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Dealership Agreement Template

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A Dealership Agreement Template, which is normally for a set amount of time, specifies the duties and obligations of each party. To tailor the dealership agreement to your company's needs, edit the template provided.

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Dealership Agreement Template

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This Dealership Agreement is effective as of [Document.CreatedDate], between:

[Manufacturer.FirstName][Manufacturer.LastName], (hereinafter "Manufacturer" or "Distributor"), a company governed under the laws of [Manufacturer.State], and

[Dealer.FirstName][Dealer.LastName], (hereinafter "Dealer"), an individual or business entity located in [Dealer.State].

WHEREAS, the Manufacturer and Dealer wish to establish a formal relationship through which they will cooperate in selling the Manufacturer's products.

To do so, the parties agree to the following terms:

Status and Roles

The Dealer will be the exclusive provider of the Manufacturer's products within the specified (insert area) region. The Dealer will be responsible for marketing and selling the Manufacturer's products within this region under all applicable laws and regulations. The Manufacturer will act as a supplier of the necessary goods and services and will provide all necessary support to the Dealer to ensure the success of their business relationship.


This dealership agreement will remain in effect for a period of (insert period, e.g., number of months, a year, etc.), starting from the date of signing. At the end of this term, either party may choose to renew or terminate the Agreement at their discretion. If either party chooses to renew the agreement, all terms and conditions will remain unchanged unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties.

Pricing and Discounts

The Manufacturer and Dealer will work together to establish a mutually agreeable pricing structure for the goods sold and services provided. The Dealer agrees to offer the Manufacturer a set (insert number)% of each sale, as agreed upon in advance. The Dealer will also receive discounts on any goods or services purchased from the Manufacturer for use in their business.

Warranties and Returns

The Manufacturer agrees to provide a standard warranty for all products sold through this dealership agreement, as determined by industry standards.

Fees and Taxes

The Dealer will pay any taxes, fees, or other expenses related to their business activities with the Manufacturer. This includes any applicable licensing fees, sales tax, or import duties. The Manufacturer may also charge reasonable administrative costs associated with the dealership agreement. The Manufacturer must provide the Dealer with an itemized invoice for all applicable fees regularly.

Marketing and Promotion

The Dealer agrees to market and promote the Manufacturer's products within their specified territory, using all reasonable means at their disposal. This may include advertising, promotional events, or other forms of marketing as determined by both parties. In addition, the Dealer agrees to abide by all applicable laws and regulations regarding product promotion, advertising, or marketing.

Territory Restrictions

The Manufacturer reserves the right to restrict territories and/or customers for any reason. This may include areas where the Dealer has had a history of poor performance, regions that are deemed too competitive, or specific markets that fall outside of their current business operations.


Either party may terminate this agreement at any time, for any reason, with express written notice to the other party. Upon termination, the Dealer must immediately cease all sales of the Manufacturer's products and return any current or unused inventory to the Manufacturer.


Both parties agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in this dealership agreement. This includes all pricing, discounts, warranties, returns, and any other terms or conditions listed here. Both parties acknowledge their understanding and intent to uphold these commitments by signing below.







Dealership Agreement Template

Used 4,884 times

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