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Gas Station Business Plan

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Take the first step towards success in the fuel industry with our professionally crafted Gas Station Business Plan template.

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Gas Station Business Plan

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Executive Summary

Business Overview

[Owner.Company] is a gas station located in [Owner.City], [Owner.State]. (Describe what the business offers and provide 1-2 sentences about what the business stands for and prioritizes.)

Products Served

[Owner.Company] products and services are categorized as follows:

  • Coolant

  • Diesel

  • Gasoline

  • (Additional products or services)

Customer Focus

[Owner.Company] will serve the residents of [Owner.State] and the immediate surrounding area, as well as those who live or work in (additional location). (Explanation of the population in these areas and why it’s a good target audience.)

Management Team

[Owner.Company] is led by [Owner.FirstName][Owner.LastName], who has been in the gas station business for (number) years. (1-2 sentences about owner/founder's background.)


  • To capture a share of commuter traffic passing through [Owner.City], [Owner.State].

  • (Objective)

  • (Objective)

Success Factors

[Owner.Company] is uniquely qualified to succeed for the following reasons:

  • High-quality products priced competitively

  • (Reason)

  • (Reason)


(Your business’ mission statement.)

Financial Summary

[Owner.Company] is seeking total funding of $(amount) of debt capital to launch its gas stations. The capital will be used for (expenses). Specifically, these funds will be used as follows:

  • Store design and build: $150K

  • (Purpose): $(amount)

Projections for the next five years are as follows:

Company Summary

(Short paragraph about what the business offers and stands for, similar to the Business Overview in the Executive Summary.)[Owner.Company] is wholly owned by [Owner.FirstName][Owner.LastName].

[Owner.Company] History

(Paragraph about the history of the company.)

Startup Summary

[Investor.FirstName][Investor.LastName] will invest $(amount) in [Owner.Company]. [Owner.Company] aims to secure $(amount) to finance the remaining startup costs.

The following chart shows projected startup costs for [Owner.Company].

Products and Services

[Owner.Company] is a fully registered and licensed gas station in the U.S. that’s positioned in the industry to maximize profits. In addition to retailing diesel and gasoline, we will also sell products and services.


  • Auto services

  • Diesel

  • Gas

  • (Product or service)

Industry Analysis

The Gas Station industry has experienced (describe what’s occurred in the industry over the past five years). (Describe how business is generated and how consumer spending has changed.)

(Additional industry analysis information, such as driving rates, oil prices, and in-store product sales.)

Market Analysis

[Owner.Company] will primarily serve residents of [Owner.State]and the immediate surrounding area in a 10-mile radius. We will also serve tourists traveling in vehicles. The area we serve is (description of population and why it’s a good target audience).

The demographics of [Owner.State] are:

Customer Segmentation

[Owner.Company] will primarily target the following customer segments:

  • Businesses with employees who drive to work.

  • (Customer segment.)

  • (Customer segment.)

Competitive Analysis

Direct and Indirect Competitors

The following businesses are located within a 5-mile radius of [Owner.Company] and are either direct or indirect competition:

(Business name)

(Description of business)

Competitive Advantage

[Owner.Company] has several advantages over competitors:

  • Relationships: [Owner.Company] has lived in (location) for 30+ years and has established relationships with local influencers, publications, and residents.

  • (Competitive advantage)

  • (Competitive advantage)

Marketing Plan

The [Owner.Company] Brand

The unique value proposition of the [Owner.Company] brand is (1-3 sentences describing the business’ value proposition).

Pricing Strategy

[Owner.Company] will keep its gas and convenience store products priced competitively with other gas stations within a 30-mile radius. Coupons and discounts will be offered to repeat customers.

Sales Strategy

Customers that purchase more than $15 of gas at [Owner.Company] will be given a 10% coupon for in-store purchases during the first six months of the gas station’s operation.

Promotions Strategy

Loyalty Program

[Owner.Company] will create a loyalty program to reward regular customers and encourage them to return over and over.

(Marketing Strategy)

(Description of marketing strategy.)

Operations Plan

Functional Roles

[Owner.Company] will be open (hours of operation and explanation of why that schedule was chosen).

[Owner.Company] intends to employ (number) cashiers and (number) (role) during peak hours and (number) cashiers and (number) (role) during off-peak hours. [Owner.Company] anticipates having (number) customers weekly.

In order to execute the business model for [Owner.Company], we need to perform several functions that are divided into two primary roles:


  • Bookkeeping

  • Inventory

  • Marketing

  • (Function)


  • Cash register attendant

  • Gas pump assistance

  • Mechanic

  • (Function)

Management Team

(Write a short paragraph about the company's founder and why they are positioned for success.)

Hiring Plan

(Manager.FullName) will serve as the store manager. To launch [Owner.Company], the following personnel will be hired:

  • (Role)

  • (Role)

  • (Role)


The long-term goal of [Owner.Company] is to (primary long-term goal). The following steps will lead to that vision.

  • (Date): Finalize lease agreement.

  • (Date): Design and build the gas station.

  • (Date): (Milestone)

Financial Plan

Break-Even Analysis

Projected Profit and Loss

Projected Cash Flow

Projected Balance Sheet

Business Ratios





Gas Station Business Plan

Used 4,933 times

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