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End User License Agreement Template

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End User License Agreement Template

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This End User License Agreement (the “Agreement”) is dated this [Document.CreatedDate].


[Vendor.FirstName][Vendor.LastName]; And



Per this contract, the Vendor plans to license their computer software application to the mentioned Licensee. And the Licensee on the Agreement wishes to purchase the license of the Software under the stated terms and conditions.

In Consideration of all the provisions mentioned in the Agreement, both parties agree to the points as follows:


  • In this Agreement, the Vendor allows the Licensee a non-transferable and non-exclusive license to use (Software Name).

  • This Software has all the executable programs and all related electronic, online, and printed documentation accompanied by the product.

  • The Vendor exclusively retains all the rights associated with the Software’s title, intellectual property, and distribution. This Agreement allows the use of license only and doesn’t transfer the ownership rights of the Software.

  • The Software shall not be loaded on more than a single computer. Only a single backup copy shall be made.

  • The Licensee isn’t permitted to transfer their obligations and rights granted by this Agreement to any other person or party.

  • As per this Agreement, the license shall not be decompiled, reverse-engineered, or modified through the future or currently available technologies.

  • If any party fails to oblige with the terms mentioned in this section, it will be considered a breach of the Agreement.

License Fee

  • The Licensee agrees to pay a license fee of USD (amount) that includes the entire fee as agreed in this Agreement.

Limitation of Liability

  • The Vendor provides the Software while the Licensee accepts it “as is.” The Vendor is not responsible for any special, general, or consequential damages that occurred, including but not limited to data loss, revenue loss, and profit loss. Instead, the Licensee is responsible for any losses arising from the failure or use of the Software.

  • In addition, the Vendor doesn’t warrant that the Software use shall be error-free or uninterrupted. As per the license, the Software is prone to flaws and bugs within a particular level.

  • The Vendor doesn’t warrant the Software’s fitness level. If the Software fails to meet the specific requirements of the Licensee, the Vendor shall not be liable.

Representations and Warrants

  • The Vendor is the Software’s copyright holder. He/she represents and warrants that granting the license doesn’t violate any applicable statute, other agreements, or copyright.


  • The Licensee should accept all the conditions, terms, and obligations during the execution and implementation of the Agreement.

User Support

  • The Agreement doesn’t provide maintenance or user support.


  • The term of this Agreement shall begin on its Acceptance.


  • This Agreement shall be terminated when the Licensee fails to comply with any mentioned provisions. Once terminated, the Licensee shall either return the Software to the Vendor or destroy it as requested.

Governing Law

  • The parties mentioned in the Agreement submit to the court in the State of (state) for the Agreement’s enforcement or any conflict arising from it. The Agreement shall be enforced and constructed as per the laws of the State mentioned.


  • The Agreement can’t be modified until the Licensee and Vendor agree to the modification and sign an amendment in writing.

  • According to the Agreement, there is no relationship between the Licensee and the Vendor.

  • All the headings inserted in this document are for convenience only. They shouldn’t be considered when interpreting any provisions mentioned in the Agreement.

  • If any provision or condition mentioned in this Agreement is held invalid or void by the court, they shall be removed as soon as possible. Moreover, any void statement shall not affect this Agreement's enforceable and reasonable provisions.

  • All the terms and conditions mentioned in this Agreement are also binding and apply to the Vendor’s assigns and successors.


  • All the notices related to this Agreement shall be delivered to the following addresses:

    • [Vendor.StreetAddress][Vendor.City][Vendor.State][Vendor.PostalCode]

    • [Licensee.StreetAddress][Licensee.City][Licensee.State][Licensee.PostalCode]

In Witness Whereof, the parties agree to this Agreement and have signed on this [Document.CreatedDate].





End User License Agreement Template

Used 4,910 times

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