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Project Brief Template

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This Project Brief provides a project summary, deliverables, goals, business cases, and a list of all project-related hazards. Use this template for your needs to see the team members' names and what they are responsible for in order to advance the project.

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Project Brief Template

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Project Title: [Project.Name]

Client Name: [Partner.FirstName][Partner.LastName]

Project Manager: [Project Manager.FirstName][Project Manager.LastName]

Point of Contact Phone: [Project Manager.Phone]

Point of Contact Mailing Address: [Project Manager.StreetAddress][Project Manager.City][Project Manager.State][Project Manager.PostalCode]

Point of Contact Email: [Project Manager.Email]

Purpose of This Document

This document features a brief of the project [Project.Name] and includes deliverables, objectives, business cases, and all the risks involved in the project. The brief also includes the name of the team members and their duties to move the project forward.


Company [Partner.Company] was launched in the year (mention the year) and plans to launch a project titled [Project.Name]. This project aims to benefit the company in many ways, such as (mention benefits).

Purpose of the Project

If proven successful, this project can help the company earn a revenue of (write in amount) in just (mention the duration). In addition, this project can help the company increase its market share and build a strong reputation in the industry.


Through this project, the company aims to achieve the following goals:

  • (Goal 1)

  • (Goal 2)

  • (Goal 3)

All these goals are a part of our SMART strategy and are, therefore, achievable through teamwork and strong leadership.


The purpose of this project is to cater to the following target markets:

  • (Audience category A)

  • (Audience category B)

  • (Audience category C)

Project Scope

The scope of work includes attaining the following features to meet all the stakeholders' requirements.

  • (Feature 1)

  • (Feature 2)

Assumptions and Constraints

While achieving our goals, we may experience the following constraints or limitations:

  • (Limit 1)

  • (Limit 2)

Additionally, there are a few assumptions regarding this project that aren’t true.

  • (Assumption 1)

  • (Assumption 2)

Consequences of these Limitations

The limitations above may hinder the pace of this project. Limitations may affect the goal in the following ways:

  • (Consequence 1)

  • (Consequence 2)

To overcome the constraints, all team members should work with their team leader to find solutions to these problems.


This project will be led by [Project Manager.FirstName][Project Manager.LastName], and assisted by (AssistantManager.FirstName) (AssistantManager.LastName). The names of all team members and their positions are:

Image 3
Image 2

TeamMember 1

Type member bio…

TeamMember 2

Type member bio…

Duties and Responsibilities

All team members working on this project have specific responsibilities and duties assigned by the company.

Project Leader

(mention duties)

Assistant Manager

(mention duties)

TeamMember 1

(mention duties)

TeamMember 2

(mention duties)

Duration of the Project

This project aims to start on (Date/month/year), and we plan to end it on (Date/month/year). During this period, no team member, leader, or assistant may be assigned to any other project until ordered and agreed upon by the stakeholders.

All the team members are answerable to the project leader and can also approach the assistant when the former isn’t approachable. If a team member decides to leave the project before meeting the deadline, they must share their reasons for prematurely leaving their work.

Timeframe of Deliverables

All important supporting documents and reports will be delivered by the date (Date/month/year) and sent for approval. The stakeholders involved in this project will be given (Timeframe) to assess the results of this project.

The experts will be allowed to take (Timeframe) to evaluate the project’s metrics. They should then share their report immediately with the shareholders in order to ensure the project continues promptly.


The expected expense of this entire project is (mention the amount), and the expected revenue and profits are (revenue amount) and (profit amount), respectively.

These expenses have been calculated using the formula (mention the formula) that considers all the overheads. The amount for expenses may change due to fluctuations in the inflation rate and economic instability.

Success Criteria

There are a few metrics that can help determine the success rate of the project. These are:

  • (Metrics 1)

  • (Metrics 2)

  • (Metrics 3)

The reasons behind choosing these metrics are as follow:

  • (Reason 1)

  • (Reason 2)

Comments: (Additional notes from project manager)




[Project Manager.FirstName][Project Manager.LastName]

Project Brief Template

Used 4,888 times

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