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Salesforce Proposal Template

Used 5,087 times

Salesforce Proposal Template

This proposal includes all the necessary details including costs, terms and conditions of the work.

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Company Background

Company Background

This sales proposal is designed to help companies that work with Salesforce CRM and need help with document generation. It can help you to deliver personalised proposals for any product or service to a potential buyer via salesforce.com and using Salesforce data. The main focus should generally be to outline the goals and possible challenges of the buyer, then to sell your products or services in the context of solving them.

Our Company President

Company President

President Name

Our president has spent number of years working in the industry. Her extensive experience and industry knowledge is passed on to our clients and helps us to provide the best possible service to each and every client.

Your Personal Account Manager

Personal Account Manager

President Name

This section of the proposal template should be edited to suit your company’s structure. For example, you could add in a different job title, a payment contact, members of the sales team or whoever you think will be most relevant.

I’m Account Manager Name, and I’ll be acting as your primary contact. I can help you with anything you might need regarding our contract together. Get in touch with me via email or telephone on:

Words From Our Satisfied Clients

Ensuring that our clients are happy is our top priority. Here are a few testimonials from some of our many satisfied clients:





Overview of the Work

We’ve listed what we see as your key goals and possible challenges you may encounter. We then detail the approach we would recommend.

Key Goal

Key Goal

Key Goal

Your Goals and Potential Challenges

Aim 1Challenges 1
Aim 2Challenges 2
Aim 3Challenges 3

Our Recommended Approach

We feel that Opportunity Name will provide great value for your company, helping you to achieve your goals well within the planned timeframe.

Opportunity Name has been specially formulated to assist organizations in company market to solve clients’ challenges.

We have designed Opportunity Name to be deployed as quickly as possible, with very little disruption to normal operations. We will provide a specialized team who will work with you to plan the execution of Opportunity Name and assist you during the implementation period.

Terms of Service

This section outlines the specific terms that will govern the execution of opportunity to your company. Both parties must sign in the designated area, located towards the end of this document.



Opportunity Name Contract of Sale

This Opportunity Name contract provides the terms and conditions governing the understanding between Account Name (‘Purchaser’), who agrees to follow this contract, and [Sender.Company](‘Seller’), whose primary address is [Company.Address].

WHEREAS, Opportunity Name, a description (‘Product’), is provided by the Seller. And WHEREAS, the Purchaser intends to buy the Product in accordance with these terms and conditions.

NOW, THEREFORE, considering the mutual agreements and promises by each of the parties, the Seller and

Purchaser (collectively ‘Parties’ and as individuals ‘Party’) agree to the following:

Product Purchased

The Purchaser hereby buys the Product of the type and quantity detailed on the attached Schedule A (‘Product Purchased’).


The Purchaser hereby buys the Product of the type and quantity detailed on the attached Schedule A (‘Product Purchased’).


Failing to provide payment on or prior to the date described on the attached payment schedule (‘Schedule B’) will be seen as a full and material breach of this contract.

Terms of Warranty

Your warranty policy.


This contract cannot undergo any alterations by either Party, except for when submitted in writing and agreed on by both the Parties.

Relevant Laws

This contract and the way its terms are interpreted will be in accordance with the laws of state name as well as federal law, and subject to company county, company state federal and state courts.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, both Parties have executed this contract by their respective authorized officers, as of the date detailed below.









Schedule A


Schedule B

Date of PaymentPayment Amount
1 Month Before The Delivery15% of the total
On The Date of Delivery80% of the total
2 Weeks After The Delivery5% (remaining balance)

Salesforce Proposal Template

Used 5,087 times

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