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CRO Proposal Template

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Conversion Rate Optimization Proposal Template

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In this section of the CRO proposal template, you should briefly summarize what exactly you will do for the company you’re approaching and that they’re going to end up with a better sales funnel and a conversion rate increase. It should be eye-catching and impressive so that it grabs the readers attention and gets them to continue reading.

Our Mission

To boost the conversion rate (CR) of [Signer.Comany] by CR Increase Percentage in just CR Increase Timeframe days.

We’ve observed that the conversion rate of your site is around number % across the past number months. We want to boost that by CR Increase Percentage within the next CR Increase Timeframe days.

You seem to have quite good levels of traffic to your landing pages and you’re clearly making some successful sales, so your web design, social media, and other digital marketing efforts are doing some good. However, based on the data from Google Analytics, you also have a bounce rate that’s way too high, so we want to improve it.

We know that there is a long list of factors that can convince a potential customer to make a purchase or not. From experience, we understand what these factors are, so we can start implementing the most effective things into your conversion funnel right away.

We’re so confident that we can do boost your CR by CR Increase Percentage that if we don’t manage it, you don’t pay a penny.


There are countless ways to try to improve your conversion rate, and it’s not hard to learn about most of them online. But that doesn’t mean they’re going to be truly effective.

What’s more important is understanding which methods really work – that’s what takes years of experience and learning to master.

Understanding what those quick wins are – and knowing how to implement them – is the key. Here are a few examples:

Grabbing Headline

This should be the first place you look to improve. The quality of a headline on your landing pages can make or break a sale.

To someone working in a business, it can be genuinely difficult to look at the headline objectively. The best way around this is to let an outsider in.

Even better is an outsider with over number years of experience boosting conversion rates.

Call to Action

The call to action (CTA) should be clear, concise and tell a compelling story. We’ll make sure that your CTA follows these rules.

We know how to use the most impactful language to convince the reader to do the right thing.

Fewer Distractions

When you want to boost conversion rates, a lot of the work is about cutting down content, not adding it. It’s a great way to increase conversions and improve the user experience.

This isn’t as easy as it sounds, and removing the wrong thing can destroy the message entirely.

The right move, however, gets you noticed.

Better Flow

Good flow is vital for any persuasive content to actually be persuasive.

Does everything make sense?

Are you using the wrong kind of language?

Have you asked for the sale too soon?

Action Plan

We want to boost your CR by CR Increase Percentage within the next CR Increase Timeframe days.

To do this, we’ll take the following 3 steps:



We’ll analyze your current site and produce a report based on our findings. You’ll have this within Report Service Time days.



You’ll need to give us File Transfer Protocol (FTP) access to your site. We can help you sort this out if you need.



We do what we do best – boost conversion rates. Throughout the process, we’ll record what we’re doing and monitor the effects. If we don’t get the results we’ve promised, you don’t pay.

Meet Testimonials

This section is a great opportunity to include case studies of satisfied customers or a testimonial directly from them. Also, the previous results in split testings, multivariate testings or A/B testings is a plus here. Make sure it demonstrates how you can deliver what you say you can, I.E. increase conversion rates by a certain amount within a specific period of time.


Director, Social Media Strategy

Testimonial text


Director, Social Media Strategy

Testimonial text


Director, Social Media Strategy

Testimonial text


Our pricing is simple.

One price, and if we don’t deliver what we say we will, you don’t pay.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): $Conversion Rate Optimization Price


Our Guarantee

Nothing confusing here.

We’re so confident in our ability to boost [Client.Company]’s conversion rates by CR Increase Percentage in just CR Increase Timeframe days that if we don’t deliver, you don’t pay.

That’s it.

What to Do Next

We’d love to get started right away and to help you boost your conversion rates.

All you need to do is sign below. Once you’ve done this we will:

  • Invoice you for the first month. Please pay this as soon as possible.
  • Give you a call to outline our conversion rate optimization plan and agree on some changes.
  • Start making the changes and boosting your conversion rates.

Let’s get started.

I, Signer Name, agree to the terms of this agreement and agree that my name typed below may be used to digitally represent my signature in order to confirm this.

I fully understand and accept that this is a legally binding agreement, usable in a court of law:




Terms and Conditions

Copy your terms and conditions here.


This sales contract for service (the “Contract”) dictates the terms and conditions governing the agreement between [Sender.Company] (the “Seller”) and [Client.Company] (the “Purchaser”), with their primary places of business at address and address respectively, who agree to be bound by this Contract.

Whereas, the Seller is producing service, a service description, (the “Service”); And

Whereas the Purchaser intends to purchase the Service abiding by these terms and conditions.

In consideration of the mutual covenants and promises from each party, the Seller and Purchaser (individually “Party” and together, “Parties”) agree and covenant the following:

Service Purchased

The Purchaser hereby purchases the quantity and type of Service as detailed in the attached Schedule A, (the “Purchased Service”).


The Purchaser hereby purchases the quantity and type of Service as detailed in the attached Schedule A, (the “Purchased Service”).


Failing to make any payment before or on the specified date on the payment schedule (attached as Schedule B), will be considered a material and full breach of this Contract.


Paste your warranty here.


Any modifications to this Contract will be invalid unless agreed to in writing by both Parties.

Applicable Law

This Contract shall be governed in accordance with the laws of applicable law and subject to jurisdiction exclusively of federal and state courts in county, state.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, each of the Parties has executed this Sales Contract, both Parties by its duly authorized officer, as of the day and year set forth below.

Schedule A

Service 1 Description

Schedule B

Payment Schedule

Conversion Rate Optimization Proposal Template

Used 5,054 times

Reviewed by Yauhen Zaremba

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