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Consulting Pitch Deck

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01 Problem To Address 02 Who We Are 03 Consulting Services 04 Project Scope 05 Budget 06 Results 07 Process & Deliverables 08 Pricing 09 References 10 Next Steps

Table of Contents

Problems to Address

Your Challenges:

  • High bounce rate

  • Inactive audience on social networks

  • Advertising campaigns fail to bring results

Our Solution:

  • Audit of your brand positioning on the website, in customer сommunication, and media

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Who We Are

Within 15 years, ABC Company has been helping brands and businesses to make informed decisions and achieve better results.

We've created a clear and efficient brand management strategy that empowers you with data about your business.

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In-house consultants

Business domains

Happy customers

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Consulting Services

Brand Discovery

Brand Strategy

Market Research

Advertising & Marketing

Learn your powers and weaknesses to determine the most beneficial offerings.

  • Brand Audit

  • Brand Mapping

  • Strategic Planning

We help you improve your brand strategy to achieve better results.

  • Positioning & targeting

  • Naming, Key Messaging

  • Communications Strategy

Discover your markets, customers, and competitors to have a clear business strategy.

  • Market Analysis

  • Competitive Analysis

  • User Testing

Increase your sales and brand awareness using the right tools.

  • Advertising Campaign Development

  • Marketing Strategy Review

  • Marketing Planning

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Project Scope


  • Increase brand awareness by communicating the brand's values clearly and concisely across all channels.

  • Reduce bounce rate

  • Increase social media engagement

Scope of Work

  • Brand Positioning Analysis (the website, customer communication, and media)

  • Behavioral Analytics

  • Ad Campaigns Analysis and Planning


  • 1 Project Manager

  • 2 Senior Marketing Specialists

  • 1 Business Analyst

Project Budget







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Strategy Development


3 days

1 week

1 week

~3 days

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Process & Deliverables



Strategy Development


  • Current state analysis

  • Brand pyramid report (brand idea, values, how, why, what)

  • Current state analysis

  • Brand mapping

  • In-depth website analytics

  • Opportunity & impact assessments

  • Communications strategy

  • Implementation strategy

  • Preliminary result evaluation


Project Cost

Added Value Services

Item 1

Item 1

Item 2

Item 2

Item 3

Item 3

Item 4

Item 4

Item 5

Item 5

Item 6

Item 6

$ price

$ price

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ABC Company

Health & Lifestyle


Increase attention among locals and attract younger generation customers


  • Creative advertising

  • Social media strategy

  • Website redesign


"Their service has helped us to learn our audience better and look at marketing from a different perspective."

CEO, ABC Company

Other Clients

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Next Steps

Let’s bring transparency to your strategic decisions.



Consulting Pitch Deck

Used 5,044 times

Reviewed by Anna Werigo

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