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Rehire Policy Template

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Purpose of the policy

At [Sender.Company], we are committed to providing equal opportunity practices to our employees. However, we may give precedence to former employees who left our Company for good reasons. By implementing this Policy, [Sender.Company] seeks to streamline the rehiring process and ensure that every qualified candidate gets an equal opportunity according to our Company's standards.

Scope of the policy

This Policy applies to former employees who left [Sender.Company] voluntarily or through termination of employment and left the Company on good terms.

The Policy does not refer to former employees who left [Sender.Company] involuntarily or based on illegal and unethical behavior. Also, it does not refer to employees who are on parental, medical, or long-term leave.

Policy elements


Eligible for Rehire:

Employees who left the [Sender.Company] on good terms, such as those who (list out these terms, e.g., left voluntarily, laid off due to business needs, or their contract expired).

Not Recommended for Rehire:

Employees who left [Sender.Company] on terms such as (list out these terms, e.g., resignation, suspensions, termination of employment) but had a satisfactory work performance.

Not Eligible for Rehire:

Employees who left the [Sender.Company] on (list out these terms, e.g., termination from employment for gross misconduct, unethical or illegal behavior, or poor work performance).

Continuous Service Date:

This is the most recent date of hire. At [Sender.Company], we grant credit to former employees who are rehired within (enter duration) after leaving the Company.

Eligibility for rehire

This Policy allows any former employee who worked at [Sender.Company] to apply for a job position. However, for you to be eligible for rehire, you should have left the Company for reasons such as:

  • Expired contracts

  • To further their education, having had a high-performance rating while working at [Sender.Company]

  • Voluntary resignation

  • Company lay-offs

  • Redundancy

  • Termination of employment for reasons other than unethical behavior and gross misconduct

If your contact has expired, you can ask immediately for a contract renewal, provided you have a satisfactory work record while working at [Sender.Company].

Ineligibility for rehire

[Sender.Company]thoroughly evaluates an employee's performance before considering them for rehire. You may not be eligible for rehire if you left the Company for any of the following reasons, even if your performance was satisfactory:

  • Job abandonment

  • Extreme absenteeism without giving a valid reason or without providing any reason whatsoever

  • Lay-offs due to unsatisfactory performance on several performance evaluations

  • Termination due to gross misconduct, illegal or unethical behavior, and violation of Company policies

If you resigned or your employment was terminated for excessive absenteeism as outlined in the Attendance and Absences Policy, you may be eligible for rehire after five (5) years from the termination date.

Rehire procedure

When a former employee applies for a position at [Sender.Company], we follow the following procedure:

  • The Human Resources (HR) manager assesses the employee's previous performance while working at the Company and determines whether they meet the outlined criteria in this Policy for Rehire.

  • If eligible, HR will check whether the employee is qualified for the position and whether their previous performance was satisfactory.

  • If the employee has been away from the Company for more than twelve (12) months, they will undergo a rigorous interview and a pre-employment assessment. If rehired, the employee will be taken through [Sender.Company]'s custom onboarding process.

  • Employees who have been away for less than twelve (12) months will be taken through a standard hiring procedure. If rehired, they will be taken through [Sender.Company]'s standard employee onboarding program.

Employee status and benefits

At [Sender.Company], employee status and benefits will vary depending on the period of employment in the Company. Employees who have been employed at [Sender.Company] for less than twelve (12) months before their employment ended or were terminated will be rehired as "new hires." They will undergo the same hiring procedures and onboarding programs as new employees hired in the Company for the first time.

If an employee worked in the Company for more than twelve (12) months, left the Company on good terms, and their employment was not terminated based on gross misconduct or illegal or unethical behavior, they will undergo a standard onboarding procedure once hired. [Sender.Company] will recognize their service and specific benefits, such as sick leave accrual and stock options. However, benefit plans may change at any time and remain at the Company's discretion.

For employees to receive any benefits, they should not have been absent for a period exceeding the number of years they have worked in the Company. For instance, if an employee worked at [Sender.Company] for two (2) years but was absent for three (3) years, they will be taken as "new hires" and are not eligible for prior service recognition. Also, if an employee has been absent for a period exceeding five (5) years since the termination date of employment, they will be rehired as a new employee.

Special Circumstances

At [Sender.Company], we will give priority to former employees whose performance was satisfactory and were left the Company due to (list out the reasons, e.g., job elimination, expired contracts, lay-offs due to business needs, reduction in force).

Policy Violation

[Sender.Company] aims to create a conducive work environment for its employees, third-party workers, and public visitors. For this reason, former employees whose termination of employment was due to policy violations, such as ethic violations, harassment, discriminatory acts, insubordination, theft or embezzlement, workplace violence, and any other unethical behavior will not be eligible for rehire. During the rehiring process, [Sender.Company]will uphold a high level of integrity and confidentiality and will not release details about the reasons for an employment termination.


This Policy was implemented on (MM.DD.YYYY).

This Policy is enacted by the HR manager and it is effective throughout the rehiring process.



Rehire Policy Template

Used 4,950 times

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