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Commercial Lease Application Template

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Commercial Lease Application Template

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Landlord & Property




Property Address:

Square Feet:

Property Name (optional):

Tenant (Business Owner)



Ownership Percentage:

Company Role:

Driver's License Number:

State: [Tenant.State]

Issued Date:

Expiration Date:

Social Security Number (SSN):


Company Name:

Principal Office Address:

Phone Number: [Company.Phone]

E-Mail Address: [Company.Email]

Type of Entity:

State of Incorporation: [Company.State]

Federal TAX ID Number (FEIN):

Business Type:

Lease Guarantee

Name(s) of the Person(s) that will Guarantee the Lease:

Person 1:

Person 2:

Rental History

Present Address:

Rent amount per month:

Name of Landlord:


Past Address:

Rent amount per month:

Name of Landlord:


Credit Reference

1st Reference:



E-Mail Address:

2nd Reference:



E-Mail Address:

Current Monthly Revenue


Gross Revenue:

Total Expenses:

Current Assets


Cash on Hand:

Cash in Banks:

Savings Accounts:

IRA/Retirement Accounts:

Accounts Receivable:

Insurance Cash Surrender:

Stocks & Bonds:

Real Estate:


Other Personal Property:




Total Assets:

Current Liabilities


Accounts Payable:

Notes Payable to Banks:

Auto Payments:

Other Installment Accounts:

Loans on Life Insurance:

Mortgages on Real Estate:

Unpaid Taxes:

Other Liabilities:

Other Liabilities:

Other Liabilities:

Total Liabilities:

Banking References

1st Account

Bank Name:


Bank Address:

Account Number:

Account Type:

2nd Account

Bank Name:


Bank Address:

Account Number:

Account Type:

Terms and Conditions

1. Warranty of Habitability

1.1 The Landlord warrants that the premises are fit for occupancy and comply with all applicable laws, codes, and regulations.

1.2 The Landlord promises to provide a safe living environment free from health or safety hazards and maintain building systems such as plumbing, electrical wiring, heating, and air conditioning in working order.

1.3 The Landlord agrees to make all necessary repairs for which they are responsible promptly.

1.4 The Landlord promises to address tenant complaints of health or safety hazards promptly.

2. Rent

2.1 Rent must be paid in full on or before the due date stated in the lease agreement.

2.2 Late payments will incur a late fee or other penalties as specified in the lease.

2.3 The Landlord reserves the right to increase rent anytime, provided this is done according to applicable laws and regulations.

2.4 Returned checks shall be subject to a fee equal to the bank's processing fees.

2.5 If the Tenant fails to make rent payments as agreed, the Landlord has the right to begin an eviction process.

2.6 The Tenant is also responsible for all applicable taxes on rents due.

2.7 Tenants shall not withhold or reduce rent payments due to disputes with the Landlord.

3. Security Deposit

3.1 The security deposit will be refundable to the Tenant at the end of the tenancy, subject to any damages or unpaid rental amounts.

3.2 The Landlord reserves the right to use all or part of the security deposit for payment of rent or damage caused by the Tenant during occupancy.

3.3 The Landlord must return the remaining balance of a security deposit within (state how many days) days of the termination of tenancy or provide written notice of damages within (state how many days) days.

3.4 If the Landlord fails to return the security deposit or fails to give a written explanation for deductions made from it, they may be liable for twice the amount wrongfully withheld plus court costs and attorney's fees.

3.5 Landlords must also keep a record of their security deposits and provide written proof of payment to the Tenant.

3.6 All security deposits must be held in an insured financial institution as required by law.

3.7 Any dispute regarding the security deposit should first be discussed with the Landlord before involving legal action.

4. Utilities

Unless otherwise specified in the lease agreement, the Tenant is responsible for payment of all utilities associated with the occupancy of the unit.

5. Cleaning

The Tenant agrees to clean and maintain the premises in a safe and sanitary condition at all times.

6. Insurance

6.1 The Tenant must obtain and maintain appropriate personal property insurance, including fire and theft coverage.

6.2 The Tenant is also responsible for obtaining liability insurance to cover any losses or injuries resulting from their use of the premises.

6.3 The Landlord reserves the right to require proof of such insurance from the Tenant at any time.

6.4 The Tenant is solely responsible for any costs associated with such insurance.

6.5 The Landlord shall not be liable for any damages to the Tenant's personal property or injury to persons on the premises due to fire, theft, acts of God, vandalism, or other causes beyond the control of the Landlord.

6.6 The Tenant agrees that they will not hold the Landlord responsible for such damages or injuries.

6.7 The Tenant must provide proof of liability insurance to the Landlord upon request.

6.8 The Landlord shall be responsible for insuring the structure itself.

7. Attempts at Repair or Alteration

7.1 The Tenant may not attempt any repairs or alterations to the premises without prior written permission from the Landlord.

7.2 If the Tenant does attempt any repair or alteration, they will be liable for the cost of any damages or repairs.

7.3 The Tenant shall be liable for any additional costs caused by their attempt at repair or alteration.

7.4 The Landlord may take legal action if the Tenant attempts to repair or make alterations without written authorization from the Landlord.

8. Background Review

8.1 The Tenant grants permission for the Landlord to review credit and criminal history and to investigate any inaccuracies in the information contained in the application.

8.2 The Tenant grants permission for all banks, employers, creditors, credit card companies, references, and any other person to share all information concerning credit with the Landlord.

By signing this application, the Landlord and the Tenant agree to the terms and conditions herein. They also acknowledge that it is only an application and that an offer and acceptance of a lease are required for a tenant-landlord relationship to exist.





Commercial Lease Application Template

Used 4,876 times

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