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Commercial Proposal Template

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Commercial Proposal Template

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Executive Summary

In this commercial proposal, we start with an executive summary in order summarize and present the essential elements of our business case. The executive summary shouldn’t be overly technical nor too lengthy.

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The Problem

In this section, describe the challenges you are facing – that is, the overall problem which prompted the solution proposed. For example…

Business processes within our department are not written down, lack standardization and are performed manually where there are a number of opportunities to automate. In addition, we are getting increased pressure to streamline processes. We have been attempting to accomplish all at the same time, but lack a cohesive system to be able to effectively implement required changes.

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Cost of the Problem

Quantify the impact that the above problem has on the business. Sample language is as follows.

For each manual process listed below, we have calculated the amount of time that is spent at each step. This equates to a loss in productivity equal to ~$.




Time to Complete

Average Hourly Rate

Total Dollars Wasted

Describe step


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The Solution

In this section, describe the solution. You may also want to describe other solutions you entertained and why they fall short of the solution you are proposing in this commercial proposal. Sample language is provided below.

We are proposing purchase of a web based business process management/workflow tool which will allow us to:

Easily create e-forms with drag and drop functionality

Establish the approval process and electronic routing of forms for management approval

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Return on Investment

For management, it comes down to the bottom-line. What productivity are you gaining by purchasing this workflow software, for example? What are the cost savings?



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Commercial Proposal Template

Used 5,190 times

Reviewed by Dmitry Ivanouski

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