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Collective Bargaining Agreement Template

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Collective Bargaining Agreement Template makes a chore union part of connections between a worker and an employer. This assists the worker to safeguard their rights and the employer understands the employee’s needs.

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Collective Bargaining Agreement Template

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(Month day, year) – (Month day, year)

This Collective Bargaining Agreement or CBA, a product of collective bargaining, is made and entered into as of the (number) day of (Month), (year), in accordance with the laws and provisions of the National Labor Relations Act, as amended, by and between the [UnionBargainingRepresentative.Company], which is recognized as the sole and exclusive bargaining representative of present and future employer members of the [UnionRepresentative.Company], which is also recognized as the sole and exclusive Union representative of present and prospective employees in the [Employer.Company], regardless of (employee status/employee tenure).

Work schedule and conditions

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A standard workday and week for all employees shall be (seven/eight) consecutive hours between (0:00 AM/PM) and (0:00 AM/PM) with one hour for (paid/unpaid) lunch and two (half-hour/fifteen minute) breaks from (Monday-Sunday) to (Monday-Sunday) for (three/four/five/six) consecutive workdays.

Any informal adjustments to shifts or schedules that breach the “standard workday or week” must be agreed upon by the employee, the human resources department, both national and international depending on their contract, and Union in writing.

If an employee's work schedule changes, the employer must notify them at least (one week/three days/48-hours) in advance. For emergency shifts, employers must notify employees (48/24-hours) before the shift. The employee shall receive a pay increase based on the emergency and need.


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When making promotions, transfers, and demotions, and in effecting layoffs and rehiring, the employees' skill, ability, and knowledge shall be the primary consideration. If qualifications are equal, the employer shall consider the length of service above all else.

The employer agrees under the policy terms to consider current workers for vacant positions first before beginning the search for outside applicants. If an employer must propose layoffs, they must provide (days) days written notice to their employees except in cases of strikes, lockouts, inclement weather, or other circumstances beyond the employer’s control.

No new employees will be offered employment following a layoff until employees who were laid off previously have been given a reasonable opportunity to report back to their previously held position. A “reasonable opportunity” includes initial contact, a “no response” wait period, or a direct refusal to report back to their sector.

Wages and overtime

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To see a detailed breakdown of class titles, compensation grades, income rates, non-standard hourly rates, and notes, please refer to the attached pages at the end of the contract.

While this contract remains in effect, the income rates of each Union employee shall be set out by the attached pages. For the purposes of payroll cut-off dates, the common cut-off date shall be (0:00 AM/PM) on (Monday-Sunday). All private and public sector on or off-site employees shall be paid (bi-weekly/monthly) in accordance with the attached pages by converting the hourly rates to (bi-weekly/monthly) rates.

If an individual is approved for a wage adjustment arising from reclassification, periodic increments, promotions, or revelations, this new amount will populate at the beginning of the (bi-weekly/monthly) pay period. This includes wage increases on general holidays.

The following provisions shall act as “Daily Guarantees:”

  • All parties reporting for a scheduled shift on the employer's call shall receive the employee’s regular hourly rate for the entire period with a guaranteed (1-8) hours’ compensation at the regular hourly rate.

  • If those same parties report for their regular shift but refuse to start or continue working, they will not receive a guaranteed (1-8) hours’ compensation at the regular hourly rate.

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  • All regular and temporary full-time employees shall be paid overtime rates for all overtime worked immediately following their regular shift.

Daily or weekly overtime rates shall follow the legal statutes and procedures of state and federal law of which the parties reside. If an employee moves states after they sign and agree to the contract terms, the employer agrees to uphold the original binding contract for the total length of the individual's employment or when the contract is no longer in effect, whichever comes first.

Vacation, leave, and benefits

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Employers agree to offer paid annual vacation for all regular full-time and temporary full-time employees. The vacation received in any calendar year shall be based on the employee's number of years of service. Employees may take vacation in segments of one or two uninterrupted calendar weeks unless the employer approves other mutually acceptable accommodations.

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The employer may grant leave of absence without pay and without loss of seniority provided their leave is in writing, considered “sufficient cause,” and approved by the employer.

The following list constitutes some examples of “sufficient cause:”

  • Death in the family

  • Travel time

  • Pallbearers leave

  • Jury or court witness leave

  • Maternity or parental leav

  • Sick leave

The above list isn’t all-encompassing. Employers may still offer leave if the reason provided is in some way related to an inability to perform regular work tasks.

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The employer shall make available a group insurance program covering certain surgical, hospitalization, and medical benefits for participating full-time employees. This insurance program shall be voluntary for those electing to participate.

All full-time employees will become eligible for and covered by a hospital-medical and dental program, prescription drug, and vision care plans. Union members may qualify for other benefits and retirement plans based on employment length or other statutes in this collective bargaining agreement or previous contracts if they are not considered null and void.

Disputes and grievance procedure

A grievance consists of any difference concerning the interpretation, operations, or application of this collective bargaining agreement or any difference arising from the dismissal of an employee. Grievances shall be settled for free at the initial settlement but paid with Union dues by submitting a written complaint to the employer within (1-10 days) of the initial circumstance(s) that led to the grievance.

If the employer rejects the grievance or the grievance cannot be given to the employer, the individual(s) involved must submit their written grievance to the Arbitration Board within (1-10 days) of the initial circumstance(s) that led to the grievance.

Either the employer or Arbitration Board must come to a decision within (1-14 days) business days. Once either party has reached an agreement, they must deliver the decision to the affected parties and the employer as soon as possible or within 1-2 business days.

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On behalf of the employer



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On behalf of the union bargaining representative/ union representative





Collective Bargaining Agreement Template

Used 4,937 times

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