This transportation proposal template is designed to be used when an event organizer or promoter requires shuttle or private transport for individuals attending an event.

Transportation Proposal Template

This transportation proposal is for shuttle transport for [Event.Name]. The proposal has been prepared based on the transportation requirements outlined in this document. Pricing is inclusive of all vehicles, fuel, and operating personnel, and is valid until [Proposal.ExpirationDate]. If you have any questions or comments regarding this proposal’s scope or pricing, contact us via email at [Sender.Email].


[Sender.Company] is a provider of shuttle and private transport services for concerts, conventions, and other events in the [Sender.City] area. We have decades of experience helping coordinate large-scale transport for events with attendance up to 30,000.
Our fleet is outfitted with a variety of transport vehicles, including:

  • [Vehicle.Type1]
  • [Vehicle.Type2]
  • [Vehicle.Type3]
Our vehicles are operated by highly qualified personnel who have undergone thorough safety and customer service training to ensure that our clients are offered the highest possible level of customer service.

Use the template’s image block to show off your vehicles!


This page of the template is used to list the event’s details and transportation requirements. Use the template’s pricing table to detail all costs associated with providing the transportation services.

Event Date: [Event.Date]
Event Location: [Event.Location]
Estimated Attendance: [Estimated.Attendance]
Vehicles Needed:
Additional Requirements:


The table below details the pricing for the transportation services described above.


Subtotal       $0.00
Total    $0.00


Once your client signs the template, you’ll be notified via email.

Please sign below to indicate your intent to move forward with the services outlined in this transportation services proposal. We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business!

[Client.FirstName] [Client.LastName]


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