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Swimming Pool Maintenance Contract Template

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Thanks for choosing [Sender.Company] as your swimming pool maintenance provider. The purpose of this document is to establish a formal swimming pool maintenance contract. The contract outlines the services you’ll be receiving, the payments you’ll be responsible for, and the terms of service that both you and [Sender.Company] will be governed by so long as this contract is in place.

Maintenance Package

We offer weekly and monthly service packages based on your needs. All swimming pool maintenance packages include the following:

  • Vacuum out debris
  • Brush walls, steps, and sides
  • Clean filters and screens
  • Empty traps or skimmers
  • Empty sweep bags
  • Test water chemistry
  • Apply chemicals to balance Ph as necessary
  • Perform visual inspection of all pumps and associated equipment

The pricing for the two packages is shown in the table below. Please choose the package which you prefer.


Service Schedule

We will assign a technician to your property based on the service interval you select. Our goal is to perform maintenance on the same day of the week at each interval to ensure consistency, but alternate service days may be necessary based on availability. We will notify you via phone and email 24 hours prior to each scheduled swimming pool maintenance service.

IMPORTANT- Startup Fee Applies

Before we can begin regularly scheduled swimming pool maintenance, we need to ensure that your pool is in good condition and is both clean and chemically balanced. Therefore, your initial service will be charged at an hourly rate of hourly rate plus chemical costs. Subsequent service intervals will be billed in accordance with your selected swimming pool maintenance package.


It is your responsibility to ensure that our technician has full access to your pool and it’s pumps on the scheduled service dates. Should our technician arrive and be unable to provide service due to lack of access, you will be charged a rescheduling fee amount rescheduling fee.

After Hours & Holidays

We do not provide services after hours or on holidays. Should your regularly scheduled swimming pool maintenance date fall on a holiday, we will reach out to you to schedule on an alternate date.

Services Above & Beyond Normal Conditions

Should your pool require cleaning or maintenance beyond what is considered normal maintenance, we will bill your account at our hourly rate for the time required to perform such maintenance or cleaning.

Additional Services

In addition to our standard swimming pool maintenance services, we offer a full complement of swimming pool care and repair services. Should you require these services at any time, please reach out to us via phone or email.


By signing below, you indicate your approval of the selected swimming pool maintenance package, and enter into a month-to-month service contract with [Sender.Company]. Should you wish to cancel this contract at any time, you may do so by providing written notice via email.









Swimming Pool Maintenance Contract Template

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