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Process Documentation Template

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This Process Documentation Template includes a detailed explanation of your process flow.

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How to make a process document

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This free template will show you how your team can start documenting your business processes from start to finish.

The workflow of process documentation often includes screenshots, infographics, and other documents. Said documentation allows you to customize your business process and business procedures.

Name of process: (Process name)

Process documentation owner:[ProjectOwner.FirstName][ProjectOwner.LastName]

Created by (business or company):[ProjectOwner.Company]

Date created: (MM/DD/YYYY)

Updated by:[ProjectOwner.FirstName][ProjectOwner.LastName]

Date updated:(MM/DD/YYYY)

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Project Description

Describe process documentation. For example, “[ProjectOwner.Company] wants to expand the graphics design team to produce more ready-to-use templates available via Google Drive, Word, and our own document collaboration tools.

Process Reason

Identify the main reason why you need to fill in this process documentation template in the first place. This section aims to find how this documentation benefits you and your company. For example, “[ProjectOwner.Company] needs to create multiple templates because other businesses in our niche are doing so and producing a higher ROI.

Team Members Involved

Determine which people are involved in this project. Some examples include new employees, departments, or related parties.

Outside Parties Involved

Determine any external team members who will help you with your business processes. Some examples include agencies, training facilities, and any related party.

Roles Involved

Role documentation helps employees and teams understand what parts they play or skills are needed and why. For example, you may need your marketing department to find screenshots of another template or other resources your team can base their work on.

Process Scope

Define the scope of the process by answering questions like what are your documenting processes? What will your process documents include? What are your project goals? What exceptions, if any, could be made to your process documentation template? In what way could they disrupt your normal process flow if these changes are made?

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Process Inputs

Determine what resources you need to accomplish this process. For example, you may need knowledge about graphic design or a specific employee with that knowledge. You may also need software, a project proposal template, or a visual outline describing what information will go where on your document.

Process Outputs

Identify what will be produced at the end of the process. This involves looking at the final step in your processes. For example, if your company will create a template by the end of the process, the tasks in your process scope should get to that end goal.

Process Boundaries

Identify the boundaries of the procedure by documenting the exact point when the process starts and ends. For example, if you wanted to create process templates for your business, the process would start at step 1 of your process flow, which could be researching graphic designers. The end boundary would be your final step. Any exceptions to the normal don’t apply here because you should know the extent of your process before starting.

Process Flow

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Identify the process steps in your document. If there are any exceptions to your normal business process, make sure it doesn’t interact with your end goal. If your end goal changes, we recommend creating a new process documentation template.

Step 1:

(Outline the steps in your processes)

Step 2:

(Outline the steps in your processes)

Step 3:

(Outline the steps in your processes)

Step 4:

(Outline the steps in your processes)

Step 5:

(Outline the steps in your processes)

Step 6:

(Outline the steps in your processes)

Step 7:

(Outline the steps in your processes)

Step 8:

(Outline the steps in your processes)

Step 9:

(Outline the steps in your processes)

Step 10:

(Outline the steps in your processes)

Step 11:

(Outline the steps in your processes)

Step 12:

(Outline the steps in your processes)

Step 13:

(Outline the steps in your processes)

Step 14:

(Outline the steps in your processes)

Step 15:

(Outline the steps in your processes)

Exceptions to Normal

Identify related exceptions that may change your task format or procedures. Keep in mind that, although your task list is documented, it doesn’t mean you can’t make changes. Process documents allow you to test the process as you’re creating them. For your organization to receive the benefits this process document template can create, you need to account for all variables.

If Denied

If, for whatever reason, your company process didn’t go as planned once you reach the final step, you need to go back to the drawing board. Create a plan of action if your initial documented business process doesn’t succeed. For example, you could have another “business processes” document on the backburner or revisit a step and take a different approach.




Process Documentation Template

Used 4,946 times

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