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Dispatch Carrier Agreement

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Use this customizable dispatch carrier agreement to ensure your company builds a strong working relationship with carriers and shippers while transporting Cargo.

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Dispatch Carrier Agreement

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Carrier Details

Company Name: [Carrier.Company]

  • Registered Address:[Carrier.StreetAddress]

  • City:[Carrier.City]State:[Carrier.State]Zip:[Carrier.PostalCode]

  • Company Phone Number:[Carrier.Phone]

  • Company Email:[Carrier.Email]

  • Company Fax Number:

  • Company Postal Address:

  • Invoice Preference: Fax / Email / Post

Insurance Company Name:

  • Insurance Company Contact:

  • Insurance Company Phone:

  • Insurance Company Email:

  • Insurance Company Address:

  • City: (City) State: (State) Zip: (PostelCode)

Our Contact in your company:

  • Contact Number:

  • Contact Email:

You will receive an invoice via fax, email, or mail to the postal address above, depending on your preferences. You only pay the amount on the invoice, with no hidden charges. All fees are collected at the time of completed transactions.

Required Documents

Documents we need to do business with you, [Carrier.Company], and get a load:

  • Signed Limited Power of Attorney form

  • Copy of Motor Carrier Form

  • Copy of Insurance Certificates, listing Dispatcher as certificate holder

  • Signed W-9 Form

  • Company Profile Sheet with three Established References

Parties and Agreement

This Dispatch Carrier Agreement (“Agreement”) dated on the (Date) is made by and between [Carrier.FirstName][Carrier.LastName] of [Carrier.Company] (“Carrier”) and [Dispatcher.FirstName][Dispatcher.LastName] of [Dispatcher.Company] (“Dispatcher”). The Dispatcher is a transportation dispatcher who agrees to handle the necessary paperwork between the Carrier and their Shippers on behalf of the Carrier to secure their Cargo.

Carrier is an (Carrier.Industry), licensed by the (Carrier.License) and operates as a (Carrier.Type) according to the authority issued in Number MC-________________.

Term of Agreement

This Agreement will begin on the (Start.Date) and shall be perpetual unless both Parties mutually agree to terminate it via written notice at least thirty (30) days beforehand. For the duration of this Agreement, Carrier agrees to use the dispatching services of the Dispatcher exclusively.

Obligations of Dispatcher

The Dispatcher will handle all paperwork, faxes, phone calls, and other administration from the Shipper to tender commodities (“Cargo”) shipments to Carrier. Carrier has the responsibility to transport this Cargo in interstate commerce between points and places as specified in their contract with the Shipper, and that falls within the scope of their operating authority.

The Dispatcher only has this Agreement with the Carrier and bears no legal or financial responsibility in the transaction between the Shipper and Carriers.


Carrier agrees to pay Dispatcher (Number)% of the face value of their contract with Shipper, as stated on the load confirmation sheet. These payments will be made to the Dispatcher when securing the Cargo.

If the payment is more than (Number of Days) days late, then the Dispatcher has the right to levy a late fee of $(Amount)/(Percentage)% interest on the outstanding balance. The invoice must be paid using (Payment.Method) or (Payment.Method).

Obligations of Carrier

Carrier agrees to give Dispatcher the authority to provide their signatures for invoices, rate confirmation sheets, and any other paperwork associated with securing Cargo and billing purposes. The Carrier is solely liable for any loss or damage sustained when transporting property as arranged by the Dispatcher and while in their possession.

Carrier agrees to hold harmless the Dispatcher from any liability or claim of injury, property damage, or other loss occurring during the transportation operation conducted by them. Carrier agrees to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local regulations pertaining to the operation.

Carrier acknowledges that Dispatcher has built an extensive customer base of shippers, brokers, and receivers that is essential to its operations. As such, disclosure of these customers and their companies constitutes valuable consideration. For this reason, Carrier agrees to not directly or indirectly solicit or do transport business with customers they serviced as a result of this Agreement. This understanding will last for the duration of this Agreement and two (2) years after its termination unless all Parties otherwise agree in writing.

Should the Carrier violate this understanding and do business with a Dispatcher customer without the written consent of the Dispatcher, the Dispatcher has the right to claim damages. These damages will be twenty-five (25)% of the aggregate of all charges and rates assessed for the transportation, plus liquidated damages equal to ten thousand ($10,000) dollars.

The Carrier will waive all rates provisions that it may contain in its published tariffs, as it functions as a duly permitted contract carrier under the terms of this Agreement.

Limited Power of Attorney

By the Power of Attorney, I [Carrier.FirstName][Carrier.LastName] of [Carrier.Company], hereby make, constitute, and appoint [Dispatcher.Company], as my true and lawful attorney in fact for me and in my name, place, and stead, for the following purposes only:

  • To transfer documents

  • Accept loads

  • Discuss my accounts and invoice customers

  • Modes of communications for requesting and receiving information, including phone, fax, email, or mail

Final Agreement

This Agreement is deemed effective on the below date, and both Parties acknowledge that by signing this Agreement, they will commence business together under the terms of this Agreement.







Dispatch Carrier Agreement

Used 4,872 times

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