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HubSpot Proposal Template

Template for [SIGNER.Company]

This document has all the required details relating to the pricing, terms, and conditions of the service

As solicited by: [SIGNER.Company]

Produced by: [SENDER.FirstName] [SENDER.LastName]

Introduction to [SENDER.Company]

PandaTip: This sample proposal is intended to assist companies (for example, a marketing agency) aiding the sales process via HubSpot CRM to propose a service to a possible client and improve their chance of making a sale. The primary focus of this HubSpot sales proposal should be on summarising the details of the service (such as marketing services, social media management, or website redesign) that can solve a problem for the buyer that you have identified.

Scope of Work

We’ve identified some of what we see as your main goals, potential problems that you are likely to come across while trying to achieve those goals, and how our service can help you.

Your Goals and Possible Challenges

PandaTip: In this part of your HubSpot proposal template, you should try to frame your service in the context of the specific goals and challenges of the reader. Give as much detail as possible about the potential client, as this will show that you’ve put in the time and effort to understand their company and market, and present you as a capable professional.

Goals Potential Challenges
[SIGNER.Goal1] [SIGNER.Challenge1]
[SIGNER.Goal2] [SIGNER.Challenge2]
[SIGNER.Goal3] [SIGNER.Challenge3]

How We Can Help

PandaTip: When outlining exactly how your service will help to solve the reader’s problems, try to be specific and relevant, without going into too much technical detail and risking losing engagement. Always try to link your proposed solutions back to the goals and challenges you’ve just outlined.

At [SENDER.Company], we believe that our [Serivce] service is the ideal solution to [SIGNER.Company]’s unique challenges, and a great way to help you achieve your goals.

The [Service] service has been designed specifically with [SIGNER.Company] and similar organizations in mind, in order to solve [SIGNER.Challenge1], [SIGNER.Challenge2], and [SIGNER.Challenge3].

We want you to be able to implement [Service] in as short a time as possible and for it to cause minimal disruption to your everyday business. This is why we have built a dedicated deployment team to assist you with the planning, preparation, and execution of the deployment.

Meet the Team

PandaTip: In this section, you can give a bit of an overview of your company’s key staff members, including members of the sales team, marketing team, etc. Add people and team members as relevant to the project as possible.


[SENDER.CEO] has been at the helm of [SENDER.Company] for the last [SENDER.CEOTenure]. [His/Her] years of experience in the industry go into everything we do and help us to offer a premium service to our clients.

Account Manager

[SENDER.AccountManager] will act as your personal contact within [SENDER.Company]. [He/She] has spent [SENDER.AccountManagerTenure] with the company and has a long history of happy clients. You can contact [SENDER.AccountManager] at any time on:



Client Testimonials

PandaTip: Including a testimonials section in your proposal is a great way to start building a trusted relationship with the potential client. Use the best, most relevant testimonial/case study with real company names, to show what an excellent service you provide and how it’s helped clients to solve specific challenges. Readers are far more likely to be persuaded to sign up with you if they know how other companies have benefited.

Keeping our clients satisfied is our main goal at [SENDER.Company]. To give you an idea of the experiences of our existing clients, here are a few testimonials:




Terms of Service

PandaTip: This pricing table can be filled to detail any variety of price structures.

This section outlines the specific terms that will govern the execution of [Service] to your company. Both parties must sign in the designated area, located towards the end of this document.

In this section, the precise terms and conditions governing the provision of [Service] to your business. Both parties are required to agree and sign in the specified area, which can be found towards the end of the section.


Product ID Cost Quantity Subtotal



Total: [TOTAL]

[SERVICE] Contract

PandaTip: This contract has been produced using similar language and terminology to what is found in most other sales proposals. We do, however, recommend always having your legal counsel assess and finalize the contract prior to sending it to potential clients.

The contract detailed here provides the specific conditions and terms related to the agreement between [SIGNER.Company] (the “Buyer”), who agrees to abide by the contract, and [SENDER.Company] (the “Provider”), whose main business address is [SENDER.Address].

Whereas, the Provider provides [Service], a [TypeOfService] (the “Product”).

And Whereas, the Buyer agrees to purchase the Product in adherence to these conditions and terms.

Considering the terms and agreements by both of the parties, the Buyer and Provider (individually known as “Party” and together as “Parties”) agree to the following terms:

Product Bought

The Buyer hereby purchases the Product of the quantity and kind described in the attached Attachment A (the “Product Bought”).


The Purchaser hereby buys the Product of the quantity and kind detailed on the attached Attachment A.


Not providing payment either on or before the specified date on the attached payment timetable (“Attachment B”) will be viewed as a material and full breaking of this agreement.




This agreement will not be changed in any way by either of the involved Parties unless these changes are specified in writing and agreed on in writing by both Parties.

Governing Laws

This agreement and the presentation of its terms and conditions are understood in keeping with the relevant laws of [SENDER.State], and applicable federal laws.


Both relevant Parties have commenced the terms and conditions of this contract, following the date below.



Schedule A



Schedule B

Payment Date Amount
[FirstPaymentDate] [FirstPaymentPercentage]
[SecondPaymentDate] [SecondPaymentPercentage]
[ThirdPaymentDate] [ThirdPaymentPercentage]
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