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Investor Proposal Template

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Who We Are

Describe your company, the founders and their background and provide brief financial snapshot to show the stage your company is in.

What We Do

Describe in detail the product and/or service your company provides. How is the service delivered and/or what is the functionality of the product. In this section, also provide information about your customer – who do you sell to, and why would they buy from you? You may also want to describe your pricing and your competitive advantage, whether price related or not.

What We Have

The investor you are submitting this proposal to will likely want to know what you have. What is the state of your product and/or service? What equipment and resources (human and non-human) do you have to run the business and execute on the business plan? How does this infrastructure enable you to reach your customers? This last question will help set up the next section of this investor proposal; i.e. the marking plan.


This is where you describe your marketing plan in more detail. Provide milestones and a timetable that is achievable given your current state and the funding you are requesting. The investor will assess from this whether the plan is realistic.


This is an important section since it will help the investor assess the risk of the investment. You will want to articulate for the investor projected sales and when you will start making money rather than relying on further funding. You will also want to show how costs will increase as sales increase and what your cash flow will look like. This is perhaps best shown in a pro forma income statement, cash flow statement. If you have existing sales you will want to show last 12 months of financials also.


Here is the crux of it. What amount of money do you need to achieve the financials shown above and at what stage might you need further funding? That is what you will want to address in this section of the investor proposal template.









Investor Proposal Template

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