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Exhibition Proposal Template

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Exhibition Proposal

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Exhibition Details

Exhibition Name:(Project name)

Exhibition Location:(Include the location if you're seeking sponsorship for a planned exhibition)

Date Submitted:(Month/day/year)

Exhibition Description

This Exhibition will feature (description of the physical work) by [Artist.FirstName][Artist.LastName]. The work seeks to explore (the theme of the work). There are (number) artworks to display, including (number) drawings and (number) (type of work). The scale of the pieces ranges from (the dimensions of the smallest piece) to (the dimensions of the largest piece). Additional pieces can be included, and the collection can also be edited to remove some pieces if needed.

I expect (number) of people to attend the exhibit. I'm seeking to raise $(amount) to be used for (overview of what the funds are for). The advertising tactics I'll be using include:

  • (Advertising method and purpose)

  • (Advertising method and purpose)

  • (Advertising method and purpose)

In exchange for sponsorship, I'm offering publicity in the form of (list publicity types).

(List up to three concepts, experiences and/or ideas that the body of work communicates to the viewer.)

(Talk about what influenced and inspired the work.)

(Explain how your chosen medium and process contributed to the work.)

Installation requirements for this exhibit include nails on the wall (wire will already be attached to the paintings), five electrical outlets and a projector. (Name of the exhibit space) is an ideal place for this artwork because (description of why the space suits the work).

Artist Statement

For the last five years, I’ve been working with (insert themes and media types, e.g., images of families, landscape watercolors, oil paintings). Last year, I began focusing on (include one to three sentences about the overall themes of your work as an artist, e.g., stark contrasts between traditional family portraits and their physical environments to spark dialogue about pressing social issues.)

Artist Bio

For the past (insert period) years, [Artist.FirstName][Artist.LastName] has explored (themes of work) through (mediums).(Include a sentence about the artist's education and/or work history.) (Include a sentence about the artist's early work.) (Include information about the artist's current work.) (Include a sentence about awards the artist has won.)

Additional Details

In addition to the Exhibition, the Artist is also interested in (list additional features of the exhibit not listed elsewhere, e.g., conducting workshops with high school students and/or delivering an artist talk).

Image List

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Exhibition Proposal Template

Used 5,075 times

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