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Leave of Absence Letter Template

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Leave of Absence Letter Template

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Dear Mr./Mrs. [Manager.LastName],

This is a formal request for a leave of absence from my position as [Employee.Title] at [Employee.Company]. I would be away from work from (MM.DD.YYYY) through (MM.DD.YYYY).

I would like to inform you that the reason for my request is (explain the reason to justify your time off from work, making sure it is covered by your employer’s leave of absence policy. For instance, the reason might be a family member’s wedding, medical emergency, jury duty, etc).

Please be advised that, if you approve my request, I will be more than willing to ensure no one is affected by my leave. I am prepared to create a plan of action that outlines the status of my pending projects and who would cover my job responsibilities while I am on my leave. If needed, I will be happy to train any colleague who will take on my duties during the specified period.

During my time away from work, I would be available to answer questions or assist my colleagues. I can be reached by phone [Employee.Phone] or email [Employee.Email] if any issues arise.

It is my full intention to come back to work as agreed and scheduled. Please be advised that I do not expect to ask for additional time off. However, if certain events beyond my control happen that would require me to extend my leave, I will notify you on time.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any additional information. I hope to hear your decision about my request soon.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kind regards,




Email LOA Template

Dear Mr./Mrs. [Manager.LastName]​,

As previously discussed, I am requesting a leave of absence from (MM.DD.YYYY) through (MM.DD.YYYY).

I am taking time off from work because (state the reason that explains why you need to be away for a specified period of time).

For the duration of my leave, I will be/will not be available to take calls or answer emails from my colleagues. (If you are available, add the following sentence) I can be reached on [Employee.Phone] or email [Employee.Email].

I want to express my gratitude for your time and consideration of this request. I cannot wait to hear back from you soon.





Leave of Absence Letter Template

Used 5,865 times

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