Firewood Business Plan

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This Firewood Business Plan Template perfectly outlines the company structure of a probable firewood venture. It highlights the budgets needed to start and manage the unique business.

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Firewood Business Plan Template

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Executive Summary

[Sender.Company] is a firewood business formed to sell its customers various types of firewood in bulk. The business aims to earn profits from selling or delivering firewood from its store that we plan to build on [Sender.StreetAddress][Sender.City][Sender.State][Sender.PostalCode].

The [Sender.Company] is founded by (Fonder.Name), who has extensive experience in the industry. Moreover, the founder holds a business degree necessary to manage the costs and revenue earned from the venture.

Products and Services

We sell small and large bundles of firewood for fire pits and campsites. In addition, we also source and deliver these bundles to retailers to be sold indirectly to the customers.

Customer Focus

[Sender.Company] plans to serve retailers running firewood businesses primarily. Further, we also want to target adventurers and camping enthusiasts who occasionally need firewood.

Financial Plan

These are our financial statements for the next three years. We have taken care of the inflation rates and maintained accuracy while calculating the estimates.

Company Overview

Company Introduction

[Sender.Company] is a firewood venture that aims to sell small and big bundles of firewood to its target customers. Our founder understood the need for firewood for camping and has taken this necessary step to start a business and make wood supply convenient.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to sell high-quality firewood at a competitive price to light up every campsite, backyard, and beach.

Industry Analysis

The reason behind starting [Sender.Company] was the increase in demand for firewood. Since firewood is essential in campsites, beaches, and even your backyards, it is easy to believe that people need this product more now than ever before. According to industry analysis, the searches made on “Firewood Near Me” have increased significantly, which means that this business has a lot of potential.

Relevant Growth Forecast

The firewood business is predicted to increase by (Percentage) in the next ten years.

Market Size

The potential market size of the firewood business is (Figure).

Customer Analysis

Customer Needs

The primary customer needs of firewood are:

  • Finding a one-stop-shop to buy small bundles of firewood

  • Purchasing big bundles to keep in their retail shops and sell to customers

  • Getting the firewood delivered to their defined address

Target Customer Profile

The target customers of [Sender.Company] are:

  • Camping enthusiasts

  • Owners of firewood shops

  • Adventurous individuals

  • (Other)

Competitive Analysis

Below is the list of [Sender.Company]’s indirect and direct competitors with their addresses.

  • (Competitor A)

  • (Competitor B)

  • (Competitor C)

Competitive Advantage

[Sender.Company] has a competitive advantage over its customers for the following reasons:

  • High-quality firewood

  • Competitive prices

  • Availability of both large and small bundles

  • (Other)

Marketing Plan


[Sender.Company] wishes to become a strong brand with a focus to:

  • Sell high-quality firewood

  • Provide competitive prices for its product

  • Offer excellent customer support

  • Regulate prompt delivery

  • (Other)

Marketing Plan

We aim to curate the following marketing strategies to achieve the business objectives:

  • Local Publications (Explain how)

  • Commercial Ads (Explain how)

  • Social Media Advertisements (Explain how)

  • (Other)

Operations Plan

Store Location

[Sender.Company] wishes to run a store at (Company Full Address). This location will help to deliver firewood to its potential customers efficiently. Besides, the appropriate positioning of the location makes it closer to various residential areas and workplaces.

Operational Timings

The store shall remain open from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 10 pm. It will stay closed on Sundays.

Operations Required

To manage this business effectively, conducting the following operations is essential:

  • Prompt delivery

  • Floor sales

  • Online sales

  • Administrative functions

  • Sourcing and storing firewood

  • Hiring staff

Management Team

Founder and Team

[Sender.Company] shall be run by (Founder.Name) and their assistant (Assistant.Name). Both individuals have previously worked in the firewood industry and have also studied business.

Other than these two, the business shall require the following:

  • Store manager

  • Inventory management staff

  • Delivery team

  • Social media management team

  • Accountant

  • (Other)

Working Hours

Each individual will have to work for the following hours to meet the company’s objectives:

  • Store manager : (Hours)

  • Inventory management staff: (Hours)

  • Delivery team: (Hours)

  • Social media management team: (Hours)

  • Accountant: (Hours)

  • (Other)

Financial Plan

Cost and Revenue Drivers

[Sender.Company] aims to earn its revenue from selling firewood to its target customers. Its major cost drivers are staff salaries, cost of firewood purchased, rent of the store (if any), and delivery-related expenses. Besides, the business shall incur high marketing expenses during its first year.

Funds Required

[Sender.Company] requires the funding of (Amount in dollars) for spending on:

  • Working capital

  • Store lease Agreement

  • Hiring of staff

  • Cost of purchasing firewood

Key Forecasts and Assumptions

Below, we have shared our income statements, cash flow statements, and balance sheets for the next three years. At the end of every statement, we also evaluated ratios for comparison.

(Attach all statements)





Firewood Business Plan

Used 4,918 times

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