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Executive Summary Template

PandaTip: The executive summary is arguably the most important part of a business plan. It may likely be the first thing investors or lenders read about your business venture, so it’s important to make a good first impression and to keep these readers engaged. After all, the future of your business may depend on it. Business plan experts recommend keeping the executive summary to 1 or 2 pages in length max.

[COMPANY] is a [BUSINESS TYPE] founded as of [DATE] to (Talk about the ultimate goal of your company – the “big idea.” This first sentence is all about capturing the reader’s attention, in terms they will understand).


[COMPANY] provides/makes/produces/serves (as applicable) the following:

PandaTip: What does (or will) your business do? Follow this with a discussion of where you are in terms of your product development, and what your future plans are with respect to development.


Our target customers include (who). The total addressable market is [DOLLAR AMOUNT]. [COMPANY] is pre-revenue but is gaining meaningful traction with customers. Based on this plan, [COMPANY] projects that it will be able to capture at least [NUMBER] percent of this market over the next [NUMBER] years.


Our competition is comprised of [WHO].  [COMPANY]’s competitive advantage lies in (Explain your competitive advantage and differentiation in the market).


[CEO NAME], CEO of [COMPANY], is tailor-made for this opportunity because (description). Other members of the management team include:

[MANAGER NAME] – (2 sentences max on Experience & Education Of Manager)


[COMPANY] is seeking [DOLLAR AMOUNT] for (Describe how you will use the capital), which will enable us to (Describe the results investors should expect from this). Our ultimate goal is an exit within [NUMBER] years by way of (An IPO (highly unlikely, but possible) / an acquisition (more likely, but not easy), something else).


[COMPANY] is pre-revenue, but we have [NUMBER] (Letters of Intent, POs) that should help us generate meaningful revenues in a relatively short period of time. Our 5 year projections based on our extensive market research and a detailed knowledge of what is needed to scale the business are shown in the graph below.

PandaTip: Provide a visual here that shows the growth path you expect for your startup.

Should this opportunity fall within your investing interests, please don’t hesitate to contact the undersigned at [PHONE] or [EMAIL].

Thank you for your consideration.


_________________________________    ______________

[NAME], [TITLE]                                        DATE