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Mortgage Deed Template

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An official mortgage deed enables a lender to issue a loan secured against real estate. You can use this Mortgage Deed Template, which contains information on the loan's terms, including the interest rate, payback schedule, and other pertinent details.

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Mortgage Deed Template

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This Mortgage Deed (this “Mortgage”) is made effective as of this (insert date), by and between/among:

The Mortgagor/Borrower(s):[Borrower.FirstName][Borrower.LastName], located at [Borrower.StreetAddress] (collectively, the “Borrower”) and

The Lender(s):[Lender.FirstName][Lender.LastName], located at [Lender.StreetAddress] (collectively, the “Lender”).

WHEREAS, the Lender is engaged in the business of lending money; and

WHEREAS, the Borrower is seeking to borrow a loan from the Lender to purchase real estate at (insert location); and

WHEREAS, to secure repayment of such a loan, the Borrower is willing to grant a mortgage on the real estate owned by the Borrower; and

WHEREAS, under this Mortgage, the Lender is granted a security interest on such real estate to secure repayment of the loan.

The sum of $ (insert amount) (the “Principal Amount”), together with interest of (insert rate) % compounded annually, is hereby loaned by the Lender to the Borrower under the terms and conditions set forth herein.

The mortgage deed sets out all the terms and conditions of this loan agreement, including information on the repayment schedule, interest rate, penalties for late or missed payments, and other relevant details. It is a legal document that gives the lender a security interest in the real estate being purchased with the loan, so if the borrower defaults on repayment, the lender can take ownership of the property.


The Borrower hereby grants to the Lender, its successors, and assigns the irrevocable, absolute, and unrestricted right and power under applicable law (a) to exercise all rights of ownership on or concerning the real estate located at (insert location), including, without limitation, any right of entry or power of sale; (b) to take possession of any personal property located on the premises as security for repayment of the loan; and (c) to lease, mortgage, sell, transfer, convey, or otherwise deal with such real estate and/or any personal property located on it.


The Borrower shall make all regular payments on or before the due date, which shall be (insert day) of each month. If the Borrower misses a payment, the Lender may charge late fees of (insert amount) OR may seek the immediate full repayment of the loan.

Tax and Insurance Payments

Besides any other rights or remedies in this Mortgage, the Borrower agrees to pay all taxes and assessments levied against the real estate securing this mortgage, along with any insurance premiums associated with the property, on time. All payments are due and payable to the Lender at such times as specified in this Mortgage or on demand by the Lender, as determined in its sole discretion.

Rights of Lender

The Lender has the right to foreclose and take possession of the Property if the Borrower fails to make payments on this loan under the terms and conditions outlined in this Mortgage. The Lender is also entitled to any other rights or remedies in this Mortgage, including late fees, penalties, and other charges associated with a breach of this agreement. In the event of such a default, all outstanding amounts owed by the Borrower shall become immediately due and payable to the Lender.

Assigned Rents (Check one)

As additional security hereunder, the Borrower hereby assigns any rents on the Property received by the Borrower to the Lender. Upon default, the Lender may collect such rents without the necessity of making an entry upon the Property.

Not applicable. The Borrower does NOT collect rent from the Property.

Power of Sale (Check one)

In the event of default under this Mortgage, the Lender may, at its option, foreclose and force a sale of the Property without a judicial proceeding.

In the event of default under this Mortgage, the Lender may NOT foreclose and force a sale of the Property without a judicial proceeding.

Property Insurance

The Borrower is required to maintain adequate insurance coverage for the Property in the amount and type specified by the Lender.

In the event of loss or damage to the Property, all insurance proceeds payable to the Borrower under such policy shall be applied by the Borrower to reimburse, repair, restore or rebuild the property. The Borrower shall pay any proceeds remaining after reimbursement of these costs directly to the Lender to cover any outstanding balance on this Loan.

If the Borrower fails to maintain adequate insurance coverage, the Lender may purchase insurance coverage for the Property on behalf of the Borrower and charge the cost of such coverage to the Borrower. In addition, if there is a lapse in coverage during the term of this Loan, the Lender shall consider it a default under this Mortgage.

Repair and Maintenance

The Borrower agrees to maintain the Property in good condition and repair and to keep it free from waste, damage, or conditions that may be harmful to other property. The Borrower is liable for all expenses relating to the maintenance and upkeep of the Property, including any required repairs.

Ownership Transfer (Check one)

The Borrower acknowledges and agrees that the Lender, as a secured party under this Mortgage, shall have a continuing lien on the Property until the Note has been paid in full and all other obligations to the Lender have been fulfilled.

Not applicable. No transfer of ownership is required or permitted under this Mortgage.


Upon payment in full by the Borrower of the Note and all other instruments secured by this Mortgage, this Mortgage shall be terminated, and the Lender shall provide the Borrower the appropriate notice of termination.

Governing Law

This Mortgage shall be governed by and construed under the laws of the State of[Borrower.State], without giving effect to the conflict of laws principles thereof.








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Mortgage Deed Template

Used 4,875 times

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