.LastName]


Phone Number:[Adopter.Phone]


Name of Owner:[Owner.FirstName][Owner.LastName]


Phone Number:[Owner.Phone]


Adopted animal description




Age: (Age)



Color: (Main color)

Distinguishing Marks:(A mark that sets the pet apart from others)

Date of Birth:

General disclaimers

I, [Adopter.FirstName][Adopter.LastName], hereafter referred to as “Adopter,” agree that the above-described animal is being adopted solely as a pet, either for myself or my immediate family members. I agree that I will not give away, sell, or dispose of said pet, hereafter referred to as “[Pet.FirstName],” to any auction, retailer, dealer, or person for any reason.

If, for any reason, the I can no longer look after [Pet.FirstName], either willingly or unwillingly, I agree to contact [Owner.FirstName][Owner.LastName], hereafter referred to as “Owner,” first to give them the option to reclaim the pet at no extra charge to myself.

I agree to care for [Pet.FirstName] in a responsible and humane manner, meaning I will provide clean and adequate shelter, consistent veterinary care, access to water, and healthy food. I agree that [Pet.FirstName] will reside in my home and not roam freely without supervision.

I agree to put a collar and/or harness on [Pet.FirstName] when they are outside of their dwellings. If the breed of animal I’m adopting must be given daily walks or exercise outside of their dwellings, a collar and/or harness shall be placed on the pet at all times.

I agree to pay the adoption fee of $(15 USD) and hereby agree to the Terms & Condition section pertaining to the non-refundable trial period of (number) days.

I agree with the entire Terms & Condition section written below and the notes written at the top of this Agreement.

I agree and understand that the Owner makes no warranties or representations, expressed or implied, about [Pet.FirstName] temperament. Therefore, the Owner is absolved of liability for any and all future injuries or damages caused by [Pet.FirstName].

I also agree and understand that the Owner offers no guarantee, expressed or implied, the suitability of [Pet.FirstName] to the Adopter and the Adopter’s family.

Medical information

The following information includes [Pet.FirstName] up-to-date medical records. The results below should be “Negative” to protect the health and safety of other animals.




Heartwork check

Positive or Negative


Positive or Negative


Positive or Negative


Positive or Negative

Other Procedure/Inoculation

Positive or Negative

Other Procedure/Inoculation

Positive or Negative

Other conditions [Pet.FirstName] has or any additional medical information the Adopter should know about will be outlined below:

(Insert information about pre-existing health conditions or current illnesses the pet has, but can be treated for, either by the Adopter or by the adoption agency/breeder)

Terms and conditions

I do hereby confirm to the following terms and conditions and undertake that:

1. I am over eighteen (18) years of age and can legally adopt in my state.

2. I will not part with the possession of [Pet.FirstName], except to return them to the Owner. If I do give up [Pet.FirstName] for any reason and do not tell the Owner prior, I will be liable for all costs, including legal costs, that incur from recovering [Pet.FirstName].

3. I will give [Pet.FirstName] a chance to adjust to their new home. If [Pet.FirstName] ends up not being a good fit, they can return them and receive a refund within (number) days

4. I will feed and house [Pet.FirstName] to the Owners satisfaction. If it is found that they have not done so, the Owner can claim back possession of [Pet.FirstName].

5. I will never cage or chain [Pet.FirstName]. If [Pet.FirstName] is found to be caged or chained, either inside or outside the home, they will be removed from my care.

6. I can afford the services of a veterinary practitioner in my state.

7. I agree to purchase pet insurance for [Pet.FirstName] and will renew the insurance terms regularly. I will not, at any point, take them off pet insurance unless the cost of said insurance exceeds the amount being paid for care (in regards to pre-existing conditions)

8. I agree to keep [Pet.FirstName] vaccinations up to date. If an injury occurs, I will take [Pet.FirstName] to a veterinarian to seek treatment. I will not deny treatment unless the treatment has a low success rate (less than 10%) or would prolong the life of a terminally ill, suffering pet, or they have reached the age where significant improvement is unlikely.

9. I understand that in the event of an illness (not injury) occurring within the first seven (7) days of adoption, I may bring the animal to the Owner to be attended to by its veterinarian or taken to a veterinarian with no charge – to myself.

10. I will ensure that [Pet.FirstName] is stipulated and sterilized by the Owner or by a veterinarian if the Owner does not have the training to do so.

11. I will purchase [Pet.FirstName] an identification tag strapped to a collar and identification tag, or an elasticized collar if [Pet.FirstName] is a cat or another small animal.

12. My property is enclosed and won’t be able to be opened by [Pet.FirstName]. At no time will I knowingly allow [Pet.FirstName] to roam the streets without supervision.

13. I will tell the Owner within twenty-four (24) hours if [Pet.FirstName] dies or goes missing.

14. I understand, know, and acknowledge the "By-Laws Pertaining to Dogs" of the municipality in which I reside. Should I move, I agree to research said state’s by-laws.

15. I will permit the Owner or an authorized officer dispatched by the Owner to visit my dwellings, to be assured that [Pet.FirstName] is being treated in accordance with this Agreement, and I will allow the Owner to take back [Pet.FirstName], if, in the Owner's opinion, the terms of this Agreement are not being reasonably adhered to.

16. I will not use or allow [Pet.FirstName] to be used as an attack animal, watch animal, or protection animal on any commercial or industrial premises.

17. I will notify the Owner if I change my address in writing by (delivery method: email, registered post, in-person) within forty-eight (48) hours.

I certify and agree that all statements outlined in this Agreement are correct and true. I agree that the Owner has the right to confiscate [Pet.FirstName] if the statements I’ve made are falsified, or the check amount for my adoption fees bounces or returns.







Pet Adoption Agreement Template

Used 5,013 times

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