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Go to market Strategy Presentation

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Create a beautiful go-to-market (GTM) strategy presentation for your company using our free customizable template.

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Go to market Strategy Presentation

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Table of Contents


Product / Service



Target Customers

Customer Demographics

Market Research

Market Segmentation


Business Model

Go-to-market plan

Customer Acquisition

Tools and Channels

Goals and KPIs


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State your corporate mission then align it with the product or service you provide.

ABC Corporation's mission is to make the CRM process easier and more affordable by providing cloud-hosted solutions and expert consultants.

  • Cloud-hosted CRM for lead generation and outbound sales ($99/month)

  • Implementation assistance ($499 one-time setup fee)

  • Done-for-you software management ($1,499/month)

Product / Service

Describe the product or service your company is delivering to customers in this value proposition slide.

ABC Corporation provides the following products and services:

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ABC Corporation uses the following distribution strategies to generate revenue:


Demand generation.

Webinars, email blasts, and TV commercials.

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List the distribution strategies your company uses.


Content marketing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing.

Account-based marketing.

Acquiring high-value customers through content, cross-channel campaigns, and cold outreach.

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Completion of closed beta testing

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ABC Corporation will hit the following milestones over the next year:

Cash flow positive

Create a timeline for the upcoming milestones in your GTM strategy.

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1,000 paying customers

10,000 monthly page views (150% organic growth YOY)

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Create a target customer slide with the buyer personas your GTM will target.

Jim Hopper

29 years old

Lives in the San Francisco Bay Area

Works for a company with 50+ employees

Senior sales development representative

Wants to increase lead flow but spend less time managing CRM software

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ABC Corporation's target customer:

Target Customers

  • Between the ages of 21 and 55

  • Based in North America

  • Have 10 to 99 employees

  • In administrative, sales, or IT roles

  • Looking for more leads but less CRM management

Unlike a target persona (a fictional example of your ideal customer), use customer demographics to describe a wider group of consumers that your product or service is aimed towards.

Customer Demographics

ABC Corporation's target demographics are:

Image 8
Image 86

Market Research

Describe the findings of the market research you've conducted to shape your GTM strategy.

Findings 1

Findings 2

Findings 3

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Image 49
Image 87

Freemium users with an NPS score of 9 or higher (highly likely to convert into a paying subscriber.)

C-level sales executives responsible for selecting CRM software and other solutions for company tool stacks.

Customers in the US (LTV is 1.5x higher than customers in Canada and 2.5x higher than customers in Mexico.)

Market Segmentation

ABC Corporation has identified multiple key segments of both prospects and customers:

Image 44
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Image 46

Use demographic, geographic, and behavioral segmentation to isolate groups of your customer base.

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List your main competitors and their key differences.

Market leader, similar pricing with 100,000+ MAUs

Full-suite sales software, more expensive

Cheaper subscription, fewer features

XYZ Corporation

JYP Solutions

RVD Development

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ABC Corporation has identified the following competitors:

Freemium plan. Used to acquire new users by reducing the barrier to entry.

Premium plan. Users who upgrade will generate $99 in MRR or $1,089 in ARR when accounting for the 8.3% annual discount.

ABC Corporation uses a three-stage business model to convert freemium users into high-value accounts:

Business Model

Describe your business model and mechanism of profitability.

Subscription-based consulting services. Power users on the paid plan can later be upsold with done-for-you software management ($1,499/month) to generate expansion revenue.

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Image 26

Go-to-market plan

Image 11

Increasing the number of freemium users from North America (particularly the US) then upselling them to a paid subscription and DFY consulting services.

Increasing organic traffic, hitting $100k MRR, and becoming cash flow positive by Q4.

Lead generation on LinkedIn and Facebook to fuel customer acquisition efforts.

ABC Corporation's go-to-market plan involves:

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Image 29

Create an abridged version of your go-to-market plan that summarizes the key information from multiple slides.

Average LTV of 997 USD

Average CAC of 338 USD

LTV:CAC ratio of approximately 3:1

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ABC Corporation's customer acquisition calculations:

Present your LTV:CAC ratio by stating the average lifetime value of current customers and the average cost of acquiring new customers.

Customer Acquisition

Image 30
Image 31
Image 32

Tools and Channels

Facebook Ads




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Image 36

ABC Corporation uses multiple tools/channels to acquire and retain customers including:

Create a go-to-market channels slide with the platforms and tools you use to acquire/retain customers.

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Outline your GTM goals and the KPIs (key performance indicator metrics) you'll use to measure progress.

Goals and KPIs

Go-to-market goals and KPIs slide:



User growth # of demo bookings

free trial signups

churn rate

Revenue growth MRR


freemium-to-paid conversion rate

Brand awareness organic traffic

social engagement

Facebook ROAS


Image 71

Create an itemized list of expenses for your GTM budget.

Image 70


Content creation



Focus group compensation

$2,400 per round (3-4 rounds annually)

Buffer and ConvertKit subscriptions


Go to market Strategy Presentation

Used 5,030 times

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