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Internet Service Agreement Template

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Quickly customize and download an Internet Service Agreement from PandaDoc. This agreement can be used as a sample for internet advertising services.

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Internet Service Agreement Template

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Background of Agreement

[Sender.Company] believes that [Signer.Company] has the skills, qualifications, and experience to provide the agreed services.

[Signer.Company] agrees to provide the service following the terms and conditions included in this Agreement.


[Signer.Company] agrees to provide the services detailed in this Agreement.

These services are:

Services description

Permitted Use

Terms of use.


The Agreement will run from START DATE until the services in this Agreement have been provided in full unless premature termination is allowed by this Agreement.

The length of the Agreement may be changed provided that both [Sender.Company] and [Signer.Company] give prior notice via written consent.

Payment, Pricing, and Tax

[Sender.Company] will pay PAYMENT to [Signer.Company] for the services detailed in this Agreement.

[Signer.Company] will provide an invoice when the services have been provided.

Payment of invoices must be made within the payment period of [Sender.Company] receiving the invoice.

[Signer.Company] is liable for any tax or similar charges associated with the payment.

Late payments will be subject to a daily interest charge of LATE PENALTY PERCENTAGE % of the amount still owed.

In the case of a termination of this Agreement when the agreed services have been partially completed, [Sender.Company] will be liable to pay [Signer.Company] for services provided up to the point of Agreement termination unless there has been a breach of the Agreement by [Signer.Company].

Any money referred to in this Agreement is in CURRENCY unless specified otherwise.

Content Responsibility/Usage Restrictions

Any intellectual property which is produced under this Agreement is exclusively the property of [Sender.Company] and its use will be unrestricted and at their sole discretion.

[Signer.Company] may only use the intellectual property with explicit permission from [Sender.Company].

[Signer.Company] will be liable for any damages arising from the unpermitted use of the intellectual property.


If [Sender.Company] buys any equipment as part of the Service, [Signer.Company] grants [Sender.Company] a limited license to use software provided with the equipment subject to the following terms:

  1. The software is licensed and copyrighted for sole use on the equipment provided to [Sender.Company].

  2. Software provided hereunder is on license by [Signer.Company] from third parties. The copyright and title to Software stay with the licensor.

  3. [Sender.Company] cannot reverse compile or translate in any way the Software.

  4. [Sender.Company] can make any number of copies but only for backup purposes.

  5. All indemnification provisions and liability from this agreement will apply to the licensor.


Each party agrees to indemnify the other party and its respective permitted successors, assigns, officers, affiliates, agents and employees against attorney’s fees and any claims and costs resulting from any actions or omissions of the indemnifying party or its permitted successors, assigns, officers, affiliates, agents and employees in relation to this Agreement, unless paid as part of a relevant insurance policy or required by applicable law.


1. If any of the following events occur in respect to one party, the other party may terminate the agreement at their sole discretion with prior written notice:

  • One party voluntarily petitions or is involuntarily petitioned for bankruptcy; becomes insolvent, proposes liquidation, recapitalization, dissolution or reorganization; a receiver is assigned to take property, and this is not dismissed within DISMISSAL PERIOD days.

  • A material breach of this agreement is not resolved within RESOLUTION PERIOD after the details of the breach have been given with written notice.

2. [Sender.Company] may terminate the agreement after NOTICE PERIOD if [Signer.Company] makes any material alterations to the Service that [Sender.Company] chooses to decline.

3. In case of termination, [Sender.Company] agrees to discontinue using the Service and return any property provided by [Signer.Company].

Export Compliance

Transferring of technologies across national boundaries are regulated by United States law. [Sender.Company] agrees not to export any technologies transmitted via [Signer.Company] prior to obtaining any relevant export licenses or official government approval.

Force Majeure

Force Majeure refers to any act beyond the reasonable control of either party, including but not limited to acts of God, fires, and war.

In the case of events of Force Majeure interfering with the completion of this Agreement, neither party shall be held responsible by the other.

If either party’s agreed obligations are restricted by Force Majeure, the affected party must take reasonable action to fulfill their obligations. The other party must continue to fulfill their own agreed obligations.

Notice and Payment

Any notices or other forms of communication between [Signer.Company] and [Sender.Company] must be delivered via written notice to the following addresses:


To [Sender.Company]:


This Agreement is governable in relation to the laws of LAW.


This agreement will be binding for and will inure to the benefit of the Parties hereto, their administrators, successors, assigns and heirs.


The obligations of [Signer.Company] shall not be transferred in any way or for any reason to another party, unless [Sender.Company] has given prior notice via approval in writing.


Any waiver of any default by either Party shall not be accepted as a waiver of any subsequent or prior default of other or the same provisions of this agreement.


If any elements of this Agreement become invalid or unenforceable, all other elements of the Agreement will remain valid and enforceable.


This Agreement represents the entire agreement between [Sender.Company] and [Signer.Company], relevant to the content of the Agreement.


This document is private, confidential, and contain valuable information that is for privileged individuals only.







Internet Service Agreement Template

Used 5,095 times

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