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Offer Letter Template

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Offer Letter Template

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Dear [Candidate.FirstName][Candidate.LastName],

It is a pleasure to extend to you our written offer of employment for the position of [Candidate.Title] at our office in [Sender.City], [Sender.State].  This position will report to [Manager.FirstName][Manager.LastName], [Manager.Title]. Your gross base starting salary will be monthly salary per month payable bi-weekly at a gross rate of gross salary.  This position is classified as Regular Full Time salaried exempt position. 

The position is benefits eligible. [Sender.Company] benefits and related information can be found in the [Sender.Company] handbook, which is provided under separate cover.

You will be eligible for one week (40 hours) paid vacation for the remainder of calendar year 2022 and three weeks (120 hours) paid vacation for calendar year 2023.  You will receive three weeks paid vacation each calendar year thereafter until you become eligible for four weeks paid vacation in accordance with [Sender.Company] policies in effect.

While we are seeking to have your employment commence with [Sender.Company] as soon as possible, this offer of employment is contingent upon you: (i) acceptance of this written offer of employment via this offer letter; (ii) passage of a post offer, pre-employment physical and drug and alcohol screening, which we will schedule for you in the city of current residence as soon as possible following receipt of your acceptance of this written offer of employment; (iii) not being subject to any secrecy, confidentiality, non-compete or other agreement with a third party which would restrict or interfere with your ability to perform all responsibilities of the position; (iv) your execution of [Sender.Company]’s standard confidentiality agreement; and (v) passage of a reasonable background check conducted by [Sender.Company] based on your completion of an employment application and furnishing professional references.  You will be an employee “at will” of [Sender.Company].

As a formality we would request that you sign this offer letter below as your acceptance of this offer by (date, time, time zone).  If we do not receive your written acceptance by that time, this offer is void.

We are looking forward to your joining our team. Meanwhile, if there is any further information we can provide regarding this offer or the position, please do not hesitate to contact me at [Sender.Phone] or [Sender.Email].



Offer Letter Template

Used 6,267 times

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