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SBA Business Plan Template

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Use our free and fully customizable SBA business plan template to get started when writing a successful proposal for an SBA loan.

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SBA Business Plan Template

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[Sender.Company] – SBA Business Plan













Executive Summary

[Sender.PostalCode] is a new business focusing on providing (Product.Service) to residents located in the surrounding areas of (Location). The target market is (Target.Market), with the demographics of the target audience within (Number) miles of (Location) as follows:

  • (Number) residents

  • Average income of $(Income)

  • (Percentage)% married

  • (Percentage)% in professional/Mgt. Occupations

  • Median Age: (Number) years

The significant figures part of this start-up are (Owner.Name), the company owner, and (Shareholder.Name), (Shareholder.Name), and (Shareholder.Name) as shareholders of the company.

This business plan aims to reach the following goals:

  • (Goal) – (Basic.Description)

  • (Goal) – (Basic.Description)

  • (Goal) – (Basic.Description)

  • (Goal) – (Basic.Description)

  • (Goal) – (Basic.Description)

The requested SBA capital is $(Amount), while the income, expenses, and revenue predicted for this plan are as follows:

  • Projected annual income: $(Amount)

  • Projected annual expenses: $(Amount)

  • Projected annual revenue: $(Amount)

The predicted benefits of establishing this business in the area are:

  • (Benefit.One)

  • (Benefit.Two)

  • (Benefit.Three)

  • (Benefit.Four)

Company Description

[Sender.Company] is located at [Sender.StreetAddress][Sender.City][Sender.State][Sender.PostalCode] and is an (Company.Type) (such as LLC, sole proprietorship, etc.). After in-depth research into the (Product.Type) market, we have identified several areas that could be improved:

  1. (Market.Gaps) – (Description)

  2. (Market.Gaps) – (Description)

  3. (Market.Gaps) – (Description)

In response to these problems, we have created several solutions as part of our company aims:

  1. (Solution.One) – (Description)

  2. (Solution.Two) – (Description)

  3. (Solution.Three) – (Description)

We are also planning to grow the company, eventually expanding into (Location), (Location), and (Location), where we have identified similar market gaps.

Management Organization

The following persons of interest fill these positions in [Sender.Company]

Board of Directors:

(Director.Name), (Director.Name)







Hiring Plan

(Owner.Name) will serve as the overall manager for hiring new employees. We will fill the following positions during the start-up operations:

  • (Number) (Job.Positio)

Market Plan and Analysis

Industry Analysis

The following industry statistics and size facts show that the business will do well in (Location).

  • Market Size: (Size)

  • Market Growth: (Growth.Speed)

Market Trends

We have identified the following market trends and how they will impact our business plan positively:

  • (Market.Trend) – (Impact)

  • (Market.Trend) – (Impact)

  • (Market.Trend) – (Impact)

Competitive Landscape

Market reports show the following competitive landscape:


Our biggest competitor currently is (Primary.Competitor), which has (Strengths), but also critical weaknesses like (Weaknesses). Our business has the following strengths, enabling us to overcome the competition and gain an edge in the market.


[Sender.Company] will serve residents within (Number) miles of (Location). The following location demographics are present in the surrounding area:



Square Miles


Population – Density


Population – Male


Population – Female


Target Population – Age Group

  • Age 18-24


  • Age 25-34


  • Age 35-44


  • Age 45-54


Target Population by Income

  • $50,000 – $74,999


  • $75,000 – $99,999


  • $100,000 – $124,999


  • $125,000 – $149,999


  • $150,000 – $199,999


  • $200,000 and Over


Our primary focus groups are:

  1. (Primary.FocusGroup) – (Reason)

  2. (Secondary.FocusGroup) – (Reason)

  3. (Tertiary.FocusGroup) – (Reason)

Goals, Objectives, and Operations

The goals of [Sender.Company] with this business are:

The objectives of [Sender.Company] with this business are:

Products and Services

[Sender.Company] focuses on selling (Products.Services) to the general public (Or retailers, fill this section with a broad idea of your primary target market). These products/services include:

  • (Description of products/services)

Marketing and Sales

The [Sender.Company] will focus on its unique value proposition, offering (Selling.Point) in a convenient location for customers. Besides excelling in customer service and building a trusted reputation in the community, we will reach out to the community via the following methods:

Email Campaign

We will blanket the surrounding neighborhoods with direct emails. This email campaign will share information on [Sender.Company] and give inducements to convince residents to try out the business.

Public Relations

[Sender.Company] will contact the community and local news outlets to explain our unique offering.


We will advertise in the local area and newspapers to gain awareness among the community.

Social Media

Social media accounts will ensure we can gain a following in the market. The pamphlets, emails, and website will have direct links to these platforms to grow the interest in the brand.

Pre-Opening Events

[Sender.Company] will organize pre-opening events to attract prospective customers. We will invite press contacts and local merchants to these events to place attention on the brand.

Customer Communication

Continuous customer communications will be available through a website and monthly newsletter to tell the community about our deals, products, and services.

Financial Data and Forecast

  • Total funding required: $(Amoun)

  • Lease and renovation of retail store: $(Amount)

  • Working capital until break-even: $(Amount)

  • Funding received to date: $(Amount)

  • Budget still required: $(Amount)

Funding Request

The total funding [Sender.Company]​ required to start up this business is $(Amount). We will use this funding as follows:



$(Amount) / (Percentage)%


$(Amount) / (Percentage)%


$(Amount) / (Percentage)%

Total Funding Amount:

$(Total.Amount) / 100%

Capital Request and Repayment

We request $(Funding.Amount) to start up this business, and plan to repay it over the following period:



Repayment of $(Amount) / (Percentage)% of total amount


Repayment of $(Amount) / (Percentage)% of total amount


Repayment of $(Amount) / (Percentage)% of total amount

Appendix Documentation

  • Business licenses

  • Permits and certifications

  • Reference letters

  • Product photos

  • Business owner resumes

  • Contractual agreements pertaining to this business

  • Legal documents related to this business

  • Patents







SBA Business Plan Template

Used 4,872 times

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