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Articles of Incorporation

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Article I – Name

The name of this Corporation is [Sender.Company].

Article II – Purpose

Alternative 1

The purpose of the corporation is to engage in any lawful act or activity for which a corporation may be organized under the laws of [Sender.State].

Alternative 2

The purpose of the corporation is the following: List of corporate purposes.

Amended Articles of Incorporation.

Article III – Duration

The corporation will have a perpetual existence, unless dissolved by the officers, directors or shareholders, or by operation of law.

Article IV – Principal Place of Business

The principal place of business and mailing address of the corporation will be the following: ​[Sender.StreetAddress].

Article V – Shares Authorized

The corporation is authorized to issue one class of shares (“Common Stock”) with a total number of authorized shares (written out).

Article VI – Registered Agent for Service of Process

The name and address in the State of [Sender.State] of the corporation’s initial agent for service of process is: registered agent name, registered agent address.

Article VII – Board of Directors

The corporation will have number of directors elected from time to time by the shareholders according to the Bylaws of the corporation.  The initial Board of Directors will consist of the following:

Board member name 1

Board member name 2

Board member name 3

Board member name 4

Board member name 5

The liability of the directors of the corporation for money damages will be limited to the fullest extent allowed under the laws of the State of [Sender.State] and the corporation is permitted to indemnify the directors for breach of duties to the extent permitted under State law.​









Articles of Incorporation Template

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