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Project Proposal Template

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Project Proposal Template

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All project proposals are different, but we've included some sample text throughout the template if you need inspiration.

Name: [Sender.FirstName][Sender.LastName]

Email: [Sender.Email]

Phone: [Sender.Phone]

Project Proposal Number: (insert number)

Project details

Project sponsor(s)

Project name: [Project.Name]

Departments affected by the project: (Department)

Date submitted: (MM.DD.YYYY)

Name: [Sponsor.FirstName][Sponsor.LastName]

Email: [Sponsor.Email]

Department: (Sponsor.Department)

Project description

[Sender.Company] is pleased to submit this proposal to (insert the purpose of your project).

The problem [Sender.Company] is solving is an extensive one that affects (insert an approximate number of people/businesses affected) in (insert area of service). (Add a sentence elaborating on the negative impact of the problem)

[Sender.Company] is very experienced in (describe business niche and/or services to be delivered that solve the problem) throughout the (insert geographical area) and has already successfully assisted (insert general number) of customers. We are excited to deliver similarly excellent results for [Client.Company].

In the remainder of this proposal, [Client.Company] will learn more about the objective, background of the project, activities involved in the completion of this project, potential challenges and risk factors, and success measures.

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Project objective

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Objective #1:

Improve client's online presence with a responsive, eCommerce website.

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Objective #2:

Set up an automated email system that motivates customers who are on the fence to purchase.

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Objective #3:

Create upsell and cross-sell offers to maximize cart value.

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Overall background

(Sample background information has been provided, but you'll want to make this relevant to the background of your client)

[Client.Company] operates a successful business in (insert niche) but has been largely tied to a brick-and-mortar location. [Client.Company] realizes that without an online presence, they are missing out on a significant amount of potential revenue.

In order to reach a wider customer base and increase revenue, [Client.Company] has decided to have a full-service eCommerce website built that will allow them to sell their products and services online.

[Client.Company] has also decided that they want to build an automated email system that handles abandoned cart offers, post-purchase receipts, and other functions.

Overall objective(s)

(Sample objective information has been provided, but you'll want to make this relevant to the client)

At the end of this project, [Client.Company] will possess a fully functional eCommerce website and automated email system that allows them to serve a greater base of customers online and increase their revenue by a minimum of 25% within 1 year of project completion.


(Sample activities have been provided, but you'll want to make this relevant to the client)

These activities will be conducted in support of achieving project goals:

1. A fully functional, responsive eCommerce website will be built on the Shopify platform.

2. An automated email system will be created using Klaviyo.

3. Upsell and cross-sell offers will be built using existing [Client.Company] products.

Project environment

To complete this project, [Sender.Company] will make use of (describe any equipment, software, or hardware you may use to complete this project).

[Sender.Company] anticipates that potential challenges in the form of (describe potential challenges) could arise and is prepared to handle those challenges by (describe how challenges will be handled).

Risk analysis

[Sender.Company] anticipates a (insert minimal/medium/high) level of risk associated with this project, but any potential risk will be mitigated by (describe how risk will be accounted for).

(Describe any known risks that could preclude a successful project outcome)

Success measures

At the conclusion of the project, [Client.Company] will have conclusive evidence of the project's success in the form of (describe what the completed project will result in).

Deliverables for this project will/will not arrive in phases (elaborate on the phases of particular deliverables if applicable).

[Sender.Company] estimates that this project will be completed by approximately (insert timeline).

To the extent that you have information on specific benefits of performing this project, please summarize them below. For example, your summary might include items such as costs savings or service improvements. In addition, you may include the types and numbers of affected customers, if applicable.

(Add text here)

Does this project support a [Client.Company] strategic plan?

☐ Yes

☐ No

Explain: (add text here)

Alternatives considered

• List any alternative locations, approaches, alignments, technologies, etc.

• Include the impact of no action


Beginning date:


First Project milestone and date:


Second project milestone and date:


Third project milestone and date:


Additional milestone notes:

Resource requirements

To the best of your ability, estimate the costs of this project in material costs and labor hours for both initial outlay and recurring maintenance.

Estimated labor hours:

Estimated material costs:

Estimated technology costs (hardware, software, licenses):

Other costs (travel, training, memberships, etc.):

APPENDIX 1 – Project Approval Information

Project Name: [Project.Name]

Project ID#: (insert number)

Proposed by: [Sender.FirstName][Sender.LastName][Sender.Company]

Sponsor: [Sponsor.FirstName][Sponsor.LastName][Sponsor.Company]

Date of Review: (MM.DD.YYYY)

☐ This proposal is approved without reservation.

☐ Highest priority; critical and urgent, best value improvement

☐ Moderate priority; important and valuable, but the impact is limited

☐ Low priority; useful but of little value

☐ This proposal is approved with the following questions or reservations:

(Enter value)

☐ This proposal is NOT approved for these reasons:

(Enter value)





Project Proposal Template

Used 5,863 times

Reviewed by Dmitry Ivanouski

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