Residential Lease Agreement Virginia

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Lease Agreement Virginia Template

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Property: (Property.Name)

Address: (Property.Street) (Property.City) (Property.State) (Property.Zip)

This Agreement was entered on [Document.CreatedDate] by and between [Landlord.FirstName][Landlord.LastName] ("Landlord"), and [Tenant.FirstName][Tenant.LastName] ("Tenant").

To establish the terms and conditions under which the parties shall share ownership of the

property located at [Landlord.StreetAddress][Landlord.City][Landlord.State][Landlord.PostalCode].

1. Lease Term

This lease will be valid for the mandated period of at least one year, as set by the laws of Virginia. This agreement automatically renews each year, unless the Landlord gives a written notice of termination at least 60 days prior.

2. Rent Payment

Tenant agrees to pay rent of $ (RENT AMOUNT) monthly, due on the (rent due date) of each month. The Tenant shall pay rent to [Landlord.FirstName][Landlord.LastName][Landlord.StreetAddress][Landlord.City][Landlord.PostalCode] . The Landlord must provide the Tenant with no less than five days to either settle the rent or move. Should the Tenant neglect to do either of these, the Landlord can proceed with eviction.

3. Security Deposit

Tenant shall pay a security deposit of $ (DEPOSIT AMOUNT) to the Landlord upon execution of this lease agreement. Landlords cannot collect a security deposit over two months’ periodic rent. The Landlord will return the security deposit 45 days after the Tenant has fulfilled their obligations.

4. Use of Property

The Tenant will adhere to all applicable legal requirements about using the Property. Tenants must use the Property for the intended purpose outlined in the lease. The Tenant must prohibit any deviation from the intended purpose of the Property as specified in the lease agreement.

Failure to follow these terms may cause legal consequences and potential termination of the lease. The Tenant must abide by all governing laws about using the Property.

5. Maintenance and Repairs

The Tenant shall keep the property clean and in good condition. Tenant shall be responsible for any damages caused by Tenant’s neglect or misuse. Landlord shall be responsible for repairs resulting from normal wear and tear.

6. Entry by Landlord

The Landlord may enter the property at suitable times to inspect, carry out repairs, or display the property to potential Tenants or buyers. In an emergency, the Landlord can enter without the Tenant's authorization. The Landlord must not misuse the right of access and should not use it to annoy the Tenant.

7. Assignment and Subletting

A Tenant may not assign this lease or sublet the property without Landlord’s prior written consent.

8. Rental Discounts

Residents entering a 12-month lease contract may qualify for a discounted rental rate as determined by the Landlord. The Tenant must sign a one-year agreement to be eligible for this discount.

The Landlord reserves the right to establish the conditions and criteria for the discounted rate. Tenants seeking rental discounts must adhere to these conditions. They must maintain good standing throughout the lease term to keep the discounted rate.

9. Automatic Renewal

The Landlord will automatically renew the agreement for one year with the same stipulations. A Landlord must provide written notice of changes at least 60 days prior. The security deposit shall remain the same.

10. Governing Law

This lease agreement is subject to the laws of Virginia. The Court of Virginia shall handle all legal disputes that may emerge from this agreement.

11. Agreement and Signatures

The Landlord and Tenant mutually acknowledge that this document serves as the full agreement between them. Both parties must document all amendments in writing and sign it. The signatures show that the Landlord and Tenant involved have read and agreed to the terms. Without proper agreement and signatures, a contract may not hold up in court.

Executed by the Parties on the dates indicated below:





Residential Lease Agreement Virginia

Used 4,872 times

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