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Oregon Residential Lease Agreement Template

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Use our free customizable Oregon lease agreement template to create a comprehensive rental contract for Oregon, or use it as is with your information added.

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Residential Oregon Lease Agreement Template

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Property: (Property.Name)

Address: (Property.Street) (Property.City) (Property.State) (Property.Zip)

Under the terms of this Oregon lease agreement, [Landlord.FirstName][Landlord.LastName] ("Landlord") agrees to rent the (Property.Name) ("Property") to [Tenant1.FirstName][Tenant1.LastName] and [Tenant2.FirstName][Tenant2.LastName] ("Tenant(s)").

Term of Agreement

This contract operates on a lease basis for one calendar year from its commencement on (Start.Date) ("Start Date") until (End.Date) ("End Date"). The contract will operate using the same terms on a month-to-month basis should the Tenant(s) remain on the Property after the End Date.

The Tenant(s) must vacate the premises when the lease terminates unless both parties renew the Oregon lease agreement or the Landlord willingly accepts Rent on a month-to-month basis.


The Tenant(s) will pay the Landlord by the 1st of each month a monthly rental amount of $ (Rent.Amount) ("Rent") to lease the Property. If the payment isn't made/received by the 1st of each month, then a daily late fee will apply until the Landlord receives it.

The Rent payment remitted on the 1st shall be prorated based on 30 days should the Start Date not be on the 1st of the month.

Available payment methods to the Tenant(s) when paying Rent are (Payment.Method1) or (Payment.Method2) to [Landlord.StreetAddress][Landlord.City][Landlord.State][Landlord.PostalCode]. It's up to the Tenant(s) to ensure Rent is delivered to the Landlord by the 1st of each month, whether made online or mailed.

Security Deposit

The Tenant(s) shall make a refundable security deposit of $ (Deposit.Amount) once this agreement commences. The Landlord isn't required to incur/pay interest on the amount or keep the security deposit in a trust account.

The Landlord will provide an itemized list of deductions to the security deposit and refund the remaining balance within 30 days of the lease's termination and the Tenant(s) vacating the Property.

Valid deductions to the security deposit include the following:

  • Cost of damages beyond the usual wear and tear.

  • Repaying unpaid fees and Rent.

This security deposit is in no way a payment of any Rent payment.

Late Fees and Returned Checks Charges

The Landlord has the right to charge a daily late fee of $ (Late.Fee), which doesn't exceed 6% of a one-time flat fee if the Landlord doesn't receive the payment by the 5th of each month. Any returned payments due to inefficient funds, a "stop payment" or any other reason will incur a standard charge of $ (Charge.Amount).


The Landlord approves the following individuals to stay at the Property while the Tenant(s) rents it. For the duration of the lease, the Tenant(s) agrees no individuals not approved with the Landlord's prior written consent will stay on the premises for longer than fourteen (14) days.







Maintenance and Upkeep

It's the Tenant's responsibility to maintain the Property's inside and outside on a day-to-day basis and notify the Landlord in writing of any problem, malfunction, or damages. The Tenant might have to bear the repair costs if their negligence or guests' negligence caused the damage.

The Landlord must ensure the premises are in habitable condition as per the Oregon statute for the duration of the lease. The Tenant has the right to fix a habitability defect if the Landlord fails to repair it within a reasonable time. The Tenant can then deduct a reasonable amount from their Rent payment, not exceeding $300.

The Tenant(s) cannot modify the Property, such as painting it, putting nails in the walls, or other modifications that might affect it beyond the normal wear and tear.

Additional Provisions

Both parties agree to adhere to the below terms.

Rights of Access

The Landlord has the right to enter the Property without notice to the Tenant(s) in the case of an emergency, when making repairs the Tenant(s) requested, to serve the Tenant(s) with notice of legal action, or when showing the premises to a potential buyer.

In all other cases, the Landlord must provide (Days) notice to the Tenant before entering the premises.

Assignment and Subletting

The Tenant(s) agrees not to sublet or assign this contract to any other party without the Landlord's written consent. Should the Landlord sell the Property during the lease's term, the new property Owner can take over this contract.

Pet Policy

The Tenant(s) agree to not have a pet on the premises without the Landlord's written consent. Should the pet be emotional support or a service animal, then the Landlord will make the appropriate adjustments, within reason and providing the Tenant shows official documents.


Both parties take responsibility for utility payments according to the following terms:

  • Landlord provides for the following utilities: (Landlord.Utilities)

  • Tenant arranges and makes payments for the following utilities: (Tenant.Utilities)

  • Both parties prove for the following utilities: (BothParties.Utilities)


Ownership of all keys to the Property remains with the Landlord, and the Tenant can't make any copies thereof. The Landlord will provide the Tenant(s) with new keys at the Tenant's cost should any keys be lost. The Tenant(s) must return all keys to the Landlord when vacating the premises at the lease's termination.

Other Provisions

Rights of Termination

This agreement terminates by 11:59 pm on (End.Date), and the Tenant(s) must immediately vacate the premises. Should the Tenant(s) not leave the premises, the lease will proceed on a month-to-month contract with all terms of this agreement in full force and effect.

If the Tenant(s) breaks any contract terms or misrepresents material facts on their rental application, the Landlord can immediately terminate the agreement. However, appropriate notice to the Tenant(s) and procedures required by the laws of Oregon are required.

Move-in Payments Due

Below is a summary of all payments due upon the date of signing the lease. The Tenant must pay these fees before moving into the Property:

  • First Month's Prorated Rent: $ (ProratedRent.Amount)

  • Last Month's Rent: $ (Rent.Amount)

  • Security Deposit: $ (Deposit.Amount)

  • Other: $ (Other.Amount)

  • Total: $ (Total.Amount)

Full Disclosures

  • Landlord, Proxy, and Property Manager's Contact Information:[Landlord.FirstName][Landlord.LastName] / [Landlord.StreetAddress][Landlord.City][Landlord.State][Landlord.PostalCode], (Proxy.Name) / (Proxy.Address), (Manager.Name) / (Manager.Address)

  • Person to Serve Notices: The Tenant(s) can serve notices to the (Landlord/Proxy/Manager).

  • Pending Legal Action: The Landlord will inform the Tenant(s) of any pending legal action and its status.

  • Recycling Practices: The Landlord will inform the Tenant(s) in writing about the appropriate recycling practices in the community.

  • Alarms: The Landlord will confirm to the Tenant in writing about the installation of detectors, carbon monoxide, and fire alarms.

  • Flood Zones: The Landlord will inform the Tenant(s) if the Property is located in a flood zone and the proper procedures before and during a flood.

  • Renter's Insurance: The Landlord might require the Tenant(s) to take out an insurance policy and will give notice of this requirement in writing.


This agreement is interpreted and governed by the laws of Oregon. The venue of any dispute over this agreement will be in the county of (County) in Oregon. Should a dispute arise over this agreement, both parties first make good-faith efforts to discuss it in person and attempt to resolve it.

This agreement and all its attachments, if any, constitute the entire agreement. It supersedes all previous written or oral commitments, negotiations, and agreements concerning this tenancy.

Both parties must add all agreement modifications in writing and require all parties' signatures. All parties acknowledge and understand all the terms in this contract and grant rights as expressly set forth herein.










Oregon Residential Lease Agreement Template

Used 4,872 times

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