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Speaking Engagement Proposal Template

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Speaking Engagement Proposal Template

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Partnering for Event Success

Any event planner knows that providing quality content is critical to a successful event and is also crucial for receiving a positive audience response. Many organizations rely on external speakers to complement in-house expertise and add credibility and value to events.

There are several reasons why hiring an external speaker for your event can be advantageous.

Speakers can provide:

  • Knowledge – a speaker with specific subject matter expertise can provide essential insights on industry trends and best practices to your audience
  • Inspiration – a speaker can offer a high-energy, thought-provoking or motivational speech to encourage your audience to adopt new concepts or conquer new challenges
  • Visibility – a recognized speaker can be an asset to your agenda, increase event attendance and attract media interest

[ Sender.Company] provided event presentations on key topics for over number years. Our speakers have presented at number events. Our experience has taught us that close collaboration with clients allows us to align our expertise with client goals and objectives to ensure the best audience experience possible. As a result, we partner with you before, during and after the event to ensure a fantastic venture for all involved.

Proposed Presentation

Based on our understanding of your organization and audience needs, our speaker will provide the presentation, outlined below, for your event which will be held on dates.

Presentation Title:Enter time

Session Description:Enter description

Session Objectives:Enter objectives


Pre-Event Preparation

To understand the needs of your audience and prepare relevant content, we will:

  • Send you a questionnaire to help understand event goals and audience needs
  • Attend pre-event phone call(s) with your event planning team to review event themes and align presentation content
  • Speak with audience participants to gain additional insights (if appropriate)

[ Sender.Company] will provide an initial draft of our speaker’s presentation content on date. We will incorporate your feedback on our initial draft and send a final version on date. We will also provide a speaker bio by date for inclusion in your promotional materials.

At-Event Participation

Our speaker will deliver a presentation at your event on the scheduled date and time detailed in the “Event Overview” section. Our speaker will attend the event sessions you identify and network with your audience members. In addition, our speaker will attend any ancillary events – such as receptions and dinners at your request. We will discuss specific on-site expectations during our pre-event planning call(s).

Post-Event Review

Following your event, we will schedule a close-out call to review your perceptions of the event and also of our presentation. We ask that you supply any feedback you receive from audience members on our presentation. In addition, we will provide you insights gained from our speaker’s discussions with your attendees that might be useful to you for business development or customer retention purposes.

Event Overview

Key Event Facts

Based on our initial review of your requirements, we have discerned the following key facts about your planned event and our presentation:

  • Name of Event:
  • Location of Event:
  • Title of Our Presentation:
  • Date and Time of Our Presentation:

In addition, we understand the following to be your primary event theme and messages:

  • Event Theme:
  • Event Key Messages:Having the room set up and equipment readily available is key to delivering a quality presentation for your audience. We recommend you use one of the following room set-ups:

Equipment and Room Set Up Preferences

  • Classroom style
  • Modified classroom style
  • Open “U” Style
  • Round tablesWe require that the client provide the following items for our speaker’s presentation: • Lectern
  • Flip chart & markers
  • Projector (LCD, overhead, etc)
  • Laptop
  • High-speed Internet access
  • Screen (freestanding or fixed)
  • Microphone (lavaliere or traditional)
  • Raised platform
  • Display table for materials
  • Others (TBD)

Any other needs will be identified in our pre-event planning discussions.

Terms and Conditions

Letter of Agreement

This agreement is between [ Client.Company], hereafter referred to as CLIENT, and [ Sender.Company], hereafter referred to as CONTRACTOR.

Description of Services


  • Present a program titled for CLIENT’s event name on date.
  • Customize the program, as needed, to fit the needs of the CLIENT
  • Provide materials for attendees’ use only. Materials are copyrighted, and unless specified in the materials or in writing, reproduction of any portion is prohibited.


CLIENT will provide CONTRACTOR an honorarium in the amount of number, which will be paid according to the following schedule:

  • Deposit due: date, 50% of agreed upon fee, due at time of agreement signing
  • Balance: date, 50% due date of presentation

The pricing table below contains a detailed cost breakdown for each of our key areas of responsibility.

Cost Breakdown

Name Price QTY Subtotal


Expenses for CONTRACTOR travel and other incidental items will be billed after the event and may include:

  • Air travel from to (Coach class in North America, Business class internationally)
  • Ground transportation
  • Food and gratuities

Hotel accommodations (if required) shall be made by the CLIENT and billed to CLIENT at CLIENT business address.

Postponement or Cancellation

Once a presentation date is established, CONTRACTOR expends time and resources on CLIENT’s behalf. As a result, CONTRACTOR charges a cancellation fee to recover upfront expenditures and/or losses that may occur by not scheduling other business on CLIENT’s event date.

Should the presentation be postponed or cancelled for any reason, the following fee schedule shall apply:

  • Less than 30 days before event: 100% fee will be charged
  • Between 30 – 60 days before event: 50% fee will be charged
  • More than 60 days before event: no fee charged

Audio & Video Recording

CLIENT may record all or part of CONTRACTOR’s presentation. Should CLIENT record the presentation, CONTRACTOR requires delivery of a master copy of the recording within 30 days after event close. CLIENT may distribute copies of our presentation to internal staff, but may not sell copies. Should CLIENT wish to make other recording or distribution arrangements, a separate agreement will be required.

Agreement Execution

To get started, simply review and accept this proposal online via Quote Roller or print its PDF version, sign it, scan signed document and send to COMPANY EMAIL.









Speaking Engagement Proposal Template

Used 5,791 times

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