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Project Proposal Template

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Project Proposal Template

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Prepared for:




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Name: [Sender.FirstName][Sender.LastName]

Email: [Sender.Email]

Phone: [Sender.Phone]

Project Proposal Number: (insert number)

Project Details

Project details

Project sponsor(s)

Project name: (Project.Name) Departments affected by the project: (Department)

​Date submitted: (MM.DD.YYYY)

Name: [Sponsor.FirstName][Sponsor.LastName]

Email: [Sponsor.Email]

Department: (Sponsor.Department)

Project Background

[Sender.Company] is pleased to submit this proposal to (insert the purpose of your project).

The problem [Sender.Company] is solving is an extensive one that affects (insert an approximate number of people/businesses affected) in (insert area of service).

(Add more context to explain the negative implications of the problem. Use statistics and industry facts to support your argument.)

[Sender.Company] is very experienced in (describe business niche and/or services to be delivered that solve the problem) throughout the (insert geographical area) and has already successfully assisted (insert general number) of customers. We are excited to deliver similarly excellent results for [Client.Company].

In the remainder of this proposal, [Client.Company] will learn more about the objective, project background, activities involved in completing this project, potential challenges, risk factors, and success measures.

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Project Solutions and Approach

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Objective 1:

Improve client's online presence with a responsive, eCommerce website.

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Objective 2:

Set up an automated email system that motivates customers who are on the fence to purchase.

Image 9

Objective 3:

Create upsell and cross-sell offers to maximize cart value.

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Overall Objective(s)

At the end of this project, [Client.Company] will possess a fully functional (list what the client will have after the completion of this project, i.e., software, a website, etc.) that allows them to (provide the benefits of what the client will be able to achieve once the project is completed, i.e., more revenue, increased leads, etc.).

Project Scope

The following activities will be conducted in support of achieving project goals:

1. (List all the activities associated with a project to track and keep everybody informed on what’s happening)

Resource Requirements

To complete this project, [Sender.Company] will make use of




[Sender.Company] anticipates that potential challenges in the form of

describe potential challenges) could arise and is prepared to handle those challenges by (describe how challenges will be handled).

Financial Plan and Budget





Item 1

Description of first item




Item 2

Description of second item




Item 3

Description of third item




Payments will be invoiced every (Enter date) of the month till the end of the Project. Payments will be made by (Enter accepted payment method) within (Enter number) days of receiving the invoice. If the client fails to pay within five (5) days after the due date, late charges of (Enter late fee) will be applied.

If the Client defaults on payment, the Company may suspend the Project or terminate the contract immediately, with a written notice.

Risk analysis

[Sender.Company] anticipates a (insert minimal/medium/high) level of risk associated with this project, but any potential risk will be mitigated by (describe how risk will be accounted for).

Success measures

At the conclusion of the project, [Client.Company] will have conclusive evidence of the project’s success in the form of (describe what the completed project will result in).

Deliverables for this project will/will not arrive in phases (elaborate on the phases of particular deliverables if applicable).

[Sender.Company] estimates that this project will be completed by approximately (insert timeline).

To the extent that you have information on the specific benefits of performing this project, please summarize them below. For example, your summary might include items such as cost savings or service improvements. In addition, you may include the types and numbers of affected customers, if applicable.

(Summarize specific benefits of the project here.)

Does this project support a [Client.Company] strategic plan?



Explain: (add text here)

Alternatives considered


Beginning date:


First Project milestone and date:


Second project milestone and date:


Third project milestone and date:


Additional milestone notes:

Our Team


(Add names)

(Add contact information)


(Add names)

(Add contact information)


(Add names)

(Add contact information)

Terms and Conditions

This Project Proposal is specially prepared for [Client.FirstName][Client.LastName] from [Client.Company] by [Sender Company].

If the Proposal is approved, it will be accepted as an agreement between the parties, and the terms and conditions set out below will be binding between the Client and the Company.

The effective date of this Agreement is (Enter the Effective Date). This Agreement will automatically expire on (Enter date), which is stated below as the completion date of the Project.

If the Company cannot complete the Project on the specified date due to its own reasons, it pays a delay penalty of (Enter amount)% for each day of delay.

The Project will be carried out in accordance with the timeline provided above.

Project Approval Information

Project Name: (Project.Name)

Project ID#: (insert number)

Proposed by:






Date of Review: (MM.DD.YYYY)

This proposal is approved without reservation.

Highest priority; critical and urgent, best value improvement

Moderate priority: important and valuable, but the impact is limited

Low priority; useful but of little value

This proposal is approved with the following questions or reservations:

(List any questions or reservations here.)

This proposal is NOT approved for these reasons:

(List the reasons why the proposal is not approved here.)





[Sender Company]



Project Proposal Template

Used 5,863 times

Reviewed by Dmitry Ivanouski

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