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Salesforce Proposal Template

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Salesforce Project Proposal

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Company Background

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[Sender.Company] stands as a prominent leader in the industry, smoothly navigating across various industries and niches. The [Sender.Company]'s commitment goes around crafting tailored Salesforce solutions that are captivating, continuously relevant, and influential.

Over the years, we have forged deep partnerships and earned the trust of some of the world's most prestigious brands within the society, including (Insert the Clients you have collaborated with).

Our vibrant team at [Sender.Company] comprises seasoned professionals, each specializing in their unique salesforce roles. From Salesforce implementation and customization to data migration and automation, our experts deftly manage salesforce projects of varying complexities and scales.

Our Mission

Our overarching mission is to craft genuinely transformative salesforce experiences, empowering organizations to meet and exceed their objectives. We aspire to earn global recognition as a top-tier Salesforce consultancy. What fuels our enthusiasm is harnessing our expertise to drive your organization towards unparalleled success.

We firmly believe that the foundation of lasting client relationships lies in effective Salesforce solutions. At [Sender.Company]​, we specialize in transforming your distinct vision into reality through Salesforce, effectively breathing life into your unique narrative and building enduring connections with your target audience.

Words From Our Satisfied Clients

Our objective is to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. Here are testimonials from our satisfied clients to show our commitment to delivering exceptional service.

(Client Name 1): (Client Testimonial 1)

(Client Name 2): (Client Testimonial 2)

(Client Name 3): (Client Testimonial 3)

Overview of the Work

We have outlined what we consider to be your primary objectives and potential obstacles you might face. Subsequently, we provide an in-depth description of the strategy and approach we highly recommend to address these goals and overcome the anticipated challenges.

Image 7
Image 8
Image 9

(Key Goal 1):

(Short Description of Key Goal 1)

(Key Goal 1):

(Short Description of Key Goal 1)

(Key Goal 3):

(Short Description of Key Goal 3)

Your Goals and Potential Challenges



Aim 1

(Challenges 1)

Aim 2

(Challenges 2)

Aim 3

(Challenges 3)

Our Recommended Approach

We feel that [Sender.Company] will provide great value for your company, helping you to achieve your goals well within the planned time frame.

[Sender.Company] has been specially formulated to assist organizations in the company market to solve clients' challenges.

We have designed (Service.Name) to be deployed as quickly as possible, with minimal disruption to normal operations. We will provide a specialized team who will work with you to plan the execution of (Service.Name) and assist you during the implementation period.

Project Timeline

This section outlines the specific terms that will govern the execution of opportunity to your company. Both parties must sign in the designated area, located towards the end of this document.




(Phase 1)

(Brief Description of the phase)

(Number of Days/Weeks)

(Phase 2)

(Brief Description of the phase)

(Number of Days/Weeks)

(Phase 3)

(Brief Description of the phase)

(Number of Days/Weeks)

(Phase 4)

(Brief Description of the phase)

(Number of Days/Weeks)


[Sender.Company]'s proposed pricing and payment are illustrated below.





Item 1

Description of first item




Item 2

Description of second item




Item 3

Description of third item




Terms and Condition of Service

Product Purchased

The Purchaser hereby buys the Product/Service of the type and quantity detailed on the attached Schedule A (‘Product/Service Purchased’).


Once the [Sender.Company] has provided the desired goods or services, the [Client.Company] must pay for them. The exact amount varies according to the product(s) or service(s) the Client chooses. Cash, bank transfers, internet payments, and other solutions that adhere to company standards are just a few of the payment choices offered by [Sender.Company].

For carrying out all of the obligations mentioned above, [Client Company] shall be responsible for paying the [Sender.Company] for a total of (Amount). Payment in full must be made on or before (Date). Schedule B comprises the comprehensive payment schedule.


Failing to provide payment on or before the date described on the attached payment schedule ('Schedule B') will be seen as a complete and material breach of this contract.

Terms of Warranty

The following guarantees and commitments are made by [Sender.Company] to [Client.Company]: (a) there will be no infringement of the intellectual property or copyright of any third party during the execution of the products or services; and (b) when third-party materials are put to use, all necessary consents and licenses will be obtained and duly paid.

[Client.Company] assures [Sender.Company] that, as of the effective date:

(a) The Client is financially stable and has not made any agreements with creditors.

(b) There are no active legal cases that might result in the Client going bankrupt or insolvent.


Neither party may modify this contract unless submitted in writing and agreed upon by both parties.

Relevant Laws

This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted under the laws of the State of (State). Any disputes arising from it shall be subject to the federal and state courts' exclusive jurisdiction in (State, County).

IN WITNESS of which, both Parties have executed this Agreement, either personally or through their duly authorized officer (as applicable), on the date mentioned in the contract.

Proposal Agreement Confirmation

In confirmation of the agreement's validity, both parties have formally ratified and implemented this contract through their authorized officers. This process ensures that the contract is legally binding and enforceable. The date mentioned below signifies the specific date on which this contractual agreement was officially executed and came into effect. It is a formal statement of the contract's authenticity and the parties' commitment to its terms and conditions.







Schedule A

Provide a detailed description of the product(s)/service(s) availed by the client.

Schedule B

Date of Payment

Payment Amount

1 Month Before The Delivery

15% of the total

On The Date of Delivery

80% of the total

2 Weeks After The Delivery

5% (remaining balance)

Salesforce Project Proposal

Used 5,087 times

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