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Commercial Insurance Proposal Template

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Insurance Proposal for [Client.Company]

Business Insurance Services Proposal,
Commercial Liability, Business Auto, Workers’ Compensation,
& Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance

Prepared by:
[Sender.StreetAddress], [Sender.City],

Policy Period: [Policy.StartDate] to [Policy.EndDate]

Created on:
Proposal Valid Through:
  1. Executive Summary
    • Provider Background
  2. Schedules
    • Locations Schedule
    • Vehicles Schedule
  3. Property Coverage
    • Limits
    • Deductibles
    • Highlights
    • Limitations
    • Subjectivities
  4. Commercial General Liability Insurance
    • Limits
    • Deductibles
    • Exposure Basis
    • Limitations
    • Subjectivities
  5. Business Automobile Insurance
    • Limits
    • Deductibles
    • Highlights
    • Limitations
    • Subjectivities
  6. Workers’ Compensation Insurance
    • Limits
    • Exposures
    • Officer-Owners Excluded
    • Highlights
    • Limitations
    • Subjectivities
  7. Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance
    • Limits
    • Self-Insured Retention
    • Underlying Insurance Information
    • Highlights
    • Limitations
    • Subjectivities
  8. Premium Summary
    • Premium by Coverage
    • Insurance Program Premium
    • 8. Agency Disclaimers

This commercial insurance services proposal is being provided as a source of information for your convenience. While it does summarize the policies that [Sender.Company] feels are appropriate given your current needs, this document is not intended to serve as a comprehensive record of your policies’ coverage, terms, or limitations.This document is not an insurance policy, and does not amend or otherwise impact coverage offered by the listed proposed policies. All policies listed in this proposal are subject to the full terms, exclusions, and limitations listed on the policies themselves.

Executive Summary

[Client.Company] is currently in need of qualifying insurance policies including the following:

  • General Commercial Liability
  • Commercial Auto Liability
  • Pollution Liability
  • Commercial Property
  • Workers’ Compensation

Our goal in offering the proposed insurance solutions is to achieve the following for [Client.Company]:

  • Reduce annual insurance premiums
  • Expand coverage
  • Insure that [Client.Company] is adequately protected from liability related to property, fleet, or worker-related incidents

Provider Background

[Sender.Company] is a fully licensed provider of insurance services to commercial entities. Our extensive history in commercial insurance policy has allowed us to assist dozens of small, medium, and large companies reduce their exposure to liability through well-crafted, affordable insurance policies. To date, we have successfully provided insurance policy packages to companies including:

  • [Sender.Client1]
  • [Sender.Client2]
  • [Sender.Client3]

[Sender.Company] has been our insurance provider for a number of years. They’ve helped us reduce our annual premiums in the face of economic pressure and helped us execute our business plans with barely any risk.


[Sender.Company] allows us to focus on our Mission by taking care of us, so we may take care of others. We are assured that their team is always doing what is right for us, including getting us the best insurance rates available. They go above and beyond to


We are very pleased with the expertise, service, and claims management [Sender.Company] provides us. This valued knowledge and service is greatly appreciated and validates company's promise and commitment to us. On top of that, they’ve helped us reduce our annual

In this proposal, we will outline the specific insurance policies which we feel best serve [Client.Company]’s coverage requirements.


Named Insured Schedule


Description of Additional Insured 1


Description of Additional Insured 2


Description of Additional Insured 3

Any entity, partnership, joint venture, or Limited Liability Company not named as an insured is not covered under these proposed coverages.

Locations Schedule


Vehicles Schedule

Vehicle Make & ModelVehicle VIN

Property Coverage

Insurance Company: [PropertyCarrier.Name]

A.M. Best Rating: [Property.CarrierRating]

Admitted/Non-Admitted: [Property.Admitted][Property.NoneAdmitted]

Proposed Policy Term: from MM / DD / YYYY to MM / DD / YYYY


Business Personal Property[Property.Limit]
Business Income[Income.Limit]
EDP Equipment[EDP.Limit]
Building Ordinance[Ordinance.Limit]
Equipment Breakdown[Equipment.Limit]
Earthquake Sprinkler Leakage[SprinklerLeakage.Limit]
Mobile Equipment[Mobile Equipment.Limit]


Per occurrence for direct damage, except items below[DirectDamage.Deductible]
Earthquake sprinkler leak[EarthquakeSprinkler.Deductible]
Mobile equipment[MobileEquipment.Deductible]


  • Special Causes of Loss
  • Replacement Cost, except
  • Actual Cash Value for Mobile Equipment
  • Business Income based on Actual Loss Sustained basis


Coverage Limitations.

Exclusions included, but not limited to:

  1. Earthquake
  2. Flood
  3. Terrorism (if coverage rejected)
  4. Computer Virus and Computer Vandalism
  5. Pollution
  6. Mold, Fungi, Mildew, Microbe
  7. Governmental Action
  8. Employee Dishonesty
  9. Delay and/or Loss of Market
  10. Nuclear
  11. Biological and chemical contaminations



Commercial General Liability Insurance

Insurance Company: [GeneralLiability.Carrier]

A.M. Best Rating: [GeneralLiability.CarrierRating]

Admitted/Non-Admitted: [GeneralLiability.Admitted][GeneralLiability.NonAdmitted]

Proposed Policy Term: from MM / DD / YYYY to MM / DD / YYYY


Bodily injury and property damage, per occurrence[BodilyInjury.Limit]
General aggregate[GeneralAggregate.Limit]
Products and completed operations aggregate[ProductsAggregate.Limit]
Personal and advertising injury[PersonalInjury.Limit]
Fire damage liability[FireDamage.Limit]
Medical expense[Medical.Limit]


Per Claim
Annual Aggregate

Retroactive Date: MM / DD / YYYY

Exposure Basis


Coverage Highlights:

  • Additional Insured – Vendors
  • Additional Insured – Lessors of Equipment & Premises
  • Additional Insured – Mortgagee, Assignee or Receiver


Coverage Limitations.

Exclusions included, but not limited to:

  1. Intentional Acts
  2. Workers Compensation
  3. Employers Liability
  4. Pollution (with Hostile Fire exception)
  5. Nuclear Energy
  6. Employment Practice Liability
  7. Intellectual Property Rights, including Trade/Patent Infringement
  8. Professional Liability
  9. Owned Aircraft Liability
  10. Watercraft (except for non-owned under 55 feet in length)
  11. Damage to property
  12. Damage to your work
  13. Damage to your product
  14. Asbestos
  15. Lead
  16. Terrorism (if coverage rejected)
  17. Professional Liability
  18. Aircraft products
  19. Discrimination




Business Automobile Insurance

Insurance Company: [BusinessAuto.Carrier]

A.M. Best Rating: [BusinessAuto.CarrierRating]

Admitted/Non-Admitted: [BusinessAuto.Admitted][BusinessAuto.NonAdmitted]

Proposed Policy Term: from MM / DD / YYYY to MM / DD / YYYY


Bodily injury/property damage (combined single limit)[BodilyInjury.AutoLimit]
Medical payments[MedicalPayment.AutoLimit]
Uninsured motorists[Uninsured.AutoLimit]
Underinsured motorists[Underinsured.AutoLimit]
Hired auto physical damage[Hired.AutoLimit]




Coverage Highlights:

  • Employees as Insureds
  • Additional Insured – Lessor


Coverage Limitations.

Exclusions included, but not limited to (cont.):

  • Expected or Intended Injury
  • Liability Assumed Under Contract
  • Pollution
  • Employers Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Racing
  • War
  • Movement of Property by Mechanical Device
  • Bodily Injury or Property Damage Arising Out of Use of Mobile Equipment
  • Economic and Trade Sanctions Condition
  • Nuclear Energy Liability



Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Insurance Company: [WorkersComp.Carrier]

A.M. Best Rating: [WorkersComp.CarrierRating]

Admitted/Non-Admitted: [WorkersComp.Admitted][WorkersComp.NonAdmitted]

Proposed Policy Term: from MM / DD / YYYY to MM / DD / YYYY


States Covered:



Bodily injury by accident, per person[Workers]
Bodily injury by disease, policy limit
Bodily injury by disease, policy person



Officer-Owners Excluded



Assistant manager



Second assistant manager


Terrorism Risk Insurance Act Coverage.


Coverage Limitations.
Exclusions included, but not limited to (cont.):

  • Loss arising out of operations for which Insured has rejected any workers compensation law
  • Liability assumed under a contract
  • Bodily injury intentionally caused or aggravated by the Insured
  • Fines or penalties imposed for violation of federal or state law
  • Damages arising out of coercion, criticism, demotion, evaluation, reassignment, discipline, defamation,

harassment, humiliation, discrimination against or termination of any employee, termination of employment, or any personnel practices, policies, acts, or omissions Experience Modification: [Experience.Percentage]%



Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance

Insurance Company: [Umbrella.Carrier]

A.M. Best Rating: [Umbrella.CarrierRating]

Admitted/Non-Admitted: [Umbrella.Admitted][Umbrella.NonAdmitted]

Proposed Policy Term: from MM / DD / YYYY to MM / DD / YYYY


Per occurrence[UmbrellaLimit.PerOccurence]
Annual aggregate[UmbrellaLimit.Aggregate]

Self-Insured Retention

$[Retention.AmountPer] Per Occurrence

Underlying Insurance Information



  • Defense costs are in addition to limit
  • Non-auditable


Coverage Limitations.

Exclusions included, but not limited to:

  • Absolute Pollution
  • Temporary Worker and Leased Worker Injury
  • War liability
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Property in Your Care, Custody or Control
  • Lead
  • Fungi or Bacteria
  • Terrorism (if coverage rejected)
  • Violation of Information Distribution Laws
  • Expected or intended injury
  • Contractual Liability
  • Asbestos
  • Lead
  • Professional Liability
  • Aircraft products
  • Discrimination



Premium Summary

Premium by Coverage

Commercial Property[CommercialProperty.Premium]
General Liability[GeneralLiability.Premium]
Business Auto[BusinessAuto.Premium]
Workers' Compensation[WorkersComp.Premium]
Umbrella Liability[Umbrella.Premium]

Insurance Program Premium


Agency Disclaimers

We are willing to discuss any of the items relating to the processing of your business at any time. We encourage full disclosure of our practices to assure you that we always act in your best interest.

A. Broker Disclosure
[COMPANY.Company] may receive compensation from an insurer or other intermediary as a result of the sale of insurance to you. The compensation received by [Sender.Company] may differ depending on the product, insurer, and/or other intermediary. [Sender.Company] may receive additional compensation from the insurer and/or other intermediary based upon other factors, such as premium volume placed with a particular insurer or through a particular intermediary and loss or claims experience.

B. Communication
Any requests that you make to confirm, bind, or alter your insurance program through e-mail, voice mail, or other automated systems will not take effect until you receive confirming communication from your [Sender.Company] representative.

C. Claim Reporting Requirements
Changing market conditions have had an adverse effect on many carriers’ claim reporting terms and conditions. Many insurance quotes now include verbiage that severely restricts or negates coverage should a carrier not be immediately notified of a claim or potential claim. Refer to your policies for a more complete explanation of your carrier’s reporting requirements.





Commercial Insurance Proposal Template

Used 5,446 times

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