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Medical Office Lease Agreement Template

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Find the perfect space for your medical practice with our Medical Office Lease Agreement Template.

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Medical Office Lease Agreement Template

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Leased Office(s): (Property.Name)

Leased Address: (Property.Street) (Property.City) (Property.State) (Property.Zip)

Lease Terms and Agreement

This medical office lease agreement is entered into by and between [Lessor.FirstName][Lessor.LastName] (“Lessor”) and [Lessee.FirstName][Lessee.LastName] (“Lessee”). Lessor is a [Lessor.State] limited liability company whose address is at [Lessor.StreetAddress][Lessor.City][Lessor.PostalCode]. Lessee is a [Lessee.State][Lessor.Company] (Company.Type), whose address is at [Lessee.StreetAddress][Lessee.City][Lessee.State][Lessee.PostalCode], entering this agreement on behalf of [Sublessee.Company].

Definitions and Terms













Lease Execution Date:


Lease Term:

(Number) Years

Lease Effective Date:



(Office.Name), (Office.Address)


As per the section “Rent and Other Financial Obligations.

Leased Premises:



The Lessor leases the (Office.Name) detailed above to the Lessee for the express purposes of a medical office. The employees, invitees, and patients of the Lessee entering the premises are accountable to the terms of conduct in this lease.

Term Renewal

This agreement, brought into play on (Effective.Date) (“Execution Date”) will become effective on (Effective.Date) (“Effective Date”). It will remain valid for (Written.Number) (Number) years and ends on (End.Date) (“End Date”).

Lessee is subject to the approval of the (State) Assembly or any local boards and organizations listed below:

  • (localBoard.One)

  • (LocalBoard.Two)

  • (LocalBoard.Three)

Lessee can renew this agreement for (Written.Number) (Number) additional successive terms, provided the lease is in full force and effect, and the Lessee is not in default under its terms. Each additional term will last (Written.Number) (Number) year(s), with all the current terms and conditions in full force and effect.

Should the Lessee stay on the premises after the End Date without re-signing the agreement, it will be considered a temporary month-to-month lease. Such a temporary lease may not last more than (Written.Number) (Number) months.

During the final (Written.Number) (Number) months of the lease term, the Lessor can access the premises with a 24-hour written notice to show prospective tenants the Office.

Rent and Other Financial Obligations

Commencing on the Effective Date and during the term of this agreement, the monthly Rent shall be $(Rent.Amount). The rental amount will be evaluated every (Number) years and may result in a new rental amount.

Lessee must pay the Rent by the 1st of each month, using payment methods (Payment.Method1) or (Payment.Method2). All payments must be in US dollars. Should the Lessor not receive the payment by the (Number)th of each month, a late fee of $(Amount) will apply. Further, Lessee will pay a (Number)% monthly interest on late payments of more than 30 days until the original payment and interest are settled.

The Lessor requires a security deposit of $(Amount) from the Lessee no later than the Effective Date. The Lessor shall repay the total or partial security deposit within 30 days of the End Date. Lessee will receive a detailed statement on any deductions on this amount. Deductions against the security amount are allowed for late Rent, unpaid fees, expenses beyond the standard wear and tear, and repair of damages caused by the negligence or operations of the Lessee.

Compliance with Laws

Lessee agrees to comply with all federal, state, and local laws, regulations, ordinances, codes, statutes, and other legal requirements applicable to the medical Office. Should the premises require modifications to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act or other laws due to the operations the Lessee carries out, the Lessee will cover all expenses solely.

Common Areas

Common areas include but are not limited to, any hallways, lobbies, windows, air shafts, stairways, elevators, driveways, restrooms, parking spaces, entrances, landscaped areas, walkways, and loading and unloading areas.

These areas have common usage between all Lessees in the building, and the Lessor has executive and exclusive control over them. At their own discretion, the Lessor can make changes to common areas, temporarily close common areas for maintenance, or other changes they deem appropriate.

Utilities, Maintenance, and Repairs

Lessee is responsible for the utilities the Lessee uses per the office meter. Should the water and electricity be split among the Lessees of the building, the Lessor will provide detailed calculations to show the monthly utility bill.

The Lessor is responsible for maintaining a neat and sightly building exterior while maintaining the interior common areas the same. The Lessor shall keep, maintain, and repair any structures, foundations, roofs, or other building features to ensure the building is in good operation.

Should the Lessor provide any equipment, they will ensure routine maintenance to ensure it remains in good working order. The Lessee is prohibited from performing maintenance or repairs on the equipment provided by the Lessor. The Lessor understands they must provide prompt maintenance and repairs on this equipment in return.

The Lessee must maintain their Office(s) in good condition. Together with other Lessees, the Lessee is responsible for maintaining the common areas in good condition, even as the Lessor provides routine cleaning and repairs.

The Lessor is not responsible for repairing or replacing any feature, equipment, or other aspect of the building should the damage have occurred due to the negligence or malicious act of the Lessee. In these cases, the Lessee is solely responsible for replacing or repairing it to its previous condition.

Hazardous Substances

The Lessee agrees not to produce, use, dispose of, or otherwise allow the release of hazardous materials, substances, or waste on the premises, land, or adjacent properties. Hazardous refers to any material, substance, or waste that federal, state, or local regulations, laws, or ordinance defines as dangerous, toxic, or hazardous.

The Lessee agrees to comply with all federal, state, and local laws surrounding hazardous materials. The Lessee will immediately notify the Lessor if they discover asbestos or asbestos-containing material. The Lessor will consult with an AHERA-certified asbestos abatement contractor to commence the removal, remediations, or other actions.

Should the Lessee generate any biomedical waste or operate equipment that can generate harmful radiation, they must dispose of or handle it per federal, state, and local laws. The appropriate modifications must be made at the sole expense of the Lessee to prevent the harmful radiation from affecting the rest of the building. The Lessee must dispose of biomedical and hazardous substances, waste, and materials at their own expense and ensure it is not present on the property.

Insurance and Indemnification

The Lessor will keep the building and premises insured against loss or damages by fire. This insurance amount will equal the current replacement cost of the building. The Lessee will maintain comprehensive, general liability insurance to insure the activity of the Lessee against damage, loss, or liability for death or personal injury. This insurance must cover no less than $(Amount) per person and per claim and no less than $(Amount) for property damages. The Lessor must be named an additional insured on this policy or coverage.


Assignment and Subletting

Except as previously approved, the Lessee will not sublet, assign, mortgage, or otherwise encumber, in part or in full, this lease to another party without the prior written consent of the Lessor. Should the Lessee receive permission to sublease or assign the lease in part or whole to another, the Lessee is still responsible for paying Rent to the Lessor and all terms of this agreement.

Event of Default

Should the Lessee be part of an event of default, the Lessor is entitled to recover any costs or expenses incurred from the Lessee immediately. An event of default constitutes:

  • Failure to pay Rent or other monies due within 30 days

  • Violation of any terms in this agreement

  • Filing for bankruptcy

  • Dissolution of the Lessee and their assets

  • Judicial seizure, Execution, or attachment of the assets of the Lessee

Inspection and Notice Periods

The Lessor must give advance notice of (Written.Number) (Number)) hours to inspect the offices of the Lessee, perform alterations or maintenance, or otherwise enter the premises. It is only in the case of emergencies that the Lessor can enter without prior written notice.

Surrender of Possession

On the expiration of this agreement, the End Date, the Lessee will remove all property and assets of the Lessee from the premises. The only exceptions to these assets are fixtures, leasehold renovations, alterations, and improvements the Lessee made during the lease term.

The Lessee will repair any damages incurred when removing their assets and property. The Lessee will surrender the premises to the Lessor in as good a condition as they received it and in a clean and neat condition. The Lessor will dispose of any property left in the offices in any manner after the termination of this agreement.


This medical office lease agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties. The Lessor and Lessee can only modify this agreement in writing, and any changes require the signature of both Parties. The laws of (State) govern this agreement, and by signing it, both Parties agree they understand their responsibilities and the terms of this agreement.







Medical Office Lease Agreement Template

Used 4,872 times

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